AOPA Never Again
AOPA Never Again
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Great Podcast
This is both a great podcast in terms of entertainment let alone important safety learning for flying.
amazing 5 stars1234567890
Buckets of Wisdom
Such a wealth of hard-won experience here! These lessons go beyond aviation and apply to life in general. Story-telling voice is just right.
There I was …
… flat on my back listening to this entertaining and informative podcast.
Great stories
Great podcast sharing other’s stories of mishaps and troubleshooting. Sharing lessons learned will help anyone get better
Best way to relax and think about flying
I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts. They help me think through the event sequence and what led to the problem. Normally one error doesnt hurt you. It normally takes at least two if not three to threaten your life.
Really Helpful but take your time listening
One can learn many lifetimes of mistakes to avoid and skills to develop and not discount. GAing is not a skill that is acquired, it is one that needs regular maintenance and practice. This podcast can really help with upkeep. If you are just encountering this great treasure GO SLOW NO BINGE - GA ain't all near disaster!
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Great Stories
Love the stories from this podcast, however I would like to see you guys keep up with every month please! 5 Stars well earned!
love the podcast and would give it 5 stars were it not for repeated problems downloading. when the latest podcast is put on itunes, it is rarely complete, you only get the first 50 seconds or so... this has occurred for the past several podcasts. aopa, please work some magic and fix this.
A good use of time
This podcast is a great way to relax and hear remarkable pilot tales.
Wanna be pilot
Love this podcast! I've always wanted to fly and this tells great stories about what went wrong and how pilots got out of trouble. I wish the creators would post more frequently.
While the stories are interesting
the overly dramatic reading of them is awful. It makes this podcast almost impossible to listen to
Need more! :-)
These are great. Listened to them all. The only problem is that there aren't more. Keep 'em coming please.
be wise
I always heard a wise person is someone that heard others mistakes and learned from them. This podcast has some great storys that all pilots can learn from.
What an amazing service! More! More! More!
The most fun and entertaining aviation podcast ever
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Well read short stories of pilots and their harrowing flights. My only complaint: They Need To Make More!!!
Never thought that learning from other people mistakes could be this much fun. Please keep it up.
Love these!
I totally agree with airport bum. I read these in the mag but listening to them is even better. Please upload more.
AOPA never again series
These short stories are great to listen to. I wish AOPA would do more of them. We as pilots can all learn from them! A good pilot is always learning!
1 airport bum