AOPA Never Again
AOPA Never Again
AOPA presents the "Never Again" series in AOPA Pilot magazine and online to allow pilots to learn from the experiences of others.
Pop quiz (February 2021)
When, and how, to defer to an older pilot in an emergency situation? Find out one opinion. By Paul Locander. 
Jan 11
9 min
Smoke in the cockpit (January 2021)
Smoke in the cockpit and a partial avionics failure make for an interesting flight. (By Alex Jones) 
Dec 10, 2020
9 min
I Knew I Was Rusty (December 2020)
it's been said aviation accidents are caused not by one bad decision but by a chain of them. How about seven? Find out what's going on. (By James Witt) 
Nov 11, 2020
5 min
Rental Pilot Reluctance (November 2020)
Do you pay attention to small things or do you wait until they become big things? Find out one pilot's opinion. (By Sebastian Teunissen) 
Nov 4, 2020
7 min
Whispers of trouble (October 2020)
Do you really need to inspect the oil filter after every oil change? Read one pilot's perspective. (By Rusty Herrington) 
Sep 22, 2020
8 min
Deadly decisions (September 2020)
A teardrop turn between two ridgelines in IMC? Sounds dangerous. Find out the grim results. (By Gary Deck)
Aug 10, 2020
9 min
In a Pickle (August 2020)
We've all had some stinky flights but this is ridiculous. (By Bob DelValle) 
Jul 10, 2020
6 min
Run Dry (July 2020)
A bush pilot unsuccessfully calculates fuel instead of looking at the tanks. By Steve Ells. 
Jul 10, 2020
6 min
Close Call (June 2020)
Flying a race plane is different from flying just about anything else. Find out what happened on this pilot's maiden flight. (By W. G. Hill) 
May 13, 2020
8 min
Mother's Day Get-there-itis (May 2020)
A Mother's Day promise to his wife and mother caused one pilot to push his limits. (By Tom Snow) 
Apr 10, 2020
7 min
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