Ao Seu Ritmo: Learn Brazilian Portuguese Through Music
Ao Seu Ritmo: Learn Brazilian Portuguese Through Music
Elysse DaVega
Olá! Why make language learning a task? Now, with the help of the beautiful sounds of Brazil, you can gain proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese in no time. I'm Elysse, and I'll be your guide in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation of your favorite songs in Portuguese! Vamos lá!
ASR S1E9: Deixa a Vida Me Levar
Sometimes you just gotta let life take you. Hey, we're coming up on the 1-year anniversary of Ao Seu Ritmo! Thank you so much for tuning in and appreciating the diverse world of Brazilian music. :) Translation of the lyrics: Contact: Instagram: - @elyssespeaks Email: -
Jul 9
13 min
ASR S1E8: Liberdade Provisória
Oiiii gente, tudo bem hoje? This song was really fun to translate and provided a ton of useful phrases and tips, so I hope you enjoy! And ladies, remember, stay away from men like the one in this song. Lyrics with English: Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
May 27
16 min
ASR E1E7: Dinossauros
Boa noite pessoal! Today we're going to explore "Dinossauros", by an indie band called Dingo Bells. I hope you all enjoy this song! Lyrics: Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
May 5
18 min
ASR S1E6: Fico Assim Sem Você
Boa tarde pessoal! Today we're going to talk about "Fico Assim Sem Você", a classic originally by Bucheca e Claudinho. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Lyrics: Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
Oct 20, 2019
17 min
ASR S1E5: 20 Anos Blue
Olá pessoal! Esta vez vamos falar sobre uma artista muito popular da MPB (música popular brasileira), Elis Regina. I hope all of you enjoy this episode, and even more the song! Translation: Contact info: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
Oct 5, 2019
16 min
ASR S1E4: Tem Que Acontecer
Happy Saturday, listeners! Hoje a gente vai explorar "Tem Que Acontecer", do Sérgio Sampaio, um muito bom cantor e compositor. Hopefully you all enjoy this episode and song, I know it's one of my favorite styles! Tenham um bom dia! :) Translation: Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks Email:
Sep 27, 2019
18 min
ASR S1E3: Calor do Amor
Olá! In this episode we'll be exploring Calor do Amor, a song by Brazilian artist Mahmundi. If you love upbeat music with a carefree message, this song is definitely for you! Summer is now over, but we still have o Calor do Amor (the heat of love)! Translation: Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks Email:
Sep 9, 2019
17 min
ASR S1E2: Starman (O Astronauta de Mármore)
Boa quarta (Happy Wednesday), pessoal! Today we'll sharpen your Portuguese skills with Starman, a song from Seu Jorge's album "The Life Aquatic: Studio Sessions featuring Seu Jorge". If you like David Bowie, you will love this more intimate take on his music, while also learning something new in Portuguese! Esta música é bem legal. Link to lyrics: Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
Aug 27, 2019
24 min
ASR S1E1: Sei Lá, A Vida Tem Sempre Razão
Bem-vindo de novo, pessoal! Today we have our first song of the season, "Sei Lá, A Vida Tem Sempre Razão" by Tom Jobim. We go over the comprehension of this 2-verse song, dissect some grammatical concepts of existence, omission, and idiomatic expression, and practice our pronunciation of some of the staple sounds in Portuguese. This song is a classic, I'm sure you'll love it and even more so after knowing what goes into its language. Contact: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
Aug 19, 2019
21 min
Introduction - Olá!
Bom dia, pessoal! I hope you're prepared to learn Brazilian Portuguese in the most efficient way - music! Now, when you think of Brazil, one of your first thoughts might be samba, but that's only the first page. You can enjoy all your favorite kinds of music through the lens of language learning-- are you ready to expand your worldview? Vamos lá!  Feedback: Instagram: @elyssespeaks E-mail:
Jul 19, 2019
4 min