AntiMLM Weekly Roundup
AntiMLM Weekly Roundup
AntiMLM Weekly Roundup
Hello, and welcome! This podcast is designed to keep the AntiMLM community in the loop with a weekly roundup of MLM and AntiMLM things happening in the news, and social media.
Season One Finale Pt. 2
Part 2 of Roberta and I's all things AntiMLM chill and chat. we discuss our opinions of the (un)well documentary series on Netflix, even more about what we have in store for Season 2 and more... Thank you SO much to our listeners! We have had over 4,000 downloads since starting this podcast 2 months ago, and on behalf of all of us, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my MLM hatin' heart! - Carrie
Sep 4
46 min
Season One Finale Pt. 1
Listen in as Carrie and Roberta catch up on life, what is to come on Season 2, Carrie's USANA weight loss story, Karen's in the supermarket, getting around in this day in age, as well as our opinions on all things AntiMLM
Sep 4
49 min
BITE MODEL with Roberta & Josie
Today Roberta and Josie finish part 2 of their interview. They go over the BITE Model and cult like mentality within MLM's. If you do not know what the BITE Model is, or want to learn more...grab a cup of coffee and listen in. 
Aug 19
1 hr 16 min
Not The Good Girl
Today is part one of a 2 part series with Josie Naikoi. We hear her story of being in the top 1% and walking away from her comfort zone. Discussions about toxic positivity, mental health and more. 
Aug 12
58 min
JessMUA_7 Interview
Today we get down to the nitty gritty about why it is important to have a licensed professional makeup artist as oppose to an unlicensed "freelance" artist. Why it is important to seek professional advice over MLM rep advice; and she answer some questions from followers. 
Aug 5
49 min
BeauTea With Ashlee
Today I interview YouTube creator BeauTea With Ashlee. We discuss her experience with Younique products, and the beauty community drama (she is also a drama/commentary channel after all). 
Jul 29
1 hr
Chill & Chat with Roberta pt.2
Today we finish off our all things AntiMLM conversation with Roberta Blevins. Last episode we were discussing how MLM reps treat every new product like it is a revolutionary discovery. Sit back, grab your cup of coffee; and lets chat! 
Jul 24
55 min
AntiMLM Chill & Chat with Roberta
Today we sit down with fellow activist Roberta Blevins. We discuss all things AntiMLM; Including Monat and their new celebrity shiller. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. 
Jul 22
45 min
Interview bossbabe_mascara and more...
This week we discuss what’s happening in the antimlm news, interview bossbabe_mascara and tell some more MLM horror stories!
Jul 10
37 min
Today we finish our interview with Elle. She tells a story that was not told in her blog, gives a word of advice to the AntiMLM community and more... 
Jun 30
1 hr 5 min
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