Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
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A hootenanny of a good time
That’s right: I said “hootenanny”. How else do you describe a podcast that has brought us gems like “8/4 poop”, “Kielbasi Posse”, and “F-hole”? There just isn’t a better word. There’s always great information and hilarity jam-packed into every episode. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Knowledge and humor
These three guys are great together. I feel like I could hang out w them and do shop work or drink a beer and just enjoy the humor and jokes between the group. Their podcast is a great setup for the “maker” type people and every episode is open up to questions from anyone. Also, all three are down to earth and interactive on all their Instagram and MySpace accounts.
Slightly above average
Great podcast with solid information and some laughs!
Pimp Fo' Life
Another hobby podcast by hobby “makers” 🙄
Why did I wait so long?
Finally catching up on these episodes and this is definitely my new favorite woodworking podcast. Great dynamic between these three real dudes, always talking about slab this and mahogany that. Keep crushing it, thanks for what you do!
Matt @OverkillWoodcraft
3 guys I wanna make sawdust and have a beer with
Why did they get 5 stars? Well, because they said I had to! No just kidding. These 3 guys are representative of the woodworking community, fun, helpful and pro-community. Despite being at the top of the game, they are super accessible and real. They bring a variety of topics to the pod that I want to hear about. I can read a woodworking magazine, but it sometimes just seems so out of reach and without flaws. They make woodworking more accessible to us weekenders trying to break into the scene.
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Nick @ Boundless Designs
I love Lefty’s Wish!
Lefty’s Wish is the most legit podcast episode ever!!!
Finally caught up on the series… its a must!
If you have recently found AWP, I can highly recommend you go back and start from the beginning. Every week you learn something new, and the guys are hilarious! And find out the answer to the ultimate question, "What's on my bench!"
Great podcast for the shop
I’ve been listening for a few weeks ever since Jason Bent was on. The guys are funny as hell, and provide a ton of insight into Instagram and content creation as well as woodworking knowledge.
it's great
Not a fan of Pod Cast but I just finished listening to every episode! Highly recommended
Two Great Guys and one Ok.
Cool Podcast. Informative. Funny. Good time.
Fun and Interesting
These guys are fun and real and appreciate their insights into their shop experiences.
Absolutley worth the listen! These guys are entertaining and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work.
Becoming a big fan
Love the podcasts and all the IG & YouTube content you put out. I recommend it to both my friends 🙃
Awesome podcast!
Love these guys! Always funny and good info!
Walkers Woodworks
Outstanding Podcast!!!
I have only recently started into woodworking and someone told me to reach out to Mike and that led me to listening to this amazing podcast. Let me tell you, it's almost like being in class. I haven't taken a shop class since high school and these guys are way better than my shop teacher at explaining things. There's so much information they put out and they are so funny and witty with it. Hands down, these are the guys I go to for most of my help, whether it is listening to this podcast or messaging Mike on IG. If I could rate 10 stars I would. Keep up the great work guys and here's to another 5 years :)
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Humbly joe
The best!
These guys absolutely rock! They’re so knowledgeable and give great advice. Tune in for a laugh and tons of info on life, woodworking, and walnut! Not pine though, definitely not pine...
Yup, this lit pod is absolute fire
One of the best woodworking podcasts
These dudes are hilarious and provide info about woodworking. I especially like their episodes after they’ve had a few glasses of bourbon!
1500 coins!
Fantastic Podcast!
Love how these guys are focused on giving back to the community! They offer great perspectives on listener questions. Keep it up guys! Thanks for what you’re doing!
Funny and informational... just fun to listen to!
I recently got into woodworking and when I first heard of the podcast I thought to myself, “how interesting could a woodworking podcast really be?” Well I finally caved and listened to an episode and wow, now I’m kicking myself for not subscribing months ago! These guys are so much fun to listen to and super knowledgeable. Great organization of the episodes and great to hear the listener questions. A lot are questions that I’ve had myself too, so I’ve learned a lot from the couple episodes that I listened to so far. Now I have to go back and listen to all the ones I’ve missed! Keep it up guys!
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Great Podcast
Very enjoyable listen. There is a felling of actual conversation and hanging out each week. I really enjoy the collective as the three are all talented woodworkers, but have different lives that can be related to by small business owners, hobbyists and DIYers. The answers to questions are thorough and come from a few different angles so that the responses cover the question asked and more that come up.
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Good stuff!
Great banter, good info keep it up!
Awesome Show!
For a new woodworker, this is a must-listen. Thanks for all you do!
Thomas The Wood Guy
Easy listening
Very entertaining and easy listening. love the podcast keep it up guys!
Simply Fantastic
Great discussions. Love the engagement with the community and never making anyone feel bad. Keep up the awesome work. -Doug
Cottage Lake Woodworks
Dang Good Stuff...
Aside from your corporate belief that CNC operators are actual woodworkers instead of parts assemblers, you guys rock! Love the show, and look forward to many more years for good info!
And they keep getting better
From the 1st episode to their latest they have been a great podcast to listen to in the shop, in the car, and or with the kids. And the best part is they keep getting better as they go. They are great guys to have in the maker world and are great sources of info and encourage everyone to get in the shop. Thanks guys.
Footie on fire
Great podcast
Thanks guys for answering my phone In question, I look forward to many more podcast.
Like a perfectly fit dovetail
Do you like wood? Do you like workshops and power tools? Do you like humor about wood and workshops and power tools? Do you like learning about wood and workshops and power tools? Do you like witty banter with the occasional zing? OF COURSE YOU DO. That’s why you’re reading this. Now press play and go fill that empty void in your life with a dovetail, epoxy resin, or some bourbon. Whatever fits your current mood. These guys can’t wait to fill your void. Don’t make it weird. Seriously though, this podcast keeps delivering week after week and is worth your time.
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Willow Design Company
Phenomenal podcast for woodworkers, and really anyone who likes a laugh
These guys have struck gold. The three of them are really great in terms of their banter and humor, but also the different perspectives and experiences in the woodworking department. They’re really helpful in the way they field lots of listener questions and give sound and well-thought-out advice. Go take a listen, and consider adding support on Patreon to show them we love their content!
Witty and informative ! I can’t believe how fast each hour plus episodes fly by! Very enjoyable listening to Mike, Peter and Dan a definite added to my weekly listening enjoyment! Thank you guys!
Love you long time!
These kids really do an ok job at podcasting!
The Best Podcast
You guys are awesome! Never a dull moment, and always very informative and fun. Keep killin it guys! 👊🏻🇺🇸 -Jon @txyankeecarpentry
Great podcast!
This podcast is awesome. The guys are very informative and entertaining. They are hilarious and I love that they interact with their audience. Definitely worth the listen!
Great podcast lots of info
You guys are great learning a lot and confirms what knew how to do. I think I’m in the same mindset as you guys are. Now will take a few years or more to get my skills up. Love working with wood bringing out the beauty in it.
Great information for All
If you’re interested in woodworking, whether you’re first starting out, or a veteran level maker this podcast is for you! These guys are entertaining, and they give it to you straight!
Great Podcast and Even Better Hosts
Love these guys so much! They have so much knowledge about the craft and are willing to share it with us. Every episode has something new to offer but it’s always fun, laughter filled and informative! Definitely need to give this podcast a listen. But you’re required to listen to each episode 5x minimum. Keep up the great work gentlemen! Morrison & Son Woodworking
Livin’ the dream!
Love the podcast. 3 “normal” (ha) dudes just living out their maker dreams and telling us about it. This podcast is easy to relate to, these guys are just regular dudes, not pros, but provide pro-caliber advice and feedback and semi-pro humor :)
Great podcast.
Always enjoy listening to these guys. Great info in all levels of woodworking.
Big MAC50
Great podcast
Great podcast
You can only leave a 5 star review
Great podcast for woodworkers, crafters and makers. I wanted to leave a lower rating, but the button only allows you to leave a 5 star review.
Another Woodshop podcast rocks!
These guys are talented, informative, and hilarious! I can’t wait for the next episode!
Love this Podcast
From someone who hardly ever listens to any podcasts at all I enjoy listing in. A lot of awesome woodworking information, and good laughs!
TK Wood
Good perspective, insight, & humor!
Love the show, keep on truckin’.
Another wood shop review or is it? Love this podcast!
I listen to several and y’all’s is in my top 2. Haha Makes it great when the people are relatable. Some come across as all high and mighty with sales pitches. I usually pass after 5 minutes on those. Keep up the great work fellas. All the best!
BrokenLead WoodWorks
Great conversation and content!
I really enjoy listening to the shop conversations and tips that they share as well as all the behind the scenes to wht they are working on! Great addition to my library of "shop listening playlist" material in these crazy times!! Keep at it gang!
CD Reeves
AWP > Hand Sanding
This podcast is great. 3 dudes that are honest, and touch on the topics new makers, and experienced makers can relate to. Thanks guys! Also, Dan, I’m ready for my sticker!
J. Cheney
Episode 6
Great show as always. Enjoy the feedback and the how you do your social media. Thanks guys.
Broken Lead Woodworks
Another Fun Woodshop Podcast!
Really loving the show, this is easy to listen to. I enjoy the weekly banter, good questions from viewers and feeling like I’m in the room hanging out with the boys.
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