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Episode 38: Kielbasi Thanksgiving
1 hour 22 minutes Posted Nov 29, 2020 at 6:00 pm.
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Show notes

Episode 38 - Dan is finishing up  the barnwood doors, masking some cutting boards (but not finishing them), and refinishing some stair treads for a client. Mike was sick all week, but feeling better, wrapping up the redwood bench, working on some custom trays, and he set up his laser! Pete is painting wooden paneling, making a bunch of cutting boards, taught a private class, making cherry swing seats, and he’s redesigning a wall in his shop to make room...for a secret tool.


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Adam Barnett
Barnett custom builds
How do you price work for CNC?

Hickory Holdstead Creations
What sales were you looking to take advantage of this black friday?
+Barbara - MWIS Workshop - What is your Thanksgiving family tradition?

Will king
Fabled labs
Resawing.  How do you process your wood when you resaw?

Ben Miller
What was the first order that made you realize you can go full time?
What project, once finished, you felt such relief you wanted to sleep for days?

Josh The Dad
What has been your favorite christmas gift to make?

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