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Epsiode 36: John Goodman Zoomies
1 hour 13 minutes Posted Nov 14, 2020 at 2:00 pm.
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Show notes

Episode 36 - Jef From TwoMooseDesign is here! Jef talks about their business. He’s working on a whole set of orders, trays, clocks, CNC projects (More this week than we do in a year). Mike is working on CNC projects as well, a tray, templates, and some flags. He also Installed Windows on his house and it now has malware. Pete has been designing more tool and battery holders, catching up on some administrative stuff, and taking on some commissions and client work. Dan has made some cabinets for his shop holes, and wrapping up the last batch of photography work. Also Mike says “Rump it” its pretty funny…make sure to listen for it. #EasterEggs 


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Adam. Barnett
Barnett Custom Builds
Woodworking in the winter. What are your recommendations on how to heat the shop?

Kevin (Tevin)
Lefty’s (Righty’s) Woodshop
How do you guys handle consumables in the shop when it gets super cold?

Josh The Dad
Have you ever had a had a weird woodworking dream?

Ken Robertson
What is your winter apparel in the shop? Do you ever worry about your apparel getting caught in a tool?

Moses Cho
Chosen Craft Co
Was there a point in your hobby where your wife jumped on board? An event or argument, or a monetary amount when your wife gave you the green light on the woodworking thing?

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