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Episode 35: A Maker’s Dozen (11)
1 hour 23 minutes Posted Nov 8, 2020 at 6:00 pm.
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Show notes

Episode 35 - Dan is working on barn wood doors, made a cabinet for his saw, and has been busy being a photographer. Pete made a bunch of bougie French cleat holders and he’s been Ikea hacking his Mega Desk. Mike has been sick and out of commission for a bit, made a larger personalized tray, he’s planning out the bench build, and he’s got some large projects coming up!

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Adrianne Vita
Hickory Homestead Creations
What are some odd places you have gotten supplies or tools?

Lefty’s Woodshop
What is your take on putting your logo or business information on your truck or car?

AshTake3 (Ashand Barry and/or WoodworkAndWhiskeys)
How do you guys clean your router bits? And do you sharpen them?

Josh The Dad
Finishing Question. If you don’t know how a board or tray is going to be treated, how do you finish it? To make it food safe or not?

What cameras would you guys recommend to start recording video?

David G
Dr G Woodworking
Spills in the shop. How do you go about clean up?

Moses Cho
Big Chuck Cho
How did you guys choose your brand name? What was that process like?

I have to finish something with thin veneer on it. Should I worry about the type of finish because of how thin the veneer is?

Shane’s weekend bids
What do you guys think of the shaper origin? Real tool or toy / Luxury?

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Nov. 8-JessEm Paralign (04016) Feather Boards ($44.99)
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Todd Singer
Nov. 1-Odies Super Duper Light 9OZ, 1-Scotch Brite Non-Abrasive pad ($40.49)

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