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Episode 30: Lefty’s Wish
1 hour 26 minutes Posted Oct 4, 2020 at 6:00 pm.
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Show notes

Show Notes

Name: Lefty’s Wish

Episode 30 - Dan delivered the walnut desk and started work on some barn wood doors. Pete started teaching again and finally launched his youtube channel. Mike is growing his CNC business because its blowing up with inquiries! In this episode We discuss the topics below:

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Adam Barnett
Barnett Custom Woodworks
What are some of the biggest mistakes you made starting out?

Adrienne Vita
Hickory Homestead Creations
What is your go to tip?

Lefty’s woodshop
What do you consider when making a video?

Nick Pacia
The working grain
WIth the holidays coming up, do you guys stock up or when do you start production for the holiday season or a craft fair?

Woodwork and Whiskers
I got a new BF Bandsaw. What do you guys recommend for re-sawing?

Josh the dad
How do you deal with work benches? Do you worry about flat or level? Do you level the tables? Or just deal with it?

How do you do logos and detailed engraving or labeling work with a CNC or Machine to cut this?

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