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Episode 29: [Missing Thumbnail]
1 hour 18 minutes Posted Sep 27, 2020 at 6:00 pm.
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Episode 29 - Dan is working on this damn desk...still! But he also made some bespoke door stops! Mike got surprised with a massive delivery, and Pete got married! Plus Pete has nothing on his bench for once.

Total Boat
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hickory holmstead creations
What finishing oils do you recommend for cutting boards. someone said vegetable oil.

What is your goal for your business? content? production? comissons?

J the D
When you guys get injured, how do your significant other react? 

Bradley Lyons
And my woodworking question is there a solution for making wooden cutting boards to use for cutting meat on? I've heard cutting meats on wooden cutting boards is not good because the raw meat could absorb into the cutting board and would not be good in the future.

When you go to buy a new tool, were do you get your reviews or info for the tool you are buying?

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Microjig MF-1004 Dado Stop Pro ($54.99)
Sponsored by MacBeath Hardwood

Brian Gwilliams
DeWalt-Double Edge Saw DWHT20216 ($24.99), 25' Tape DWHT36107 ($15.99), 7" Square DWHT46031 ($12.99)

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