Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
Another Woodshop Podcast
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A weekly podcast featuring 3 guys who share a passion for woodworking and content creation. We will discuss what went on in our shops during the week and answer questions from you! We'd love it if you left us a voice message at (754) 225-5297
Episode 44: Artisanal Meat Sweats
Episode 44 - Dan is working on a a teak shower floor, he is refinishing a desk, ordered onefinity CNC and was gifted a real big boi drill press. Pete lost a bunch of packages by leaving them inside a post office, he cleaned shop of all the offcuts and...
Jan 10
1 hr 16 min
Episode 43: CA Glue Triage
Dan is working on stair posts, teak shower floor, and. He’s hopefully starting the bookshelf soon. He also has a design consult for a coffee bar with a client. Mike got a lot of work done in the shop for the shop. All quality of life stuff. He also...
Jan 3
1 hr 8 min
Episode 42: The Olive Garden Of Podcasts
Episode 42 - When you're here, you're family! Dan was wrapping up some last minute cutting board orders. He will be starting the large walnut bookcase soon. and he installed the floating hickory shelves. He will also be wrapping a mantle in hickory. Dan...
Dec 27, 2020
1 hr 2 min
Episode 41: Cutting Board Bonanza
Episode 41 - Dan is making cutting boards until Christmas and then going back "real projects". He also had a local woodworker stop by and helped him put a bow tie in the tabletop. Pete is working on cutting boards as well, and lasering everything he...
Dec 20, 2020
1 hr 32 min
Episode 40: Camrade Capar’s Shamfer Army
Episode 40 - Dan is knocking out some cutting boards, took a deposit on a large book case, and is making some sales on Etsy. Pete did a mosaics and mimosas on Sunday with the girls, helped a local woodworker get caught up on orders, loaded up on lumber...
Dec 13, 2020
1 hr 26 min
Episode 39: Mike Exotic
Episode 39 - Dan is working on some hickory boards and mantle pieces. He also needs to make railings and posts from Alder. Lastly he’s making some charcuterie and cutting boards to fill his new Etsy Shop (Check it out!). Mike is knocking out a bunch of...
Dec 6, 2020
1 hr 27 min
Episode 38: Kielbasi Thanksgiving
Episode 38 - Dan is finishing up  the barnwood doors, masking some cutting boards (but not finishing them), and refinishing some stair treads for a client. Mike was sick all week, but feeling better, wrapping up the redwood bench, working on some custom...
Nov 29, 2020
1 hr 22 min
Episode 37: The Littlest Wen Drill Press
Name: The Littlest WEN Drill press Episode 37 - Dan got poisoned, and he knocked out a cool desk for his son. Dan also opened an Etsy Store! Pete is throwing out a bunch of crap from around his shop to make some more room for projects. Mike is sick! He...
Nov 22, 2020
1 hr 1 min
Epsiode 36: John Goodman Zoomies
Episode 36 - Jef From TwoMooseDesign is here! Jef talks about their business. He’s working on a whole set of orders, trays, clocks, CNC projects (More this week than we do in a year). Mike is working on CNC projects as well, a tray, templates, and some...
Nov 14, 2020
1 hr 13 min
Episode 35: A Maker’s Dozen (11)
Episode 35 - Dan is working on barn wood doors, made a cabinet for his saw, and has been busy being a photographer. Pete made a bunch of bougie French cleat holders and he’s been Ikea hacking his Mega Desk. Mike has been sick and out of commission for a...
Nov 8, 2020
1 hr 23 min
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