Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast
Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast
Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast
Welcome to Another Kind of Mind: A Different Kind of Beatles Podcast. We’re a collective of artists, musicians, and professionals who challenge established narratives about the band with irreverent commentary, educated criticism, and original, thought-provoking analysis.
Fine Tuning: Ep 11 Wrap Party
SUMMARY: In our final episode of Fine Tuning, we summarize our conclusions, respond to listener feedback, issue corrections, share our hopes and fears for future books and offer our thoughts and predictions on the future of Beatles scholarship. PLAYLISTEveryday BUDDY HOLLYHoney Hush BIG JOE TURNERI Fall to Pieces PATSY CLINEProblems THE EVERLY BROTHERSP.S. I Love You THE BEATLESWhispering Bells THE DELL-VIKINGSQue Sera, Sera DORIS DAYJohnny Angel SHELLEY FABARESHit the Road, Jack RAY CHARLESCrying ROY ORBISONI’ll Be On My Way THE BEATLES Serene's Blog: MARK LEWISOHN INTERVIEW LINKS: Interview with Jean Louis-Polard, 2014 Fabcast podcast, 2017013 MARK LEWISOHN Humans in Love podcast, 2018#1 (Part One) Beatles Authority Mark Lewisohn (YouTube) Fab4Cast podcast, 2019 Talking to Mark Lewisohn: #1 Writing The Beatles' History #2 Spring 1969 Nothing Is Real podcast, 2019The Mark Lewisohn Interview #14 Part One #15 Part Two Interview with Giljs Groenteman, 2019 I Am the EggPod podcast, 2019The Star-Club tapes From Me To You podcast, 2020Mark Lewisohn In Conversation w/ Richard Courtney Let It Roll podcast, 2020Mark Lewisohn in Conversation w/Nate Wilcox Let It Be Beatles podcast, 2020Mark Lewisohn - The Complete 2020 Let It Be Beatles Interview Podcast (YouTube) Fans on the Run podcast, 2022Ep 73. Mark Lewisohn
Jan 7
1 hr 6 min
Fine Tuning: Ep 10 Unseen Paul
SUMMARY Unseen Paul builds on our earlier episodes by sharing even more quotes, stories, and insights about young Paul McCartney, who deserves a nuanced and dynamic portrait in any Beatles biography. We explore some of his more overlooked character traits: his quirks and gifts; his stressors and anxieties; his unusual interests and values. These features reveal him as a fascinatingly dualistic artist and person.SOURCESPaul McCartney: the Definitive Biography by Chris Salewicz (1986)The Beatles by Bob Spitz (2005)“Portrait of Paul” Women Magazine by Mike McCartney (1965)Magical Mystery Tours: My Time with the Beatles by Tony Bramwell (2006)Many Years From Now by Barry Miles (1997)Thank U Very Much by Mike McCartneyPaul McCartney on Howard Stern (2021)“A Political Paul” Interview w/ Jonathan Powers for Prospect Magazine (Jan 17, 2009)Paul McCartney interview w/ Hot Press magazine (2002)Maureen Cleave “Intelligent Beatle”“Mockers” Interview Beatles Authorized Biography by Hunter Davies (1968)The Beatles diary: Volume 1 by Barry Miles (2001)BBC Interview “dyslexia”  (October 4, 1997) McCartney Interview w/ Geoffrey Guiliano (1984) McCartney; Beatles Book Monthly Magazine (1992)Paul McCartney for New York Times Magazine (2020)THE LYRICS by Paul McCartney and Paul Muldoon (2021)Icke, Evelyn Hamann und die Beatles: Eine Art Biografie by Hans “Icke” Braun (2019)A Cellar Full of Noise by Brian Epstein (1964)Allan Williams quote from Music Legends The Beatles Special Edition by The Rock Review Music Legends Library (Sept 2, 2019) w/ Horst Fascher for Deutschlandfunk Kultur (2006)Astrid Kirchherr Interviewed by Colin Hall for Get Rhythm (August 2001)PLAYLISTStairway to Paradise SARAH VAUGHAN4 Pointers 1 TREVOR DUNCANFine and Mellow ETTA JONESWelcome to My World JIM REEVESEl Paso MARTY ROBBINSYou Go To My Head BILLIE HOLIDAYNature Boy NAT KING COLEBlack and White EARL ROBINSONMy Bucket’s Got a Hole in it HANK WILLIAMSSpoonful HOWLIN WOLFSince I Don’t Have You THE SKYLINERSPerhaps DORIS DAYLonesome Town RICKY NELSONLove to Love NINA SIMONE
Dec 31, 2023
2 hr 30 min
Fine Tuning: Ep 9 WTF?
SUMMARY:  In our 9th episode, we tackle a handful of loose ends from Tune In and pose the question: WTF? Why The Farting?Where's Talented Friend?Washboard To FenderWeird, Those Fruits!Women-Type FansWhores They F*cked?Wow, That's Fabricated!Which Tune's First?Writing's Too FancyWhose Teachers Finest?Wimpy Teetotaler Frenemie PLAYLIST:Tutti Frutti LITTLE RICHARDGood Golly Miss Molly LITTLE RICHARDWhere D’you Get Your Whiskey BOB CORT’S SKIFFLE GROUPMama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean RUTH BROWNMess Around RAY CHARLESSpanish Flea HERB ALPERTTheme from A Summer Place PERCY FAITHPlease Mr Postman THE MARVELETTESSchool Days LOUIS JORDANAlligator Wine SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINSI’ll Be On My Way THE BEATLES
Dec 13, 2023
2 hr 7 min
May in December: AKOM Talks w/ May Pang Pt. 2
SYNOPSIS:  In her second appearance on AKOM, May Pang talks with Phoebe about Yoko enlisting Paul’s help during the Lost Weekend, John & Yoko’s Tittenhurst Safe Room, The (not) Malibu Dream House and Primal Therapy.The Lost Weekend: A Love Story is currently available for purchase or streaming on most major platforms. Discover more at
Dec 8, 2023
25 min
Fine Tuning: Ep 8 No Greater Buddy
SYNOPSIS: No Greater Buddy examines how Tune In handles the naughty behavior of its resident Bad Boy, John Lennon. This is a study of Lewisohn’s coverage of John’s bad behavior (rather than the behavior itself). PLAYLISTBad Boy LARRY WILLIAMSLet the Good Times Roll LOUIS JORDANJim Dandy LAVERN BAKERHandful of Keys FATS WALLERUndecided ELLA FITZGERALDAngel Baby ROSIE & THE ORIGINALSNight Train DAVID ROSEDevil or Angel THE CLOVERSI’ll Be on My Way THE BEATLES SOURCESThe Beatles by Hunter Davies (1968)The Other Side of John Lennon By Sandra Shevey (1990)Beatles Anthology (1995)Living in the Material World by Martin Scorcese (2011)
Dec 6, 2023
1 hr 42 min
Fine Tuning: Ep 7 Spanner in the Works
SYNOPSIS: Spanner in the Works shows how Paul is portrayed as uniquely difficult to manage and unjustifiably obstructive, even to the point of sabotaging the band.  We use Tune In’s reporting of the early friction between Paul and Brian Epstein as a case study to illustrate how Tune In guides the reader to distrust and second-guess Paul whenever he comes into conflict with other major players in the Beatles’ story. PLAYLISTMaybe THE CHANTELSOop Shoop SHIRLEY GUNTER & THE QUEENSTequila THE CHAMPSI’m Walkin FATS DOMINOLucille THE BEATLESDevil in His Heart THE DONAYSBaby It’s You THE SHIRELLESSlippin and Slidin LITTLE RICHARDToo Much ELVIS PRESLEYFast Freight RITCHIE VALENSI’ll Be On My Way THE BEATLES   SOURCES“Portrait of Paul” Mike McCartney Woman Magazine, 1965McCartney the Definitive Biography by Chris Salewicz, 1986John Lennon Interview w/ Jann Wenner for Rolling Stone, May 14, 1970John Lennon Interview w/ Lisa Robinson for Hit Parader, 1975John Lennon and Yoko Ono Interview at St Regis Hotel by Peter McCabe and Robert Schonfeld, September 5th, 1971Lennon Remembers by Jann Wenner for Rolling Stone, 1971In My Life by Pete Shotten, 1983Interview w/ Pete Best in Music Legends The Beatles Special Edition by The Rock Review Music Legends Library Sept 2, 2019
Nov 29, 2023
2 hr 33 min
The Fifth Beatle: AKOM Talks w/ Vivek Tiwary
SYNOPSIS: Phoebe talks with Vivek Tiwary, author of “The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story,” a graphic novel celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a new edition!’s For You CILLA BLACK
Nov 22, 2023
1 hr 1 min
Fine Tuning: Ep 6 A Prolonged Jealousy
SYNOPSIS: In A Prolonged Jealousy, we tackle one of Tune In’s main talking points: that Paul McCartney is a fundamentally jealous person whose obsessive, one-sided jealousy of and over John Lennon was brought to a boil by the presence of Stuart Sutcliffe in the band.  Is Tune In’s unforgiving portrayal of Paul’s jealousy fair? Or is it over the top? We’ll discuss!*This episode was originally posted on Nov 17, 2023 and subsequently re-uploaded on Nov 21, 2023 to add a few minutes of additional information relative to the topic. In the interest of full transparency, we haven’t edited or deleted anything from our original episode, just added the additional info to the discussion around the 1:36:45 mark. PLAYLIST Frenzy SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINSWoo-Hoo ROCK*A*TEENSRaunchy BILL JUSTICEWhat’d I Say RAY CHARLESLucille LITTLE RICHARDFlamenco Sketches MILES DAVISSleepwalk SANTO AND JOHNNYLet it Be Me THE EVERLY BROTHERSJust Walking in the Rain THE PRISONAIRESGo! Go! Go! ROY ORBISONDuck Tail JOE CLAYI’ll Be On My Way THE BEATLES SOURCESThe Beatles by Hunter Davies (1968)The Beatles by Bob Spitz (2005)“The Beatles’ Shadow: Stuart Sutcliffe” by Pauline Sutcliffe (2002)“The Lost Beatle: The Stuart Sutcliffe Story” BBC (2005)John Lennon The Life by Philip Norman (2005)Paul McCartney The Life by Philip Norman (2016)Beatles Book Monthly Magazine (May 1994)Beatles Anthology (1995)
Nov 17, 2023
2 hr 56 min
The Mal Evans Story: AKOM Talks w/ Ken Womack
SYNOPSIS: Phoebe Lorde and Allison Bumsted talk with Kenneth Womack about “LIVING THE BEATLES LEGEND: the Mal Evans Story.”We discuss several of the amazing topics raised in this wonderful book; Elvis, cowboys, Allen Klein being horrible, the tougher-to-write moments in the book, interpersonal relationships within the Beatles' circle, and of course the fascinating life of the incomparable Mal Evans.
Nov 10, 2023
1 hr 4 min
Fine Tuning: Ep 5 Leader Lennon
SUMMARY: Leader Lennon examines Tune In's major thesis, that John Lennon was and is the leader and implicit owner of The Beatles forever.  We take a hard look at Tune In’s obvious affection for hierarchy and dominance and how this pervades its storytelling. We'll discuss the deficiencies of this framework, why it is a problem, and how it distorts the Beatles’ story. PLAYLISTTiger Man RUFUS THOMASLovin’ Machine WYNONIE HARRISHoney Don’t CARL PERKINSBesame Mucho TRIO LOS PANCHOSCrying, Waiting, Hoping BUDDY HOLLYC’mon Everybody EDDIE COCHRANSoldier of Love THE BEATLESRip it Up ELVIS PRESLEYI’ll Be On My Way THE BEATLES SOURCESThe Beatles by Hunter Davies (1968)Pre-Fab by Colin Hanton (2018)The Beatles by Bob Spitz (2005)John by Cynthia Lennon (2005)Alan Williams from Stuart Sutcliffe: The Lost Beatle, BBC (2005)Lennon Remember Interview w/ Jann Wenner (1971)
Nov 8, 2023
2 hr 41 min
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