Another Bite of Twilight
Another Bite of Twilight
Melissa and Kelly
A new Twilight podcast that looks back on the phenomenon ten years later. Like the first movie, we're super low budget but possibly the best thing you'll ever experience.
#56- Reading Twilight & New Moon Book Outtakes!
The movies aren’t the only ones with “deleted scenes.” Stephenie Meyer has shared excerpts that she cut out of the first two Twilight books, and Kel and Mel are here to discuss! But first, we have a little debate about starting Christmas before Thanksgiving, and watch the deleted scenes we missed last episode (oops!). You’ll hear sound clips for those and then we get into the book outtakes, some of which we LOVED, some not as much. P.S. Kelly tried with minimal DIY skills to fix the sound this week, but it does sound slightly less good because we recorded over the phone. But as we’ve said…just like the first Twilight movie, we’re super low budget. ♡ Patreon | Instagram
Nov 24
1 hr 50 min
#55- Deleted Scenes: Did They Make the Right Call?
You guys asked for it—we watched and discussed the deleted scenes in Twilight and New Moon! For each scene, we asked: should they have kept it in the movie, or was it the right choice to cut?  In this episode, you can also expect: Kelly laughing for way too long at a scene that reminded us of "The Office" and "The Room" the Hales are "the bad kids"...scenes *in* the movies that feel like they should have been deleted...and a review of Midnight Sun by Kelly's mom! We'll be back with Eclipse and Breaking Dawn soon, stay tuned. ♡ Patreon | Instagram
Nov 11
1 hr 45 min
#54- Midnight Sun: The Last Chapters
It’s the end of an era! It’s the last episode covering Midnight Sun. :( Though it’s sad, we had a lot of fun with the final chapters... Carlisle is suspected of plastic surgery. Kel & Mel rank the Cullen men. Kelly says the word “crazy” probably a hundred times. We analyze Bella’s parents and James’ classic villain monologue. Plus, Stephenie Meyer’s very interesting acknowledgments page at the end. How does Midnight Sun’s word count compare to the Bible? We’ll tell you!   Patreon | Instagram
Oct 26
2 hr 17 min
#53- Midnight Sun Chapters 19-24 (Things Get Intense!)
This is probably our second-to-last episode covering Midnight Sun. Nooo! In these chapters, Bella and Edward go to “the Carlisle’s house” for the first time and Edward thinks about his time apart from his father. Jasper likes being near Bella, they play baseball, and the nomads show up. Laurent has the hots for Rosalie, and Alice is a very minimal texter, it turns out!    If you're looking for more of the podcast (whoa) and Twilight-inspired playlists, check out our Patreon here!
Oct 13
1 hr 54 min
#52- Let’s Read Midnight Sun! Chapters 15-18
Before we sat down to record we said, “Okay no tangents this time.” Well, there were a lot of tangents (attachment styles, birthdays, astrology, random scene in Eclipse) and it’s a long episode! But hope you enjoy. ♡ Last time we shared our dislike for Bella’s favorite candy, black licorice. Some of you defended black licorice so we decided to have a taste test on the episode! Then we get into the book: the Cullens attend funerals of the people they kill, Edward wears a perplexing sleeveless shirt, and Bella and Edward FINALLY KISS! Stay tuned to the end of the episode where we DRINK BLOOD!   If you're looking for more of the podcast (whoa) and Twilight-inspired playlists, check out our Patreon here!
Sep 29
2 hr 24 min
#51- Reading Midnight Sun! Chapters 10-14
It’s a long one, but this is a long book! It’s Midnight Sun season and this time, we compare a handful of passages to Twilight and see how Bella & Edward’s narration differs. Plus, we discuss Bella’s favorite candy (black licorice!??!) and Slate’s article about the hundreds of ‘murmurs’ in the Saga.   Like the first Twilight movie, we’re still super low budget and indie... but possibly the best thing you’ll ever experience!? ♡
Sep 15
2 hr 21 min
#50- Midnight Sun Chapters 5-9
It’s our 50th episode, wow! Take that, everyone who asked us in 2018 if we’d have enough to talk about. This week Kel & Mel continue reading Midnight Sun. ♡ Where we left off: Edward has become more and more preoccupied with Bella and despises everything Mike Newton does  We also play a voice message from our listener Kiyah!
Sep 1
1 hr 52 min
#49- Talking with Twilight Director Catherine Hardwicke!!
She’s in our theme song and created arguably the best movie of all time—it’s Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke!! We talked to Catherine about her Twilight memories, inspiration, the audition tapes, and her new show ‘Don’t Look Deeper’ on Quibi. Mel lost power halfway through the interview, so don’t miss that awkward moment! It was so thrilling and such an honor to have Catherine on the show. You can see a visual version of this interview on our YouTube page! & Please excuse our DIY audio quality!
Aug 18
1 hr 27 min
#48- Midnight Sun: Chapters 1-4!!
After waiting almost half our lifetimes, Twilight’s companion novel Midnight Sun is finally published! IT’S HERE! We discuss the first four chapters in this episode—“no reason to rush through the experience” as Edward says. AHHH! Plus, exciting news about Catherine Hardwicke, and we read a listener letter about Midnight Sun.
Aug 11
1 hr 39 min
#47- We'll Be Back on August 11th
Hi guys! Today's episode is a little different than usual. We wanted to take some time to address and show our support for the recent Black Lives Matter movement and protests. These are crazy but important times, and we just felt we should speak up on it while also finding a way to tie it into our raison d'être, Twilight. Yes, we can relate it to Twilight.  We are also going on a little hiatus until August 11th. When we return, we will be ready to cover the first portion of Midnight Sun! In the meantime, we also discuss the quotes from M.S. that Stephenie Meyer has teased. Thoughts on those??  Love you all, xx.    For bonus episodes on our off-weeks, you can listen on our Patreon:
Jun 9
33 min
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