Annals of Internal Medicine Podcast
Annals of Internal Medicine Podcast
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Audio poor and speaker’s voice not conducive to podcasting
See above
Recommend technical improvements
I would suggest recruiting someone or a few hosts with a “voice for radio/podcast” and provide them with technical support akin to the standards of public radio to deliver the weekly message. This would unburden the editorial staff of that duty and bring the aural experience of the listener close to level of what the printed product provides.
Poor audio quality
Excellent information, but the audio quality is poor
Only the first minute plays then skips to the next
I tried to listen on apple podcasts and then also from but every time I get to the same spot about a minute and a half in it stops and starts playing the next podcast. Not sure what is going on, but think I would like this podcast from what I have heard so far, would like to figure out how to get the rest...
Information good, episodes won’t play completely
Almost every episode ends abruptly, and I am unable to fast-forward last a certain point... it continues to go to next episode. For example June 18 episode goes immediately to the next episode at the 7:55 minute mark. Pleas repair this.
Poor audio, monotonic and several of the episodes are cut off. The content is good, but certainly needs to be presentes in a different way, and by a different person! Too bad really. Was expecting more.
Bring back Berkwitz
The newest narrators as of summer 2011-12 are nowhere near as good as Dr Berkwitz used to be. Used to be 5 stars, now 2-3 is generous And as noted by others volume is way too low. Addendum: Better as of 2015 but still not as good as it used to be. Also --both March 2015 issues have been unable to be downloaded! Boo, ACP, Boo.
No competition - best available.
iPhone tip: when gets into boring areas activate Siri and say “skip ahead 1 minute”. (You have to use Apple’s for this to work). Being able to skip through less interesting bits hands-free is very helpful when commuting.
Low production quality
Note all the 5-star reviews are from 2009?! This sounds like it was recorded in a stairwell, and the unfortunate reader sounds like she is dealing with a lot of mucus. I find it hard to tell what she is saying. I'm sorry, but I won't be listening.
Not what it use to be
Of all the similar pod casts that I have tried, the Annals provides the most information with the most enjoyable format that keeps me coming back the most times. Update: I first rated Mar 8. 2009. since mid 2011 the quality of the podcast has plummeted. After giving the new editor time to develop her style, she has failed to provide the same podcast development. It is now just a verbal regurgitation of the various abstracts for the particular edition.
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Agree with others.
Please bring Berkwitz back.
hard to hear the great content
Compared to other journal podcasts I listen to in the car, the volume on this podcast is too quiet and the audio production quality is not good.
I've got to say that MIchael Berkwits presented a very unique podcast that included interviews, obscure music (I really miss that part), and thoughtfullness. Ms Laine unfortunately has very big shoes to fill. I'm giving it 5 stars up to summer 2011. mike
new presenter is absolutely awful!!!!!!!!
Tottally flat and dry presentation. There is not spice in the podcast like before: no inteviews, medical trivia, etc. I hope, they either bring Berkowitz back or bring in someone else who actually enjoys doing this podcast!!!!!
New host is awful
I miss Berkawitz. Lane always sounds like she's drugged up and on the verge of crying. She also pronounces the names of pharmaceuticals in a way that makes me want to stab myself in the ear with a fork. Content-wise great podcast though.
Where is Berkwits??
This was my favorite podcast up to a few months ago. Dr. Berkwits was smart, funny and had wonderful medical interviews that added much to my knowledge. I loved the podcast and my only criticism was that it was once every two weeks rather than weekly. All that has changed when the current narrator provides a dry, inadequate summary of the journal. The best part of the previous podcast- the expert interview- which could have lasted up to 30 minutes or more, is now gone, and left the podcast with at the best a mediocre summary of the journal. Bring Dr. Berkwits back!!
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Dr. Berkawitz is the best!!
Thanks for all of the great podcasts. Interesting, knowledge building. Truely a wonderful source of information!!
Very Helpful
These podcasts are engaging and well thought out. I am a Family Physician and they are quite relevant for me.
it is great
Michael does a remarkable job summarizing the current state-of-the science in medicine. it is a pleasure to listen and i look forward to each new podcast.
podcast listener 12345
Best medical podcast for physicians
Extremely polished, engaging, and entertaining podcast. Michael Berkwits is a very credible interviewer and he does a great job with interacting with his guests. I like the mix of interviews and news, and even when he gives the brief summaries of the other articles, it never sounds like he is reading from a script. The musical interludes are usually droll and sometimes odd, but not unwelcome. In addition, the podcast is professionally produced with great sound quality and editing. Keep up the good work.
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Evah Nessence
Best Medical Podcast to Date
As an internist, I find that there is a lot of information streams out there. Between journals and shorter reviews (JournalWatch), email updates in the form of table of contents, my own pubmed searches, and podcasts, it is easy for an internist to be overwhelmed by both the information out there as well as the many ways of getting that information. The Annals podcast provides more than just a flip through the abstracts. Michael Berkowitz is an excellent interviewer and asks the questions that I am asking when I read the articles at home. In a short period of time, the time of my commute, I'm able to digest a journal and still remember its highlights months later. Thank you for providing more than what I could read on paper in the same amount of time.
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I'm an Emergency Physician and find your IM condensed podcasts invaluable to my specialty. Great work!
Chris Strode
Love it
Best medicine podcast hands down. Easy to listen to, and fun! Excellent summaries, interviews thoughtful, music hilarious. Highly recommended.
Olive Dancer
Good for Laypeople Too
The journal summaries are for Docs only, but the interviews are excellent for all. The music/sound interludes are GREAT. Thanks to all those who produce this; very much appreciated.
Best Medical Podcast
Wonderful interviews offer practice altering advice and updates. A great medical resource.
Zack Grienke
Absolutely Wonderful
Always clever and entertaining. A very engaging way to keep up to date on internal medicine. An incredible boon to any med student on a medicine rotation.
Mike D5
Best Medical Podcast
All of these reviews are correct: this is the best medical podcast there is. One reviewer wrote that it has NPR-like production quality, and this is true. Michael Berkowitz could give Ira Glass a run for his money any day of the week. My one quibble would be with the reviewer who said s/he didn't like the musical interludes; they may be strange, but they manifest Berkowitz's brilliant and discerning musical taste. Keep it up!
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Excellent job editing and summarizing relevant news
Thanks for taking the time to edit and narrate the weeks journal. It is a great in depth look at the feature article. The interviews are well done and commentary is relevant to the average primary care physician. I think this is one of the best medical podcasts available for primary care doctors.
Great podcast
Without a doubt the best podcast based on a medical journal out there. Highly recommended.
By far the best podcast from a medical journal that I have heard. Great way to stay updated on my commute. Plays like a NPR segment for internists and focuses on pertinent issues in GIM.
Best in Class
I could not have designed a better podcast. Lively, fun (and funny), and you never know what you are going to get--and I mean that in a 100% postive way. Unlike other journal summaries, there are valuable interviews and supplements to the content in current issue. Not a dry read, and this is a "show" in the truest sense. Keep up the great work Michael.
annals podcast review
This is the best medical review podcast by far. It sounds professional, the host is engaging and the approach to topics is always interesting. The mix of interviews, summaries, talks and music that "comments" on the stories always keeps me listening. Further, the host clearly knows the subjects and always asks the detailed questions. I hope the program continues indefinitely.
More Analysis, Less Summary Than Other Podcasts
NEJM, JAMA, and Archives of Internal Medicine all offer podcasts. Archives is the only podcast that provides, routinely, an interview of authors. The narrator is an editor of the journal, and can engage the interview subjects in a substantive review of the journal article being discussed. The narrator also directs the conversation toward applicability of concepts to daily medical practice. The trade-off is only one article is discussd. Other articles are only mentioned and not summarized-unlike NEJM's podcast. Also, they are meaningless musical interludes which can be jarring when they follow relatively low volume conversations in the podcast (a disturbing tendency in many podcasts). Highly recommended to medical professionals, Archive subscribers and non-subscribers.
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Double Thumbs Up
I especially appreciate the musical interludes as well as the in depth author interviews with a lot of pointed discussion about how to put research into clinical practice.
I like it. very helpful to keep up to date on the road.
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