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Special Episode: Karate-Kicking Komodo Dragons
These reptiles have some pretty cool tricks up their sleeve to catch prey and to get away from their predators. Plus a story about a very hungry and quick-moving komodo!
Sep 11
4 min
2.3 Lovely Leaf Bugs
True to their name, these little critters look and behave just like leaves! Learn about their clever camouflaging techniques, and meet a little leaf bug who saved his pond friends from a tricky wolf.
Aug 14
10 min
2.2 Outstanding Oddness of Octopuses
These otherworldly creatures can change color and texture, are extremely intelligent, and have no bones, so they can squeeze into tight spaces. Learn all about them and hear the story of a Superhero Octopus.
Jul 18
8 min
2.1 Camouflaging Chameleons
Welcome to a new season of Animaltastic! Season 2 features animals that are masters of disguise... Starting with chameleons! Find out more about the chameleon's superpowers and meet a mastermind chameleon criminal who outwits the police.
Jul 2
7 min
1.4 Furious Fire Ants
In this last episode of Season 1, we'll be talking about the extremely resourceful and clever fire ants and hearing a story about a little fire ant that got in trouble.
May 1
8 min
1.3 Beautiful Blue Whales
These magnificent creatures are the largest animals ever to have lived in the world and yet are also among the most gentle and graceful. This episode explores their behavior and tells the story of a pair of blue whale brothers who look out for each other.
Apr 17
6 min
1.2 Wonderful Wolves
Wolves are not just big, bad characters! They are intelligent, loyal, and social creatures with a strong sense of family. This episode explores the wonderful world of wolves and tells the tale of a lone wolf named Shadow.
Apr 3
6 min
Special Episode: Terrific Turtles
Elijah's little brother guest-stars in this special episode about a turtle named Turtlini.
Mar 27
3 min
1.1 Amazing Alligators
Introduction to the Animaltastic podcast and all about alligators.
Mar 18
4 min