And Podcast For All
And Podcast For All
Jeff Winslow & Shane Obershaw
Welcome to...And Podcast For All! We're excited you've clicked, and subscribed. It's 2020, and are here to bring you a podcast for ALL of you...the Metallica fan. New fan, diehard, casual fan, seen a hundred concerts fan, it doesn't matter. Hence the name...And Podcast For All wants you the listener to be a part of the show. Interviews done around the world with you is what makes this interactive podcast, a show. Co-Hosted by Jeff Winslow & Shane Obershaw from the United States. Jeff and Shane tour the globe in an internationally known tribute band, ONE...The Only Tribute to Metallica. Jeff and Shane have been friends, bandmates, tour bus bunk bros, and have shared a stage over 500 times in the past 9 years. They continue to debate St. Anger's snare sound, and have an obsession with the good old times as they watch Cliff 'Em All for the 417th time. Inspired by other kick ass Metallica podcasts who cover the band in great detail with reviews, timelines, and news....And Podcast For All wants the ideas and discussion from you the 5th member of the Metallica family. Hit the Lights and Seek and Destroy your favorite episode of And Podcast For All !
Edwin Outwater, S&M2 Conductor & Musical Director
The Maestro that brought us the 20th Anniversary of S&M !  Edwin joins Jeff & Shane for an incredibly detailed conversation of S&M2.  We run through THE entire setlist including behind the scene moments and memories.  We don't need to type...
Aug 23
1 hr 37 min
Special S&M2 Teaser
Conductor and Musical Director of S&M2 !   Do we need to explain more?Mr. Outwater kindly shares his time with Jeff & Shane for an amazing start to finish recap of that magical weekend in San Francisco.  We run through THE entire setlist...
Aug 20
1 min
The Green Day that Never Comes
Miss CamiLarz by the looks of her nickname can easily be identified as a Lars Ulrich fanatic.  Seeing the band 108 times is also a testament.  Another rare fan that got to see them in Antarctica as well as Download Fest and most recently S&M2....
Aug 16
1 hr 19 min
Trapped Under Iced...Earth
Cincinnati Squish ‘Em All native, Mr. Chuck Hoskins has seen 2 Metallica shows but sounds like a fan and collector since the formation of the band.  1986 found him pushing 2 boom boxes together to record his favorite albums and bootlegs !For the 2nd...
Aug 9
1 hr 10 min
Exit Light, Enter...Billy Joel
Universes collide for episode 11.  Glass Houses Podcast founder Mr. Michael Grosvenor joins Jeff & Shane for an incredible chat about the Piano Man & 90’s ‘Tallica.  Along with Poor Touring Me Memories, Pantera, Motley Crue, Sevendust, and...
Aug 2
1 hr 39 min
...And UPDATES For All
Jeff and Shane let the guests rest for just this ONE week.  A run down of their week including playing a live show in central Wisconsin.  Motorbreath and Breadfan are obvious topics of discussion.  The Hate Train makes a brief stop, while the guys...
Jul 26
1 hr 3 min
Searching....Seek & Seattle
Progressive metal to country radio.  Jay Middleton joins us from Seattle, WA for a great chat discussing amazing topics.  Not just Metallica, but...Amazon's zero emissions arena, his band Aurora's Eyes, Life Alert systems for the elderly, and what it...
Jul 19
1 hr 42 min
Costa Rica to Antarctica...Fade to Black & Freeze 'Em All
...And Podcast For All goes international for out first time.  Little did we know we'd be taking the discussion to the South Pole for Metallica's infamous "Freeze 'Em All" show.  Metallica set out to play all seven continents in a calendar year and Mr....
Jul 12
1 hr 29 min
California...To Self Destruct
While the sun sets behind your back....... California to Self Destruct is a group of hardcore world travelers who fly their flag loud and proud.  The state flag of Cali with the bear saying “EET FUK” should be your first clue these guys are serious....
Jul 6
1 hr 24 min
Where in the world is Miss Minnesota Militia 🤘🏼🌍
From starting a MetClub Fan chapter in Minnesota to her studies and travels abroad, Amanda Hefner has put on some serious miles in a short amount of time.  She wanted to hear a rare and obscure song, so off to Germany and Switzerland in the summer of...
Jun 28
1 hr 38 min
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