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I downloaded this podcast for analysis instead I got indoctrination and “look at all the reasons why I am right”! Episodes are often less analysis and more debate, in most cases a one-sided one. Prime example the episode on cancel culture. Unfollowed.
Nicolas Bar
Sadly declining
I just listened to Humans vs the Planet by Lucy Proctor in which she seemed completely unable to cope with information that made her uncomfortable and resorted to name-calling without any real attempt to dismiss arguments intellectually. Rather sad for the BBC, but has long been accused of having an anti-environmental slant.
The clearest the British can speak
and I gain a lot of insight from it.
Glenn Danzig II
Shorter work week
Real effort both to go in-depth and to cast a wide net (for information).
Radical Linguist
Well done
Very interesting presentations of valuable topics in society. I appreciate Mr. Paul Johnson’s journalism in the “The Forgotten Half” alternatives regarding higher education. Here in the USA higher education is a “big business”. Thank you all at “Analysis”, staff work and production work well done.
August Consumer
An Awesome Podcast!!
Such an informative podcast that really explains what is going on.
Lovely show
In depth explorations — thoughtful and balance. Great work!
Brilliant and insightful
ANALYSIS is a wonderful deep look inside the news. A meaningful part of my podcast week.
Leftie BBC propaganda again
Just listened to The War for Normal It's supposed to be about defining the middle ground and how to regain that. I listened as someone who feels alienated by the continual media opposition to anything that it considered conservative. All we get it the more sophisticated dissection of the usual political tropes from the BBC They have the bare-faced cheek to outline all the mechanisms for political manipulation and then aim their criticism at conservatives, when all the time the entire news coverage is doing this to any conservative political position. This depiction is so contrary to my experience that it's veging into Orwellian doublethink. It's so utterly hypocritical it beggars belief. Really, the takeover by the left to the BBC is now so complete that you cannot trust anything they produce. Myself, I have cancelled my BBC licence and stopped listening to anything they produce. If you are remotely conservative, I'd recommend doing the same. Let them preach to their echo chamber and we can just turn up at the election again and keep voting accordingly.
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Trump bashing
If you enjoy bashing our President, you’ll like it.
Timely topics
Documentary-like format with insight from high profile guests. Well done.
women's bias
haapen to be a yank , but will say bloody great 7 others.
Random and amazing
The first episode I heard was on bamboo. Bamboo? Since then I have listened to lectures on bubbles, meat and good and evil etc. These lectures are amazing. Thanks, Radio 4.
and be enlightened
simply put it is excellent! Thanks!
Always Interesting
Not only has Analysis brought me up to speed on topics of great interest to me, it has also brought my attention to those of which I may have not previously heard or which I did but knew little at the time. A truly all-around well done podcast.
John E. Riutta
Common Sense
It makes little difference what we as citizens may 'believe' when the scientific evidence provides empirical data via the isotoepes of atmospheric gases of the planet that attest via unimpeachable evidence. It boils down to an easily umderstood allegory. First ask yourself what an Ostrich sees when it buries its head in the sand. A simple metaphor. Then ask can the human species afford to continue on a path that will clearly result in havoc, pain and catasphe for all mankind due to an unwillingness to put aside the willful ignorance of whatever group when contrasted with the overall survivability of the race in an ecosytem that will become untenable and will do so not gradually but in an exponential tipping point when the forces that govern large systems of scale surpass the capacity of the planetary evironment to provide the balance of conditions which make life possible in that system. It will enter into a realm descibed by 'Catastrophe Theory' when negative input overwhelms Nature's capciyy to self regulate therby exposing all human life to imminent extinction if not super radical degradation. Political, economic and social norms will be rapidly destroyed when It passes that point. I like to use as an example the Haline (cold) current that is the twin if you will of the gulf stream. It exists on the floor of the Atlantic and the same quantum electrodynamic force regulating it does likewise the gulf stream current. The amount of melt produced by the ever increasing Greenland Ice Sheet decay sinks to the floor of the ocean and will when it has sufficiently grown cut the Haline Current therby affecting the gulf stream current. At that point Europe will be drawn into an inexorable freeze due to this massive interference. The consequences will be beyond human imagining. Sadly even if we approched this challenge with the lack of force neccesary to reverse it today we may well have missed our physical window of opportunity and the disater will have become a fait accompli. There is simply no quater that may be given to the aquiescence to pander to the ignorance of those few intransigents. Mankind will act promptly or suffer the unambiguous result inherent in the immutable physical laws governing Nature itself and by definition "ourselves" JGW Lesko; poet/inventor Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at 8:40 p.m. Eastern Time. N. Y. C. , N. Y.
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In depth...
Well researched, incisive reporting on a broad range of topics. This is one of Radio 4’s better offerings on iTunes.