Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick | Law, justice, and the courts
Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick | Law, justice, and the courts
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A show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it for the rest of America.
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Raven is everything
Dems, libs, progressives need to listen to Mr. Raven. He is everything.
Tried listening to the episode about replacing The Supreme Court seat opened with the passing of Justice Ginsburg. Sadly, three presenters were all highly liberal and political. Another example of a show incapable of dispassionate analysis. It’s a shame because we need it for analyzing the law. To give them credit, the topics they presented were interesting and all three presenters were well informed about the law.
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Quiet Words that Remain
What a wonderful, informative episode (including for non-lawyers) who are interested in the law, RBG cases, writings and methods. Could I admire her more? Enjoying hearing from 2 of her Law school female classmates. My condolences to you, and all of us.
A bug fsn
Ask candidate questions that would allow her to perjure herself. Then investigate and when proven prosecute. Kamala Harris set Kavanaugh up, all the Democrats have to do is investigate and prosecute if proven. It’s hard to sit on the Court when playing tennis at a Federal Prison resort. Democrats have to come to the realization that the game has changed, and instead of sitting on the ground after taking an elbow to the teeth, maybe start throwing a few back.
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Whiny libs
Oh no! Big bad scary Bill Barr. What a bunch of whiny libs.
Excellent and understandable for the layperson
Please please please don’t let anyone delineate all the horror that Barr et all are perpetrating without telling us how to fix it. It’s a terrible thing to point out problems without also offering solutions!
The 12%
Amy Coney Berret!!!! The problem with the the progs is they could never convince a majority, so they changed the rules. Now after Reid changed the rules, reap the whirlwind.
Freddie bag of donuts
Scared out of my mind!
Episode on Bill Barr scared me to death! Yikes! How come no one is ever accountable for any of this? Barbara P NC Ps I voted by mail yesterday!
TDS, the podcast
I love the coverage of SCOTUS but President Trump is not the nexus of every issue on planet Earth.
At least acknowledge opposing view exists
We know we’re getting a view from the left in this podcast, but the failure to recognize what the right’s true objections are does a disservice to your listeners. I expect acknowledgment of more than just half the story.
Star Power
All hail RBG! Thank you for doing these two episodes, I wish there were 5 more. Go Dahlia!!
Peter McCall
Excellent podcast!!!
RBG class outstanding!
More Diversity of Opinion Please
I am on the left and agree with most of your positions, but that being said, I find the intellectual homogeneity of the podcast ultimately uninteresting. (In listening to Amicus I’m not looking simply to confirm my opinions, as pleasurable as that may sometimes be.) Let’s have a greater diversity of opinions and richness of analysis instead of being what often appears to be a virtue-signaling agreement-fest.
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Random Man, the other one
Above and Beyond
Amici’s is always excellent, this one goes above and beyond . Thank you Dahlia👏
The Class of RBG
Thank you Dahlia for this this delightful look back on the women who matriculated through law school with, a woman we all love, Ruth Bader Ginsberg! Looking forward to part 2. Linda Marshak CNM, CNS, APN
Annoying Vocal Fry from the host
Great subject matter but the host needs to lay off the vocal fry. It’s super annoying and became particularly noticeable when she was interviewing several older women of stature who spoke clearly and without the vocal fry for added effect. 😡😔
Great resource!
Between Dahlia Lithwick, Preet Bharara, Anne Milgram, and Chuck Rosenberg, I actually think I have a clue about the implications of court cases, legislation, political developments, and how they intersect. I've even managed to impress my lawyer friends!
The Absolute Best Best Podcast Ever
After the conclusion of each episode, I wait with anticipation for Dahlia’s next incredibly insightful, informative, balanced, Podcast. I listen to a lot (and I mean A LOT) of podcasts. This is the best. It’s the only one I pay to subscribe to.
SCOTUS Opinions
Great episode this week, but they all are. What I got from this week is our country & democracy may be saved b/c the administration’s attorneys are inept. I will take it any way I can get it.
This is the place to hear the inside story
When something important happens in fhe courts, there’s no place Ai would be than with Dahlia Lithwick and her thorough coverage. She interviews knowledgeable experts and the people involved with the judicial decisions. people d
Erie listener
Supreme Court
Once again, the timing evaluation shows CJ Roberts to be sexist and biased. His lack of balance will go down innhistort.
A+ reporting and writing!
Dahlia is an amazing reporter with a keen eye for details that other reporters miss. It’s always a good day when Amicus releases a new episode! Her own legal training is evident in both how she talks about the Court and it’s proceedings, and in the way she goes beyond surface-level questions with her guests.
Little Sisters Supreme Court Review
I finally heard an episode of the brilliant podcast. The comments were grounded, insightful and clear. I highly recommend listening and it is part of my regular listen now. Thank you for making our democracy and what is happening to it front and center to keep us the way we should
Sparks Mom
States Right episode didn’t mention slavery once
Enjoyed your discussion with US AG from CO but you had an entire discussion about federalism and didn’t mention its origin was as a compromise to ensure and protect slavery. Federalism can also stand for other propositions - laboratories of democracies, check on authoritarian government, etc - but when the 10th amendment was drafted, it had a particularly ugly, shameful motive. Talk about it. Don’t ignore it.
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I’m absolutely sure this has been the most amazing, immensely informative and enthralling podcast.
Angie Rocks
Great knowledge
I never realized a podcast could give me so much knowledge.
Dahlia, Darling!
Love this show. Love Ms. Lithwick. ✌️
This show use to be a five but is now a two
To start off I would say I am liberal and agree that keeping track of what the President is doing is important. However this show use to be about the Supreme Court and was amazing at covering the cases we as lawyers did not have time to dig into. However that deep analysis of cases hardly ever happens and it was just announced that if you want that you have to pay slate. Slate should consider flipping that and having the stuff about the President and the law be on a separate show and go back to what used to make this show great. This is very disappointing and I hope I can find a show about the Supreme Court to replace this one.
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Justice is blind but host only likes blue
I am very interested in the law but for a non-partisan, the host is terribly off-putting. The value of the occasional impressive guest is submerged by the flood of partisan accusations and demonizing “the other side”. It may be the only show about the workings of the justice system that only allows one side of any legal question to be heard and celebrates arbitrary opinions presented as facts without evidence.
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Kimberly, is that you?
Nothing new
Extremely liberal and misleading.Like all other democrats at the top they use your empathy against you and cherry pick data because their arguments dont make sense when you consider the facts and statistics in full
nazi/soviet propaganda 2.0
Stef Morgan
At root, love and value your content - please continue, so important and critical right now. Am searching for reason not to go slate plus...
stef morgan
Informative and (occasionally) VERY funny
Dahlia Lithwick is a true gem. She and her guests explain things beautifully, and explain why they matter. I will also never see Chief Justice John Roberts again without thinking of bendy straws. Her levity is such a gift!
Lady Knitsalot
Fading interest ...
This was my favorite podcast last year but in the last 3-4 months virtually every podcast is about impeachment. Could we please return to a discussion of the range of legal issues facing the country?
Dahlia’s the best
The Supreme Court exerts a great deal of influence on our lives. DL makes the issues, the legal thinking and political context of the court’s deliberations and rulings clear and understandable.
Dahlia is Great
I like listening to this podcast I find it interesting.
A Conversation About Conversations with RBG
What an excellent bonus episode. This discussion with Jeffrey Rosen was sublime and filled me with warmth and faith in our constitutional system and as always, love for RBG. Thanks for sharing this bonus episode. ~ From a dedicated listener
Beach chik
Dahlia is simply the best
What an inspiring young woman.. every episode is informative & timely
Cheerfully toward doom
The most recent episode with Senator Whitehouse on the loading of the Courts, plus the segment on Emoluments, is little more than a pathetic display of the absurd inadequacy of a political and legal system that the present administration has shown to be ridiculous. Dahlia L. continues to illuminate the ongoing process of the Constitution’s clear demise as if its an entertaining and useless spectacle. Exasperating, based on an apparent assumption that most Americans aren’t idiotic sheep.
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The most recent episode with regard to rules for the Supreme Court as well as framing impeachment within the larger constitutional issue of a presidents mixing personal gain with political power: Both segments were excellent and very clarifying. Can you tell your listeners where they might write to have an effect to have people understand that the public cc is very valid issues and important to rectify.
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vieille dame
Long time Slate reader
Dahlia Lithwick has the rare gift as a lawyer who can communicate to a lay audience concisely and with clarity. The guests on Amicus are top notch. It’s SCOTUS blog as podcast, just not daily. I’ve read her from the git-go. She is Canada’s gift to US jurisprudence.
Ignorant citizenry
I beg to differ with the host’s comment that the law must be limited because people like DJT and his agents can use lying on mass media to deceive many about his unAmerican and criminal behaviors. It’s not the law that’s limited, it’s the citizenry’s ignorance of the law, as well inability to think critically more generally that ensnares us in such inane binds. This widespread failure of our public and private leaders to provide educational resources to those they represent, as well as the failures of individuals themselves to develop their intellects and seek out the truth in all places is the root cause of virtually all the individual and social problems that diminish our quality of life and erode the fabric of our nation. Generally, I find this podcast exceedingly worthwhile and I will be a loyal listener for the foreseeable future.
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steady... in the storm
like it, appreciate it, go to it to learn about the inner workings of our legal system, to hear progressive and reasonable voices about the legal and often (these days) illegal world in which we live. I’m a farmer and a nurseryman. I know something about soil and plants and food and machines. It’s nice to have farmers of policy and of law to fall back on when the rug seems to being pulled out from under our norms. Dahlia is always steady and fair.
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Tone is distracting
Dahlia's tone with the cheeky comments and giggles distract from the actual content. I did expect to see a political slant on this podcast, but it has become too much of a soapbox. I would much prefer to hear a variety of perspectives rather than Dhalia's personal views posed as questions to her interviewers. Bringing some opposing points of view would add depth here.
Slate’s best, most under rated
Very informative, captivating commentary by Dahlia Lithwick on timely legal issues of the Trump era. Her appearances on What Next drew me into this podcast, and each case is accompanied by deeply detailed briefings, with minimal but interesting opinion throughout. It is truly sad what our Supreme Court is becoming before our very own eyes. Thank you personally Dahlia Lithwick for helping me survive the Kavanaugh hearings.
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Absolutely awesome
Love this show so much
Stary Decisive
Such a consistently thoughtful, thorough series
Episode after episode, Dahlia not only finds amazing hosts, but manages to take the conversations she has with them in so many different and intersting directions. Highly and enthusiastically recommend.
Anti Constitution
Terrible show
Coco Chanel Coco 143
The Cult of the Constitution
Dahlia, thank you so much for having Mary Anne Franks as a guest on your Amicus podcast discussing the Cult of the Constitution. I loved it and learned so much. I want more please. I’d especially love to hear a round table with you, Mary Anne Franks, and George Will one day. And maybe Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow too. Maybe a charrette where ideas on how to proceed would be explored to help us lay people understand how to assist in bringing about a more equitable way of life that we all, or at least I, though we were living. -Raphaella
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Oh no you didn't!
I was stunned to hear you ask E. Jean Carroll if Trump wasn't as virile as he presented & therefore had to rape or pay women to have sex with him. What decade are you living in? Men who rape and/or pay prostitutes don't do it for the sex. It's about the power. Why do you think the Patriots' owner went for a $50 happy ending? Because the pleasure comes from exploiting and hurting women. Why am I having to say this to another woman?
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Informative and accessible
fisherville listener
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