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American Fashion Podcast
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Exploring fashion as an art and a business. American Fashion Podcast is the fashion show for fashion people, diving deep into the designing, making, and selling of garments and accessories through long-form interviews with people at all levels and in all corners of the business, with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation, since 2014. Hosted by Charles Beckwith and Cathy Schepis.
Navigating The Supply Chain With Mary Cally
Mary Cally is an industry veteran who has worked on supply chain and manufacturing logistics issues for many large brands. We spoke with her on March 9th, just as the COVID-19 situation was beginning to shut down New York City. Find additional episodes of American Fashion Podcast in our Archives: See for privacy information.
May 23
40 min
American Fashion Podcast - your weekly look under the hood of the fashion business
May 8
3 min
The Alabama Chanin Story
In this, our 250th episode, we welcome one of the true original champions of the slow fashion movement, Natalie Chanin, designer and founder of the Florence, Alabama-based and globally recognized leading ethical fashion brand Alabama Chanin. See for privacy information.
May 3
40 min
Supply Chain On The Brain - Lisa Morales-Hellebo
Our guest in the studio, Lisa Morales-Hellebo, is the Co-founder and GP at REFASHIOND Ventures, the Co-founder of The New York Supply Chain Meetup, and the Co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation. She also happened to start the New York Fashion Tech Lab and was a pioneer in visual search. So, obviously, we're talking to her about astrology. Just kidding. This is a fashiontech and supply chain investment deep dive. Brace yourself. References: Evrnu N.A.bld Savitude New York Fashion Tech Lab See for privacy information.
Apr 22
54 min
Lafayette 148 New York: Fantastically Vertical
Lafayette 148 New York CEO Deirdre Quinn discusses the brand's recent move to the Brooklyn Navy Yard innovation hub, their still thriving print catalog business, their next-generation vertically-integrated factory in China, and the brand's long fiscally conservative journey from a little shop in pre-chic Soho. See for privacy information.
Apr 11
44 min
The Women Who Run Badgley Mischka
Behind Mark and James are three dynamic partners who helped them buy the brand back from Iconix Group, and lead the iconic brand behind the scenes. Our guest are President Christine Currence, Executive Vice President of Sales Lara Piropato, and Executive Vice-President of Production Kimberly Lee-Sui, and they discuss their path to reclaiming the Badgley Mischka brand and their new journey forward through a mix of legacy and mass licensing. See for privacy information.
Apr 4
45 min
Pier 59 Studios Founder Federico Pignatelli
Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa is the Owner and President of Art and Fashion Group, the parent company of Pier 59 Studios. He involves himself in fashion, photography, art, cinema, virtual reality, and numerous other interests and enterprises. As the owner of Industry Model Management, he has been responsible for the creation and promotion of the Model's Bill of Rights, which is discussed in more detail in our previous interview with its Co-Founder, model Simone Aptekman. He is also quite vocal about the Studio Safety Report, which revealed most photo studios in New York City to be operating outside the law and without proper insurance. Find many more episodes in our Archives --> See for privacy information.
Mar 26
1 hr 7 min
The Models' Bill of Rights
Models' Bill of Rights Co-Founder Simone Aptekman talks about the movement for transparency and accountability in the world of models, agencies, and their contracts. - - -  For access to hundreds of additional episodes going back to 2014, visit and subscribe to our Archives. See for privacy information.
Mar 23
26 min
Workforce Development For The American Fashion Industry
The future of the industry is being decided in a metaphorical crucible where labor and automation are currently burning. To understand what's coming in this wild and unpredictable reaction, we invited a panel of experts in the field of Workforce Development to discuss their initiatives and the general state of labor and automation in the American fashion business. Lee Wellington is Executive Director of The Urban Manufacturing Alliance Sarah Krasley is Founder and CEO at Shimmy Technologies, Inc Lisa Futterman is the Regional Director in New York City for The Workforce Development Institute Libby Mattern is the Founder of Course of Trade CFDA resources: Sewist, noun, a craftsperson who cannot be replaced by automation. - - -  To access our older episodes, go to and click on "Archives" in the main menu to subscribe to the archives and support the show. See for privacy information.
Mar 16
59 min
Simple, Reusable, Chic - Scout Bags Elevate The Tote Task
Deb Waterman Johns is Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder at Scout. A former Vogue editor with a fine arts background, she turned a Chinatown discount store find into an upgraded staple. - Find more episodes of America Fashion Podcast by clicking "Archives" in the main menu at  See for privacy information.
Mar 15
18 min
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