America We Need to Talk podcast
America We Need to Talk podcast
Joel Berg
“America, We Need to Talk” – hosted by Joel Berg with rotating guest co-hosts – is a lively, take-no-prisoners show on WBAI FM radio that not only diagnoses the ills of both New York City and the nation, but prescribes concrete cures. Combining humor and bombast with fact-based analysis of politics and policy, the program features candid conversations with newsmakers and activists, pointed commentary, and listener call-in segments. Show also includes reviews of recent music and movies.
City Watch, WBAI Radio, February 17, 2018
Trump and G.O.P. on verge of creating major food crises in Puerto Rico The latest on public housing, homelessness, and poverty in New York City Guests: NYC City Council Member Stephen Levin, Chair, General Welfare Committee; José Calderón President of the Hispanic Federation
Feb 18, 2019
59 min
America, We Need to Talk, Espisode #19, January 4, 2019
Topics: Why progressives should fight hard for their values but also accept compromises that concretely improve the lives of the people for whom they claim to be fighting. Why progressives must reject the facile, false, and self-defeating notion that there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, Music: “Capitol Air” by Allen Ginsburg & the Clash, “The Drum Also Waltzes” by Max Roach, “Big Eyed Rabbit,” by Samantha Bumgarner & Eva Davis, “Try a Little Tenderness” by Ot
Jan 4, 2019
1 hr 54 min
America, We Need to Talk, Episode #18, December 28, 2018
Topics: Wrap up of 2018: Top stories in the news; Top under-reported stories; Our favorite movies, books, music of 2018; our hopes for 2019 Music: “Milono Kola” by Sau Family Orchestra off the (Banat Romanian Gypsy/Roma Music) “Happy Go Lucky – Night Train” by Oscar Peterson “Campo” by Los Pleneros de 21” (Puerto Rican bomba music) “Know Your Rights” by the Clash
Dec 28, 2018
1 hr 49 min
America, We Need to Talk, Episode #17, December 21, 2018
Topics: Mattis resignation, stock market collapse, government shut-down, shafting hungry Americans (again), and the U.N.’s Anti-Poverty work Guest: Dr. Mila Rosenthal, Director of Communications for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Music: “My Baby’s Gone” by Robert Belfour “B Funk” by Lester Bowie “Mario Tambien Come” by Sergio Mendoza “Al Capone” by Prince Buster
Dec 21, 2018
1 hr 50 min
Joel Berg and Jennifer Jones Austin Interview with NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer
NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Discusses His Bold Plan for Affordable Housing
Dec 14, 2018
19 min
America, We Need to Talk, Episode #16, December 14, 2018,
Topics: Affordable housing in NYC, Michael Cohen Guilty Plea, Cultural Appropriation and Inferior White Covers of Classic African-American Song Guest: New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer Music: “That’s All Right ” by Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup “Shake, Rattle, & Roll” by Big Joe Turner “Hound Dog” by Big Mama Thornton “Eyesight to the Blind ” by Sonny Boy Williamson
Dec 14, 2018
1 hr 50 min
Episode #15, America, We Need to Talk, December 7, 2018
Topic: The Contradictory Legacy of George Herbert Walker Bush: an In-Depth Nuanced, Discussion. Plus Hear Joel Get Berated by Callers Who Believe the Whacky Conspiracy Theory that Bush Killed JFK Music: “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” by Lester Bowie’ Brass Fantasy “Political Song for Michael Jackson” by the Minutemen “Motel Blues” by Loudon Wainwright III “We the Common” by Thao & The Get Down and Stay Down
Dec 7, 2018
1 hr 55 min
America, We Need to Talk, Episode #14, November 30, 2018
Topic: How can we ensure that the U.S. Department of Justice stands for the equal rule of law for everyone? Guest: Bert Brandenburg, a former top U.S. Justice Department Official Music: “Spitu pront number 1” by Franc Baldachio and and Karenu Bonnici from Malta “White Man’s World” by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit” “Tu Cuerpo en la Arena” by Rikarena “O Ponos tu Prezakia” (The Anguish of an Addict) by Anestis Delias from Greece
Nov 30, 2018
1 hr 49 min
Episode #13, America, We Need to Talk, November 23, 2018,
Topic: Discussion of the history of hunger in America, and why NYC and America still have so much of it today Guest: NYC Social Services Commissioner Steven Banks Music:– “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra, “Sugar is So Bitter” by Elvis Costello; and “Boul Di Tagale” by Cheikh Lo Web site:
Nov 23, 2018
1 hr 55 min
Episode #12, America, We Need to Talk, November 9, 2018
Topics: Mid-term election results and the future of the Democratic Party. Plus, if you are given the name “Goddess of Melody and Song" at birth, must you become a singer? Guests: Tibetan-American singer Yungchen Lhamo and Political Science Professor Dr. Christine Greer Music: “Isouwa” by lhousseini Anivolla, “Happiness Is” by Yungchen Lhamo, “The Witches” by the Sonics
Nov 9, 2018
1 hr 50 min
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