Hey There, It's Me...Your Therapist
Hey There, It's Me...Your Therapist
Amanda Murphy
This is not your average therapy session! That’s because it isn’t a therapy session at all! Look at this more like a great conservation over coffee, wine or a bubbly seltzer water while we talk about all things human. Being one, what’s hard about being one, how to navigate feelings, relationships, grief, insecurities and body image issues, ditching diet culture and so much more. This is not your average self-help podcast, heck some days it might not even be a self-help podcast at all. Just a real, raw and honest conversation between you and me, your therapist.
Ep.101: Why you are struggling to make new habits.
So creating habits can be hard but I believe that is all because of how we go about setting them up and getting them to stick. Let's chat about that. Are we connected?instagram.com/yourorganictherapist theamandamurphy.com
Mar 13
23 min
Ep.100: Why always doing what makes you happy actually makes you miserable.
I am sure you have heard the saying "do what makes you happy" more times than you can count. While it as well as the individual saying it has good intentions this can do you more harm than good. Let's dive into why. are we conntected?instagram.com/yourorganictherapisttheamandamurphy.com
Mar 7
24 min
Ep.99: The "harmless" things that are harming your relationship with your body.
As an intuitive eating counselor, as a therapist, as a chronic, crash dieter turned diet culture drop out, as a human just like you I am willing to bet that there are a few things still floating around the internet, getting buzz, that seem harmless enough as tips to help you in your health journey. BUUUUUTTTT, I am a firm believer that these things are NOT in fact helping you in any way and actually hindering your healthy, balanced relationship with your body. What are those things? Let's dive in. Are we connected?instagram.com/theamandamurphy
Feb 27
26 min
Ep.98: The Niche is dead and IDC if you like me!
Okay, buckle up, and let's talk this out. Let's chat about a very basic human behavior and why it's a good thing but it's a bad thing as well. ARE WE CONNECTED?instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Feb 21
28 min
Ep.97: Where did Valentines day even come from?
Let's take a step away from the typical valentines day talk and talk about something I feel is just as important and can also be relevant to Valentine's day. Are we connected?instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Feb 13
37 min
Next Chapter
Hey! So there has been a plot twist! Let's chat about it!Are we connected?instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Feb 13
7 min
Emily's Story - Speaking to Shame
Listen in on Emily and I discuss shame, body positivity, learning to love ourselves and so much more as she shares her story with us. Emily is using her own personal journey to help reach other women and bring us all a little closer together!You can find Emily on Instagram here:instagram.com/helloemilystearman
Jan 2
1 hr 4 min
Ep.96: If you are not feeling like yourself, that's the point!
I know you all know what I am talking about when you are feeling in a "funk" and "not like yourself"...all you want to do is do whatever it takes to get back to feeling like yourself. You are feeling funky, things just don't feel right and I mean NOTHING feels right. But what if I told you that you were doing yourself a disservice when you do everything in your power to get back to feeling like yourself.ARE WE CONNECTED?instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Dec 14, 2021
20 min
Ep.95: You are NOT a work in progress my friend.
Listen, I know this saying is catchy, we often want to justify why we are not where we want to be just yet, why we haven't figured it all out, etc. But in doing so we discredit ourselves. Let's talk about why you are NOT a work in progress my love!ARE WE CONNECTED?theamandamurphy.cominstagram.com/theamandamurphy
Dec 9, 2021
10 min
Ep.94: Did you hear what that rude b!$tch said?
Look, we all know that rude a$$ that is always saying mean AF things to us? So what do we do about it!? What should you know about it? Are you exempt from her? Hmm, let's chat. ARE WE CONNECTED?instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Nov 29, 2021
22 min
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