Taking Up Space | Self-acceptance | Body Acceptance | Trauma Healing | Recovery | Anti-diet | Intuitive-Eating | Self-Love | Mental Health
Taking Up Space | Self-acceptance | Body Acceptance | Trauma Healing | Recovery | Anti-diet | Intuitive-Eating | Self-Love | Mental Health
Amanda Murphy
Taking up space: the podcast is a space where not only do we share our stories, but we claim them while holding space for others to do the same. We embrace ourselves fully, our bodies, our quarks, everything. Hiding is simply not something that we do here. No more playing it safe, no more keeping it small and no more letting society or diet culture call the shots. We get to make our own rules, we define our beauty, our success, we get to decide the path for our own lives. We are ready to have the tough conversation, to heal our trauma and come together in a new way. We all have a space on this earth meant for us, a story, a passion, a purpose. We are here to be heard, to be fully seen and to take up space in this world. You are meant to take up space love.
Ep.90: The Reasons Life Will Continue to Leave You Feeling Miserable.
We all wake up and have things that make us feel anything but joy or excitement. We are also quick to blame those things on the wrong thing, we are grasping at straws trying to change it, just not getting any closer to what we want. I think I know why. let's dive on in. ARE WE CONNECTED?instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Oct 13, 2021
25 min
Ep.90: Authenticity is the New Vulnerability!
Are we showing up authentically, in a way that feels good to you? Or are you showing up in a way that you feel you SHOULD show up? There is a big difference between the two and it has a huge effect on how you feel!Let's dive in!Are you connected?theamandamurphy.cominstagram.com/theamandamurphy
Oct 7, 2021
19 min
Ep.89: The Joy of Missing Out!
We live in a world where we are made to feel like we are missing out and we fear what we are missing out on. The truth is all this fear of missing out, this fear of getting is wrong, it isn't doing us any good. It's actually doing the opposite. Here is why. Let's dive in.ARE WE CONNECTED?theamandamurphy.cominstagram.com/theamandamurphy
Sep 26, 2021
17 min
Ep.88: Stop Waiting For Permission
A spirit message has dropped a bomb on me recently and I HAVE to share it with you loves! Something that surfaced and just came and hit me like BAM! You have to hear this!Let's dive on in!Are we connected?Instagram.com/theamandamurphytheamandamurphy.com
Sep 20, 2021
25 min
Ep.87: The Roaring 20's & all the lessons it taught me!
So your girl did it! She FINALLY turned 30! The DIRTY THIRTY! It was amazing and everything I wanted and hoped it could be. But there have surely been some amazing things I have learned in my twenties! I want to share with you the highlights of those things! Of course, if I shared them all like I wanted to we would be here forEVER!Are we connected?intagram.com/theamandamurphyinstagram.com/olivineandhoneywww.theamandamurphy.com
Sep 8, 2021
53 min
Ep.86: Your Favorite TV Shows & Your Comfort Zone!
So what do your favorite TV show, your favorite spot to eat, your favorite hoodie, and your comfort zone all have in common? Well, let's chat about it. Also, let's talk about why this commonality will help you better understand yourself and bust through those goals!Are we connected?instagram.com/theamandamurphyinstagram.com/olivineandhoneytheamandamurphy.com
Aug 17, 2021
17 min
Ep.85: It's not what it looks like!
Things are not always what it seems to be. The things we thought we wanted sometimes turn out to be the last thing we wanted. But sometimes the things that make us the happiest look nothing like we thought they would. Sometimes that is a good thing, we are happy about it. But other times we are often disappointed in that reality. There is so much more on this topic. Let's dive in!Are we connected?Instagram.com/theamandamurphywww.theamandamurphy.com
Aug 9, 2021
33 min
Ep.84: I am gonna need you to ditch this mindset!
In this episode, we are diving into a mindset that I believe is one of the biggest false believes holding us back from living life the way we have always desired, from diving deep into our soul's purpose and living life in alignment for ourselves. It is what keeps our dreams and goals at arms reach at all times. Let's dive in.Are we connected?theamandamurphy.cominstagram.com/theamandamurphy
Aug 2, 2021
23 min
Ep.83: Facilitating Feelings, a new intro, a new chapter & the official 100th episode.
Hey loves! This episode is extra special as it is technically the 100th episode. Not only that but I am getting really passionate about something that has been super impactful in my life and something intuitive eating has taught me. I wouldn't be able to rest easy or sleep well at night knowing that I haven't shared this with you. There has also been a bit of a change-up!See if you can spot it!Are we connected?instagram.com/theamandamurphyVisit the home base:www.theamandamurphy.com 
Jul 28, 2021
30 min
Ep.82: What drives me nuts about intuitive eating!
Intuitive Eating is not always a field of dasies! It can be so difficult and downright frustrating at times.  I want to dive into exactly why that is. So let's dive in!Are we connected?instagram.com/theamandamurphyStay up to date on all the new episodes!instagram.com/takingupspace.thepodcast
Jul 22, 2021
22 min
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