Ethics Talk
Ethics Talk
AMA Journal of Ethics
High-stakes ethics decisions are common in health care. What should you do? Each month, the AMA Journal of Ethics’ podcast, Ethics Talk, features interviews with influential experts and leaders on a wide range of cultural, historical, legal, and social topics in health care ethics. We sort through interesting, important, and difficult questions, talk about how to weigh competing values, and offer strategies for navigating real world tough cases.
Ethics Talk: Hacking Structural Racism in Health Care
This is the audio version of and Ethics Talk video interview conducted by the AMA Journal of Ethics' editor in chief, Dr Audiey Kao, with organizers of MIT Hacking Racism in Healthcare about design thinking as a way to find solutions to combat structural racism and advance health equity.
Nov 10
19 min
Ethics Talk: Managing Health Care AI “Megarisks”
Dr John Banja joins Ethics Talk to discuss promises and perils of artificial intelligence applications in health care, including “megarisks” that will need to be managed.
Oct 31
27 min
Ethics Talk: Publishing Science and Accelerating Discovery During and After COVID-19
In this video edition of Ethics Talk, journal editor in chief, Dr Audiey Kao, talks with Drs Stefano Bertozzi and Jeffrey Mackie-Mason about sustainable models of scientific publishing that advance biomedical knowledge and discovery.
Oct 1
27 min
Ethics Talk: Representation, Sovereignty, and Caring for Native American Patients
On this episode of Ethics Talk, Dr Mary Owen, president-elect of the Association of American Indian Physicians, highlights the importance of representation of Native Americans in health professions and Em Loerzel joins us to discuss violence against Native women and femme-identifying people. 
Sep 30
57 min
Ethics Talk: Nudges, Pushes, and the Ethical Challenge of Behavioral Architecture
Dr Mitesh Patel joins us on this episode of Ethics Talk to discuss nudges, how they can be used effectively in health care and how to identify and avoid the potential ethical pitfalls of guiding behavior.
Aug 31
23 min
Ethics Talk: The Ongoing Opioid Epidemic
Dr Travis Reider discusses his own experiences with opioids and the ethical challenges of “legacy patients,” and Dr Stephanie Zaza, president of the American College of Preventive Medicine, discusses the future of opioid research priorities.
Jul 31
39 min
Ethics Talk: Improvising Health Care
Kelly Leonard, executive director of insights and applied improvisation at The Second City Works, relates how improvisation can help clinicians build relationships with patients and improve their outcomes.
Jun 30
31 min
Ethics Talk: Museum Learning to Mitigate Loneliness Among Elders
Lucas Livingston joins us for a special edition of Ethics Talk to discuss the loneliness epidemic exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and how museum accessibility promotes healthy aging and lifelong learning for us all.
Jun 30
32 min
Ethics Talk: Othering and Belonging in COVID-19
Dr john powell joins us for this special edition of Ethics Talk to discuss how a lens of “othering and belonging” can help us navigate our obligations to and relationships with each other, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.
Jun 2
26 min
Ethics Talk: Portraiture in Clinical Contexts
Dr James Van Arsdall shares his experience of sitting for a portrait after his treatment for oral cancer and Dr Mark Gilbert describes how he came to do portraiture in clinical settings.
May 31
1 hr 6 min
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