Always Already Podcast, a critical theory podcast
Always Already Podcast, a critical theory podcast
Always Already Podcast
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gotta change the cover pic
long time listener first time etc! change the ugly podcast cover pic, cuz it’s a great podcast and deserves better!
Best podcast
This is the podcast that opened my world to the potential of podcasts. Never really liked them and then heard this one and bam. Always (already) delivers. One must listen to entire back catalog as every episode is great. Thank you Always Already!
abolition now!
Love the show
Hi I really enjoy your show! I listened to most of the episodes and sometimes find the structure of the show a little disorganized. I am deeply interested in critical theory but sometimes the hosts use too many jargons, which do too much work for them. The sentences are not well formed at times. This show of struggle to grapple with difficult concepts is interesting, but maybe not good for delivery to the audience. I want to support this show through any means I could. Are there ways to help out?
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Pavel Smerdyakov
Black and less sad cause i got y’all thinking w me. means plenty
oluosa âś°
Amazing podcast!!!
Great topics and texts!!! This is helping me get through grad school- please don’t stop!
Thacker episode
I just wanted to say I grabbed the Eugene Thacker episode after not listening for at least a year (maybe 2) because as interested as I was in the subject matter, I couldn’t finish a whole episode because it came across so dry and pretentious, but it seems to have finally gotten super listenable somehow at some point. Congrats on becoming-podcast in our world ruled by virtual simulacra etc etc !
Thank you!! So good!!
Capitalism is a loser ideology
Monthly academic dialogue about selected marxist texts. They get their fun in, too. Approachable, even for undergrad degree schlubs like me.
thom bjork
Vulgar Materialist
I LOVE this podcast. The world is post-truthful, #alternativefact’ed, #FakeNews’ed and finally post-modern. The problem is predicated on the phenomenology of sound and economic expulsions. Upon "appropriating a memory as it flashes up in a moment of danger" one can then decenter the economy and interpellate false conscious secretions of Afro-pessimistic hyper-real phantasms. Life is now neoliberal and death is always-already overdetermined. Walter Benjamin told us that history wasn’t teleological and Trump, neo-fascism and contemporary urgencies explicit such. Secularism fails at performativity and necropolitics because it is vulnerable to the currency imbued in the protestant ethic. To be able to decrypt anything you just read, you NEED to listen to the podcast! Especially with the rise of neo-fascist, noxious virile articulations of machismo refracting through the prism of ostensible class angst, but really just the corrosion of universal subject-hood.
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Great stuff
A valuable resource for scholars and students to familiarize themselves with difficult texts
The ghost of Hegel
fun, thoughtful, informative
I enjoy the way they balance critical discussions of theory with friendly banter! Definitely worth a listen, even if you haven’t read the specific reading they are talking about it.
kierkegaard’s ghost
Good for seasoned and budding philosophers alike
Fun, smart, well worth the listen--thanks guys
Old Hegelian