Almost 30
Almost 30
Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 326 - 6 Tips for Building Confidence
49 minutes Posted May 21, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes


Confidence is so key. Yes, we’ve all heard it before, but some things are cliché for a reason. K + L each offer three tried-and-true tips for being more confident, all born from their personal experiences. But remember — confidence is always going to be something personal to you. It doesn’t have to look the same as someone else, and it doesn’t even have to look like sunshine and rainbows. Confidence is something you work on getting closer to, and you never quite get there fully, but it’s so worth working towards all the same.


We also talk about:

  • Working towards confidence
  • Facing hard things
  • Finding quiet to hear our own voices
  • Channeled writing
  • Appreciating your body
  • Engaging in self-care
  • Looking back on your progress


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