Almost 30
Almost 30
Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 286 - Self Healing with Dr. Nicole LePera
1 hour 45 minutes Posted Jan 2, 2020 at 3:00 am.
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K + L are kicking off the new year with some honest conversation and inward reflection! They explore what it means to embody gratitude and live in joy, while also moving through the difficult times in life. They share how they’ve been feeling about their workflow, and how their previous corporate jobs have benefited them today. You’ll also learn who makes up the amazing team of Almost 30!



Today we are joined by holistic psychologist, Dr. Nicole LePera! We love following her inspiring posts on Instagram that give insight and tools into mental wellness and healing. Dr. LePera begins by sharing how she struggled with high anxiety for most of her life, which led her into self-researching ways to heal. She emphasizes the importance of consistency with diet, sleep, and movement for helping to lower anxiety and regulate a dis-regulated nervous system. We ask about anxiety around sleep, and Dr. LePera explains how retraining our focus to be outside of our mind through breath work can help with sleep issues. She unpacks how we create stories about ourselves based on others’ behavior, and how to depersonalize those experiences. We also dive into authenticity in relationships, the power of our subconscious mind, and the connection between anxiety and being out of alignment.


We also talk about:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle affecting anxiety
  • Gut health and emotional wellness
  • Changing the definition of trauma
  • Big ’T’ vs. little ’t’ trauma
  • Bringing awareness to our emotions
  • Familiarity and our subconscious
  • Boundary vs. ultimatum
  • Highest self work


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