Almost 30
Almost 30
Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 275 - ‘Inspiring Lives’ Podcast with K +L: Letting Purpose Guide You
1 hour 30 minutes Posted Nov 26, 2019 at 3:00 am.
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Get ready for story time with K + L! Krista and her fiancé, Justin, recently attended a comedy show. Krista shares a funny experience she and everyone in line had before they even entered the building. Then, Lindsey recounts her experience attending Sunday Service with Kanye West at the Forum. She loves exploring the concept of God, and shares how she went through every emotion—from crying to laughing—during this soul shaking experience.



Today K + L are sharing their interview from the Inspiring Lives podcast, hosted by Gary Bertwistle and created by Athletic Greens! The conversation focuses on how Almost 30 has grown over these three years, and how K + L have personally developed alongside it. As always, K + L don’t hold back when it comes to being vulnerable and honest about certain experiences. Each share what ‘trying too hard’ looks like for them, and Lindsey openly recounts how past experiences have sharpened her moral compass. Krista breaks down the weaknesses she sees in her past interview style, and Lindsey defines purpose and how she has found hers in Almost 30. They also talk about focusing on ‘being’ and slowing down the ‘doing,’ and how they each approach imposter syndrome.


They also talk about:

  • Why K + L started Almost 30
  • How K+L identify with Almost 30
  • Oversharing on podcasts
  • What K+L is currently working on
  • Knowing you always know the answer for yourself


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  • Special shoutout from Lindsey to Thad Cockrell for bringing her to the Sunday Service experience with Kanye West! Checkout Thad’s music here.




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