Almost 30
Almost 30
Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
Ep. 266 - Cathy Heller on The Power of Enthusiasm, Alone Time + Radical Empathy
2 hour 6 minutes Posted Oct 24, 2019 at 3:00 am.
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Today K & L are sharing thoughts, reflecting on events, and reviewing tips for optimal sleep! The girls begin with a conversation around the “campsite policy”, one Lindsey found in Some Thoughts About Relationships.  The policy is one Dan Savage coined.  Who wants Dan back on the show to discuss!? His belief is that in relationships, you should not leave someone worse off than when you first met them.  FOOD FOR THOUGHT! The ladies then discuss their event with HUM Nutrition and share sleep tips from The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus. And lastly, K & L fondly reflect on their last show in NYC with Stewart Pearce at The Assemblage.




Today we had the pleasure of interviewing the host of the popular podcast,  Don’t Keep Your Day Job and coach for creative entrepreneurs, Cathy Heller! Her upcoming book, Don’t Keep Your Day Job, is all about living life on your terms and pursuing the things that may be scary, but are calling out to you.


Our conversation explores emotions, motivation, creativity, entrepreneurship and turning inward. Cathy speaks on how the resistance of feeling is actually what causes the greatest amount of pain. She explains how state of mind trumps everything—from sleep to food—when it comes to motivation and productivity, and shares her knowledge on how to find momentum and enthusiasm. When it comes to pursuing your passion, Cathy gives tips for where to start, like determining your target audience. We talk about the importance of spending time alone and allowing yourself to be creative. Lastly, we ask Cathy what she’s proud of and what she’s working on, and she opens up about her experience with anxiety and relationship OCD.


We also talk about:

  • How humans fear and hide from their feelings
  • The isolating feeling of being an entrepreneur
  • Cultivating a community & making people feel seen
  • Responding to the feedback of your community
  • Not being afraid to share your story
  • The four things people crave that equal a sense of purpose
  • What do we ultimately seek in life?
  • What realistic quitting and transition looks like
  • Knowing what creative ideas to pursue


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