All the Pouches: An Image Comics Podcast
All the Pouches: An Image Comics Podcast
All the Pouches: An Image Comics Podcast
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Awesome show
Image is what really got me into comics, for better or worse, and this is an excellent trip into those bygone comics. Just listening brings back so many memories. Thank you!
Charles Martel III
Catching up and can’t wait to get to the Backlash coverage!
Revisiting the excitement of comics!
Fantastic show! Excellently executed! He goes through all of the early image comics chronologically as they came out! Very cool revisiting the exciting comics that I enjoyed, and the many that I’ve missed. The host has a compelling and energetic voice and a bonus are The Maxx issues he reviews with his daughter. It’s cool to see how a younger persons thoughts about comics back then. A very fun listen! Thank you for your good podcast, sir! I get anxiety thinking of all the time and effort it must take to track down all of these comics and go through them all!!! Bravo good sir!!!
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Making a 90s Kid of Us All
I was born in 1999, so although technically you could call me a “90s kid” since I was alive during the decade, I didn’t actually experience any of the pop culture that characterised the decade. Jon, however, is doing a great job of transforming me into a true 90s kid and getting me to love the Image Comics of the 90s. All the Pouches is fun, the synopses are engaging and informative, and the podcast has made me want to stop what I’m doing and pick up a comic more than once.
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Instant favorite
Being born in 88 i have been looking for a podcast just like this and alas!, i found it. Instantly top of my queue. And after binging the first 10 i can easily say i love this podcast. If you love the 90’s the way i do than this pod is for u!!!!
Headshot walk
This is a great show!
Great content! The host not only breaks down what’s going on in the issues but provides thoughtful insight and content background. He does his research which makes the podcast enjoyable. Plus I get to relive my 90s Image nostalgia and hear about some of the books I never picked up. Highly recommend this podcast!!!
Spoonin' Spoon
Great show.
This is a show for everyone. Excellent host, terrific books and slick production.
Ripclaw poetry FTW
I owned quite a few of the first wave of Image comics as a pre-teen and I remember them well. There’s something about hearing the host of this podcast describe them in his straightforward way- the situations, how the characters are dressed, what they have to say for themselves- that is just unbelievably funny. For me as a comics nut, this all has about the entertainment value of a Netflix standup special or something. It’s been a week and I still can’t think about Ripclaw’s poetry recital without busting out laughing. Anyway, this podcast definitely brightens my day and I eagerly await more episodes (excited for Wetworks!)
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Gigi Priestfist
Fun trip back in time!
I was a superhero-comics loving teen when Image Comics burst onto the scene in the early ‘90s. They were pretty much the coolest thing that had ever existed up to that point in human history (along with Marvel’s 2099 universe which was coming out around the same time). After all these years, this podcast takes a fresh look at Image’s output chronologically (which is extra fun seeing which books/creators could stick to a monthly deadline). I’m looking forward to each batch of new episodes.
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Jon scores again!
Jon Wilson (MAKE OURS MARVELS, formally of GOLDEN AGE SUPERMAN, AVENGERS INSPIRATIONS and others) once again has hit on a comics reading journey and this time focusing the 90s-tastic books of Image Comics! Having listened to Jon since GOLDEN AGE SUPERMAN, it should be no surprise that I greatly enjoy hearing Jon and his unique take on comics and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new series and he doesn't disappoint. Three episodes are currently available with Jon starting coverage of fan favorites (and still running) SPAWN and SAVAGE DRAGON and everybody's favorite, YOUNGBLOOD. I'm unfamiliar with DRAGON and YOUNGBLOOD (outside of reputation) but Jon has offered wonderful insight in these few issues and really gets into what makes their appeal so that I now want to start reading them myself! Like all of Jon's podcasts, I highly recommend listening for any comic fan.
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Robert T. Ward