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All Killer No Filler
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All Killer No Filler brings non-stop riffs and heavy hitting hooks to your Saturday night. Pulling tracks from heavy rock, progressive, and all kinds of metal. Every song is a guaranteed banger.
All Killer No Filler - Episode March 16, 2019
Its a night of heavy psych, thrash metal, post black metal and even more fun cranked to 11!Playlist: Hypnopilot - AugustElectric Citizen - New EarthMondo Drag - ZephyrMars Red Sky - Friendly FireHerb and the Humans - Not Your SongGypsyhawk - Rock and Roll Hoochie kooBuzzard - CarrionIndian Handcrafts - Bruce LeeThe Lunatic Touch - Dead in the WaterThe Great Sabatini - Still Life with MaggotsWhores - I am not a goal oriented personLate! - Just another story about Skeeter ThompsonChon - Sleepy TeaDelta Sleep - StrongthanyTotorro - Tomate PolissonWeary Eyes - Dragonslayer EliteDevin Townsend - EvermoreGordian Knot - MutterpracheWolf Hoffman - Night on Bald MountainHyperia - Mad TranceTessitura - Bison HatBlackest Sin - Sticky FingersHazzerd - Under the InfluenceNumenorean - ComaSo Hideous - To Clasp a Fallen Wish with Broken FingersAlbanach Ar Dheis - Ridge of Braxton HillSunn O))) - It Took the Night to Believe
Mar 20, 2019
All Killer No Filler - Episode March 9, 2019
Its international women's day... yesterday. So lets rock out to bands with killer women playing killer music!Playlist: Babe Ruth - The Mexican Millenium (part 1)Panic Room - ScreensFluxious - Games'n'trialsThe Mummers Dance - MaterDeaSolborn - Beast of OblivionLEAH - The QuestHell Hounds - Paint the WorldDer Hund Von Baskerville - Cindy & BertCauchemar - NecromancieSabbath Assembly - Solve Et CoagulaAll Hands on jane - Whiskey in the WinterDevil Electric - HypnoticaBlack Mountain - Florian Saucer AttackAcid King - 2 Wheel NationMammoth Weed Wizard Bastard - The Spaceships of EzekielWindhand - Grey GardenSYRYN - Paradise for DemiseUnleash the Archers - The MatriarchThe Order of Chaos - Night Terroreluveitie - Inis MonaDevil Master - Black Flame CandleChieftain - Psithicuria
Mar 10, 2019
All Killer No Filler - Episode March 2, 2019
Another two hours of evil powers with Andrew! Tune in for new Devin Townsend as well as Opeth, Gojira, A Day as Wolves, Orbital Express, and more!Another two hours of power with Andrew! Tune in for new Devin Townsend as well as Opeth, Gojira, A Day as Wolves, Orbital Express, and morePlaylist: Huevos Rancheros - Rocket to NowhereThe Parkades - Attack MeTeam - I'm a TruckKing Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Robot StopThe Carbons - Not-So-Secret AdmirerJohn Garcia - Apache JunctionSatan's Satyrs - Pulp StarUncle Acid and the Deadbeats - I See Through youAdmiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell - Tired'N'WiredA Day as Wolves - Killing TimeOrbital Express - March to MarsIsis - So Did WePelican - Embedding the MossDevin Townsend - GenesisCloudkicker - Modulator/DemodulatorCynic - Ture Hallucination SpeakOminous Eclipse - Lost at SeaOpeth - Beneath the MireGojira - The Shooting StarKing Giant - A Stewards PrayerBeastwars - RealmsMurk - Abrogate lifeSlomatics - Lost PunisherCeltic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
Mar 3, 2019
All Killer No Filler - Episode February 23, 2019
Andrew blows off some steam after a long day at work. Crank it up!Playlist: Thin Lizzy - Thunder & LightningBlue Oyster Cult - Take Me AwayRiggs - Radar RiderAsteroid - The Great UnknownFu Manchu - Clone of the UniverseRainbow Patrol - Psychic PowersBlack Devils Brigade - Burgundy BoundAll Them Witches - Heavy/Like a WitchDead Cross - Bela Lugosi's DeadMutoid Man - BridgeburnerThe Electric Revival - Jeane AnneTungda Browne - Beauty QueensSingle Mothers - MarathonThe Ocean - Ordovicium: The Glaciation of GondwanaScale the Summit - Atlas NovusGiant Squid - Throwing a Donner party at Sea (Physeter Catodon)Behold... The Arctopus - CanadaMaudlin of the Well - Gleam in RanksRhapsody of Fire - Reign of Terror3 Inches of Blood - Deadly SinnersThe Dreadnoughts - The Skrigjaargen PolkaTrollfest - Fanden FlyrTriton - Kick Back and RelapseRising - Death of a GiantOrchid's Curse - Black Mirror
Feb 24, 2019