All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg
Jason Calacanis
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Debate and analysis
I enjoy the debate and analysis that takes place on this long-form podcast. Politics, the economy, science and venture funding are typically discussed on every show. Great to get different perspectives on these diverse topics.
Love this podcast
Way too long though . I am retired and I do not have time for an entire podcast . 🤷🏻‍♂️
Eddo's IPOD
Obnoxious and arrogant
The definition of superiority and conspiracy theory. Unbelievable that people of wealth are soo stupid
Started great, becoming predictable
Love the show, but they need to take a break to reassess structure and put constraints on endless repetition. This happens in everything in life… they simply need to reset. Please do… I haven’t listened weeks because it’s become rather boring
J-Cal is terrible
Pod is great. J-Cal needs to go
Crazy right wingers
Who do not believe in climate change.
Pompous clowns
A bunch of grifters, charlatans, swindlers, hypocrites, narcissists, Elon sausage riding clowns who could use a little more humility.
Dik Tittman
Generally good
Usually entertaining and insightful. Sometimes the waxing poetical about private jets and eating organic elephant meat in Tuscany gets old. Feels a little “selling sunset” instead of “big short”. I prefer the latter.
Ayon B
Global warming
Love the show. More of a question. Do you guys ever talk about global warming?
Great when they started / terrible for past few months with political focus
These 4 have the highest quality banter around technology, business, the markets. They sound very mid when they discuss politics. The show would be better if they focused on things they were elite at
Calacanis needs to go!
Calacanis needs to go!
Zara Teen
Once fun, now painful
Sacks is exhausting
All In
Excellent weekly discussion from individuals that have a deep understanding of the topics they are discussing. A healthy amount of debate makes this podcast very fun. I learn something new and actionable every week.
It's perspective
Understanding their thought processes gives insight into how the VC and political donor class thinks, or how they want the public to think. Look forward to getting the new episode updates every week for the past 3 years.
Not as good as before. Friedberg is the only one that shines. The others are just mids.
If Tucker was a billionaire kind of thing.
Sweater Karen
J-Cal is a MID.
But he’s the administrator so I’ll cut him some slack as there might not be a show without him. ❤️ Hey guys, how about some thoughts on the California Forever community in Solano county?
Great Show with One Issue
I enjoy listening to the perspectives of the three main contributors. I like how they have deep, diverse experiences and do a great job talking through relevant topics of the day. The increasingly frustrating part of the podcast is Jason Calacanis. I really dislike how he tries to impart his lesser knowledge to the other three, badgers and interrupts them as they try to educate him and us, and finally agrees to disagree. It’s childish, annoying, and when this happens I end up fast forwarding or stop listening to the podcast. I believe that Jason is overmatched and he must know it and he’s trying to establish himself as an equal member of the podcast. It’s not going well. I do think there is a place for Jason in the podcast. Jason should play the role of the listener who doesn’t know as much as the main three. Tee up issues, seek understanding and clarification, and facilitate the inputs of the three other members together. If Jason understands his role and plays it effectively this could be a five-star podcast.
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Informative and fun
For understanding my perspective, I have been involved in a number of successful startups in telecom and internet related companies and have been listening to the audio version for over a year. . This pod has lots of good information in the current state of early stage financing, SaaS metrics, entrepreneur advice and the like. I also like the political discussions. Good stuff! What I don’t like is a foray into subject matter for which the hosts are not qualified. BRICS for example. Also the hosts also must not realize that most listeners do not fly around in their private jets, go to Europe for the summer, play high stakes poker weekly, and drink $1000 bottles of wine. I suppose a certain amount of everyman’s fantasy is fine but this podcast gives listeners a pretty full belly of it! Please keep this pod going but stay on subject for us ordinary entrepreneurs who probably make up a large percentage of your listeners.
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Bill from Bama
Musk Fanboy Sessions
Yawn. Show used to be better. But so tired of listening to these dudes circle j Elon.
Great show
Great show
Embarrassed I was ever a fan of this
Downhill at lightening speed since the RFK interview. Sorry fellas
Jumped the Shark
Used to love this its godawful. Virtual Signaling Jason Arrogant preening Chamath Isolationist, pseudo-pol David S "Why am I here anyways?" David F. Please go away.
Great show
Great show. Jason needs to realize that he is the biggest beneficiary of the American dream. The over/under on his ACT score is 20.9, max 26. Means nothing in the real world. He maxed out the American dream. Just like a pro athlete Or pop star, he needs to realize that his views outside of the scope of his work are really in line w ACT 21 act who outkicked his coverage. I grew up in that world, 1st and 2nd gen immigrants, salt of the earth, some are $$$. He sounds like my old girlfriend w the big hair who went to ippollito Beauty school. So other than listening to my high school hair stylists drug dealer brother tell me how the world works, the podcast is outstanding. Old review I didn’t post, not on purpose: Jason didn’t know that WaPo confirmed the content of the laptop nor that the FBI had the laptop since Nov 2019. His silo ignores or deceives which is the crux of the whole Twitter content moderation issue. He thinks he is getting personally attacked which hardens his position which was curated by his news sources and galvanized by Twitter. This is where we are at today and Twitter curation is why. Look at his libsoftiktok commentary, totally uninformed. Spend 5 minutes going thru the tweets to understand it’s focus. People presenting their views in a public forum. Views that some find weird or gross or damaging like an English teacher saying that grammar is racist so she will avoid properly teaching it to her high school students or department head at children’s hospital saying that they will do elective double mastectomy on a minor. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
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This show is a wonderful Rorschach test.
These guys know tech inside and out. Unfortunately, they mistake their fluency in tech with expertise in other fields. When the conversation veers off into anything politics, social, or culture related - which it often does these days - it is clear they are way out of their league. Unfortunately, they and their sycophantic fan-boys are completely unaware of how completely tone deaf they are. Everytime I hear Sacks rail against “the elites”, as if he is some sort of everyman, I can’t help but chuckle to myself. It’s either that or vomit. Typical arrogant libertarian tech schmucks!
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Native New Yorker.
One of my favorites. Every week there is so much information along with some hilarious banter each episode is fabulous.
Outta Shape Rick
Love from a snowflake
I’m a flaming snowflake AND this is seriously one of the most informative, interesting, and intelligent podcasts available. I appreciate their respectful conversation and senses of humor.
Great except mod
He keeps trying to force weirdly worded questions on these guys. Chamath has had to call him out multiple times recently. It's really frustrating. Let them speak and give them clear unbaited questions.
Three smart guys and a midwit
Jason C. can always be counted on for the simpleton’s take on any issue. Take him away, +2 stars.
Diverse opinions converging in the same direction
It’s great hearing real conversations with intelligent people who are not afraid to voice independent ideas. Would love the guys to dive into Qortal and let their audience know if a blockchain that didn’t use venture capital funding has a high likelihood of true long term utility.
Rich Men North
Wow guys. You made no mention of the sad punching down in this song. Obese people eating up taxes? Really? That’s why Appalachia suffers?
this too will pass
Hard to believe these four know anything when the host is confused and makes no sense. Why all the discussion about Trump “crimes” who is not president and none about Biden crimes who is president? Also I want to know who the 25% republicans this “lean” Democrat votes for…(names or they don’t exist) 🤣
Great pod!
I really like this podcast…especially Sack’s voice. He could read a phone book and I would tune in. But in all serious, I was in tech during the mid to late 90s where it seemed most of my friends were bankers, tech owners, or something super smart and inventive so I can follow along despite not having very good business or entrepreneurial sense of my own. Its the conversational aspect of it. Thanks, guys!
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Jason talk less
Worlds greatest moderator needs to moderate more and talk less. If you used gong, your vp of sales would fire you.
Ep 141 ever read a book by a woman?
Just curious have any of you ever read a single book by a woman? Out of 10+ business books and autobiographies not one book by or about a woman came up? I wanted to learn from and like this podcast but the bias just makes it impossible to listen to.
Great show
The show is really good. Good and honest insights. Presents either side of the argument. Very well moderated and the quality of information is really good.
Ram chowdary
All In Podcast
Show is great. Lots of good insight and opinions. JCal is the weakest spot of the group and needs to moderate more with less opinions. He acts like he owns everything
Grifters through and through. They talk up their investment grifts liken “SPACS” while bragging about avoiding taxes out of one side of their mouth while complaining about the homeless out of the other side
Don’t Ruin a Great Thing
All In has been a great podcast - great content presented through dynamic conversation. Something is amiss however; JCAL is out of sorts and is creating a bad dynamic. Not sure he best serves the podcast.
Ep140 Did NOT end well
JCal has had a recurring bout of serious TDS. Blame everything on ‘TSS’ but don’t see the wrongdoing of the left in this bogus 3rd indictment. Not a good look for JCal. You can practically hear him slamming down the proverbial receiver… slamming the door on his way out. No besties ‘love yous.’ Still love u JCal, even when you are wrong❤️
The most outstanding podcast.
I have been hooked from the first episode I listen to. This podcast is next level. The intellectual on this podcast is so interesting. You should replace Jason when he is debating a subject, he sounds like a four-year-old stopping his feet because he can’t get a lollipop. Thank you, KG
Would be 5 stars without J-cal
Great content and discussion between three besties. Jason Calacanis needs to stick with moderating and not providing input; net-negative on the show.
Sachs is not a military expert
Continually asking Sachs to speak on the Russian/Ukrainian conflict as if he is an expert would be like asking a military 4-star to talk about AI’s impact on the VC community. Stop treating the guy like he is an expert on the topic. How long did Sachs serve in the military, how many classified briefings has he been privy to? Bring in real experts if you plan on talking about this topic on a regular basis. I love the pod, but portion is getting exhausting. I’d recommend bringing in someone like James Mattis, James Stavridis, or Martin Dempsey.
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Active Air Force
Your liberal Buffy is about to spin off the earth. Tell him to mask up, he voted for crooked Hillary and Biden.
This podcast is terrific but then the boring Trump vs Biden conversation enters and you lose me.
Eagleview P
Very interesting conversation, you guys obviously love each other. You guys sound like me and my brothers. Listen for awhile, your getting a following, do good or do yourself, your all putting yourselfs out there. And we appreciate it. Why the vitriol, do you guy not talk after? Even if I think butterfly’s are cute, we still have to build houses. Our maybe only some of us do….
Regular Chris
Get rid of JCal
He’s awful.. worst of the 4.. and he has the gall to interrupt and talk the most
Snoring sounds during science corner
Ya'll spent 20min talking about wedding then made snoring sounds during the science corner. It was more annoying than funny.
Was good while it lasted..
Was good for a while. Far too political and the besties love talking about their wealth.
used to be good, now awful
Should’ve stuck with what worked. Now kind of a waste of time tbh.
Tech bros boring banter
Nobody wants to hear the banter between a bunch of tech bros. The content once you get past the awkward banter is ok
disappointedmama 0987654321
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