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Truly Heart Pounding
It’s rare for a podcast to truly terrify me. Famous horror shows like The Magnus Archives creep me out, but this show makes my skin crawl, my heart pound, and my throat close up. A lot of that can be credited to the amazing voice actress portraying Nova. They puts their heart into each episode, and the anguish in their voice is amazingly horrifying. I’m only on the third episode, but the mental health horror really drew me in. This is how to make a mental health horror story- not asylums, but the terrors of the condition proper with a sympathetic sufferer.
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Magical land
Really good
I’m really enjoying this story, and I highly recommend it. At first I was thrown off by the pacing but the payoff is worth it since this is meant to be a slow burn. I like that we’re sticking with characters, and it’s a cool supernatural story. Knocking a star off because this is an audio medium a lot of people are listening through headphones. Stop. Screaming. As. A. Power. This was a problem with a character in Super Ordinary, too. I’m not sure how you listen to podcasts but seriously...
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Fronzel Neekburm
Not good
Whoever voiced the main character is a terrible actress. The constant over dramatic breathing and shaking voice is completely unconvincing. Cool concept, but they need a less insufferable lead
The screaming...
I’m trying to finish this whole podcast but the same unsteady breathing and obnoxious scream is making it increasingly difficult.
LoHa Street
I’m afraid to listen
Hi There, I too suffer from extreme sleep paralysis and Hypnogogic hallucinations. I can actually feel the SP chemicals being released in my body right before I “go out” as I call it. I’m currently being seen at Stanford hopping to figure out why this happens so much and how to stop it. Let me know if you want to talk. I have some wild stories. My theory is that my neurotransmitters were somehow damaged in an auto accident and now I’m entering rem sleep when I’m not supposed to and that the GABA and GLYCINE are being released before I’m asleep enough. Just my lame educated guess. I just want it to stop. Three hours of this a night 3-5 nights a week is really affecting my wakeful life. I’m so tired all day long! I fall asleep all the time. More sleep, more SP, viscous cycle
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Please make a Season 2
U need support hit me up. New to producing but would love to back something worth while.
House of Labrys
I need more!
This is right up my alley. Creepy and well told. I love how they show the different reactions to her possible panic disorder from her family and friends as well as her thoughts on it. From own my experience with this issue I believe they did a great job with that aspect. Warning there are screaming bits that can get pretty loud, to be fair my hearing is not great so my headphones are usually on high, so maybe I’m exaggerating 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Please more episodes!!!
Really good
I just discovered this yesterday and finished it all in one day really like it can wait for the next episode
Really good! But this cliffhanger ya got going ???? Ahhhhh send episode 10 ASAP!
Hill bop
An emotional, tense, and intriguing audio drama!
No spoilers, but I binged this today and can’t wait for the next episodes! Nova’s shallow breathing, hyperventilating, and screaming makes my heart race each time. It’s really well done and scary. The show deals with trauma and anxiety really well and there’s this beautiful scene where Nova keeps apologizing about things out of her control and it’s so real and heartbreaking. This is a must listen!
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The Carroll Sisters
Love it
I always get super excited to see a new episode release, having friends who have night terrors it really nails the feeling
Edge of my seat!
I like Nova’s character and can’t wait to hear what happens next!
Amber Espo