All Heart with Paul Cardall
All Heart with Paul Cardall
American Songwriter
Dove award winning pianist, entrepreneur, and heart transplant recipient Paul Cardall, born with only half a heart, delivers encouraging, educational, and often inspirational conversation with unique people who believe in making the impossible, possible. These visionaries are ALL HEART.
Ty Herndon | Grammy Nominated Country Artist & LGBTQ+ Advocate
Paul Cardall and Grammy nominated country artist Ty Herndon discuss the emotional, mental, and behavioral challenges associated with being an artist. With venues closed, entertainers like Ty Herndon aren’t able to perform and enjoy the emotional connection they are used to with a community of fans. As one of the first country stars to come out as Gay in 204, Ty opens up about his latest single featuring host Paul Cardall and Kristin Chenoweth. The song, Orphans of God, advocates love and acceptance for everyone. Ty was the first award winning country star to come out as Gay in 2014.
Nov 25
46 min
Best-Selling Author Richard Paul Evans
Paul Cardall and No. 1 NY Times Best-selling Author Richard Paul Evans share unique marketing principles that helped Richard sell more than 35 million books, of which inspired a handful of films and The Christmas Box House, which helps abused children improve the quality of their lives. Richard discovered a young Paul Cardall playing piano in their Utah community. He contracted the pianist to compose a musical adaptation of Evans’ The Christmas Box, which began a lifelong friendship and mentorship. Listeners will learn business principles on how to produce inspirational products that change lives for the better.
Nov 18
44 min
The Broken Miracle: J.D. Netto and Elizabeth Sagan
Paul Cardall discusses The Broken Miracle with author J.D. Netto (Whispers of The Fallen) and Bookstagrammer Elizabeth Sagan, an art director who uses her own personal library to create whimsical digital art that’s created a massive following on Instagram. Both authors have used their artistic gifts to inspire millions to pick up a book and fall in love with reading as a lifestyle.
Sep 9
43 min
The Chosen: Creator/Director/Writer Dallas Jenkins
Host Paul Cardall peels back the heart and purpose of Dallas Jenkins, the creator of the record-breaking, first-ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus. The film and television creator explains how the biblical story of the Feeding of the 5,000 inspired his journey to create what became the largest crowdfunded television project of all time.
Aug 26
1 hr 3 min
The Chosen: Actor Jonathan Roumie
If you could pick any actor to play Jesus who would you choose? Host Paul Cardall sits down with Jonathan Roumie (as seen on HBO’s Ballers, Chicago Med, NCIS, Castle, and more) to discuss the heart of his journey that led to the leading role in The Chosen as Jesus of Nazareth, a role often considered taboo in Hollywood.
Aug 12
50 min
Jim Brickman: Career Advice
On this episode of All Heart with Paul Cardall, Paul speaks with Jim Brickman, the Grammy-nominated contemporary pianist and songwriter about the evolving nature of the music industry, how to gain momentum as an independent artist, and the importance of dedication in building a career. Discussing the past and present, the pair breaks down the power of streaming, sales, and promotion to explore how the life of a working, independent musician has changed over the years.
Jul 15
48 min
Neon Trees Part 2: Tyler Glenn
Tyler Glenn, the lead singer and songwriter of Neon Trees, sits down with Paul to discuss the progression of his professional and personal life. Tyler opens up about coming out and how his faith has evolved as a former member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. American Songwriter Podcast Network:
Jul 8
43 min
Neon Trees Part 1: Elaine Bradley
Neon Trees’ Elaine Bradley, songwriter and drummer for the award-winning rock band, joins Paul to discuss how she built a career in rock music while remaining a committed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Diving deep into her time at Brigham Young University and in Provo, Utah, Elaine discusses how she became a member of Neon Trees and how she incorporates her faith into her work. American Songwriter Podcast Network:
Jul 1
34 min
Music Distribution Advice from Symphonic VP, Randall Foster
On this episode of All Heart with Paul Cardall, Paul speaks with Symphonic Distribution’s Vice President of Business Development, Randall Foster. Listeners will receive an inside look at the multifaceted world of music distribution and how it can impact an independent artist’s career. Randall shares his experience in the music industry, and how his work has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Jun 24
36 min
Discovering Your Purpose With One Arm Guitarist Tony Memmel
Paul sits down with Wisconsin-native Tony Memmel, who while only born with one hand, overcame obstacles to become a talented guitarist who shares his faith through music. A fellow Nashville musician, Tony shares how faith inspires him, how he mastered guitar with one hand, and how his music has taken him around the world. American Songwriter Podcast Network:
Jun 17
41 min
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