All God's Women
All God's Women
Sharon Wilharm
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Belligerent Christianity Podcast
Wow! Well done. I am male, and thus probably not part of your niches target demographic. However, I plan to listen to all of your episodes! Did I mention. . . Well done? Gonna tell my wife about this podcast too!
Randall Sims
I never would have thought about that...
Wow! While there are definately some obvious lessons that can be learned by the more obvious women in the Bible, I love that Sharon takes a look at the lives of the "every day woman" that we tend to gloss over or miss completely. Nothing God shares in the Bible is not important and I am totally intrigued by the deeper look at women I never paid attention to before.
Alison Grace Over Perfection
Yes, I’m a Guy
But I love how easy-to-listen to this show is. Very informative!
Short, easy to listen to, and powerful!
I love the spotlight Sharon shows on an extremely overlooked area of Scripture and Christian history - the importance of women! This is fantastic and what the modern Church needs more of in my opinion. Thank you for your dedication and edification, Sharon!
Really interesting!
This is a really interesting show! I love the approach she takes to women in the Bible. Really enjoyable and educational.
Encouraging podcast for women
I love how the episodes are short, and really focus in on one woman of the Bible at a time. There are certain women Sharon shares about that I never knew before, and also unique perspectives on the stories I've heard over and over again. My favorite so far were the episodes on Hagar, and the women of Christmas series she just started.
Short Devi’s with Lots of Meaning
If you’re short on time for Bible study but want to study God’s Word, this podcast is for you! She takes women from the Bible, shares their story, and helps you learn from them and make connections to your own life! Love this! Go check it out yourself. You’ll be so glad you did!
Insightful podcast into the women of the Bible
This is a great podcast to learn more about the impact women had in Biblical times. Sharon tells us the Bible story, but goes beyond the reading to help us understand what it means, how the woman in the story makes a difference, and how women today can relate.
Yvette Babs
Powerful teaching! Very unique in the podcast world. Keep it up!
Strong Teaching
Wow the episode on Jezebel really challenged me at the end. Have I ever overpowered my husband instead of letting him lead the way God equipped him too. So so good. Strong solid bible teaching!!
Wonderfully crafted episodes featuring women in the Bible we don’t hear about that often. So encouraging, and I always leave with many great things to think about. Thanks so much!
New listener
I’m really enjoying the show and looking forward to learning from and connecting to the stories of the women God used in the Bible.