All CNET Video Podcasts (video)
All CNET Video Podcasts (video)
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Keep all the episodes!
Stop deleting old episodes! They are gone before I can watch them!
I love this! Don’t stop!
Love the podcasts but....
I love the podcasts that CNET puts out and always enjoy getting the tech updates from them, but there is only one complaint. A lot of the times, videos I download to watch will be deleted before I can even watch them. When I check for them from the history, they are totally gone. I don’t know why this keeps happening and would like to see a fix for the issue.
CNET keeps me updated
I love anything done by Cooley. He’s interesting and fun. The Apple updates are fun and informative. The Top-5 is great. The podcasts with people sitting at a desk behind a microphone are the weakest in the lineup, though informative. Just hide the talking heads and use the voices as narration.
More voice narration; less text
I’ve been watching CNET for years. I love learning about new tech and fixes for my tech issues. What I really don’t like is when you show a video with weird music, text and no talking. A lot of us have low vision and I have to pause it every few seconds to keep up with reading the text. Please get rid of that format. I have also noticed, as someone else mentioned, that there seems to be more and more car reviews. If someone wants to keep up on car tech, they are probably more likely to watch an auto-centered podcast than CNET.
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Big Bird's nest
Great sound but you will want to watch the video, too.
The RoadShow series is really growing on me. I consider a car a thing to sit in and get where you are going in, but they are funny, tightly scripted and well-edited with jokes and emotion. The other podcasts are a collection of good tech news and reviews etc. It would be great for playing on your giant Apple TV. Only annoying when I go around the house doing chores and a video comes up with no spoken audio, just captions on the screen. What is happening!
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Always learn something
I always learn something whating CNET podcasts.
More Cars than Tech - No What It Use To Be
I’ve watch CNET since the 90s with Hart and St. john. They always kept me up on the latest of tech with many shows and personalities. After Molly Wood left the network and CBS took over it has change to a bland vanilla tech network. Many long time personalities have left the network and there has been a shift away from show format to just content. Over the past couple years, CNET vid os have been more about cars and home appliances than tech.
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Tong and Narration
First things first. I don't know why you would get rid of Brian Tong. He was your best personality. Your reviews have no soul or interest to them. Also please find someone to narrate your videos. I hate when I see a cool video and pop it on my TV and there is just bad background music and a reading list.
Brian Tong
You need Brian Tong back! His personality and goofiness is irreplaceable! Prizefight, Applebyte & others are some of your greatest shows! Why, why did u let him leave!!!!
Mom of Two Angels
Be good humans???
I don’t particularly like that line. As soon as I realize a video has the editor who says that line in it, it gets deleted. The rest are all good, superb even.
Jack Shih @ 中華民國
Don't mess with what's not broken
Apple destroyed this app in iOS 11. Now it only plays one podcast at a time.
Love CNET Videos, but hate the ones that lack audio narration
I love CNET videos and rely on the podcast for catching up with technology. The thing is, I rely on videos to have Audio narration so that I can listen and watch at the same time. Often, I am on the go and it helps tremendously to have audio narration to which I can follow along. I noticed in the last few months that there is an increase of videos which have only a music track without any narration. These videos have very useful content, but they require reading intently. This is very inconvenient for me and defeats the purpose of having a video. Please try to avoid those and please include audio narration whenever possible.
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This is a great video cast, yet cnet lately have not posting as much videos. Oh well yet 5 stars for the effort and lne last thing could you guys do a prizefight with the new macbooks coming out 27?
If I need to explain why than you obviously haven't experienced this podcast for yourself yet.
Crappy Sound Quality… AGAIN!!!
Yup. It’s back again. Sound quality of all the CNET podcasts has been way over compressed again! Who is making this fatal decision?? The podcasts are nearly unlistenable, and the video quality isn’t much better. Maybe the corporation is cost-cutting? Is CNET on its last legs? It’s too bad. The content is actually quite good. RIP CNET.
Why does it always show subscribe?????
It is a great collection of great podcasts but it keeps being show as unsubscribe and disappearing from my devices. I would raise my rating when this bug is fixed.
WM Mark
All CNET HD videos in one place only, awesome idea! Thank you CNET!
Commercials every new podcast!?
Was my favorite daily podcast then came the commercials. I don't know if I can take it. I usually watch all available podcasts everyday but the commercials are too much. May have to opt-out. Subscriber beware!
Great podcast, but ridiculous...
Just today I started having problems downloading episodes from this podcast, regardless of software. I get an "error" every time I try to download the videos. I think something must be wrong with the podcast. Please fix, CNET, I really want to watch your latest videos!
I really like CNET podcasts and watch them every day... Very informing and interesting, excellent hosts and everything... Great job!
Tech goodness!
C|NET is at the top of its game when it comes to tech news. The people who work here are cool and everyday people like us and this is what makes their shows awesome. Glad i have a place like the iTunes store to come to to get my fix of The Apple Byte and other shows! Thanks!
Mister Eel 1981
all Cnet video's into one???
wow this was an amazing find once I saw this podcasts. All of the Cnet videos brought to you by subscribing to one podcast feed. Great stuff big fan of Cnet reviews!
High definition tech video heaven
This is a mind-blowing podcast. It collects all of CNET’s high definition video podcasts and allows you to subscribe to them at once. How much better can it get? Just a little more, as it turns out. Unfortunately, this podcast only ever lists the ten most recent episodes. Due to the sheer volume of episodes CNET publishes every single day, you end up losing access to older episodes if you return to it after a few days. I would really appreciate it if that was fixed. But apart from that, it’s just one of the best podcasts on the iTunes Store, if not THE BEST. And the fact that it’s free just makes it all the more awesome. Thank you for giving this to us, CNET.
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CNET Rules!!!
This Is A GREAT podcast!!! Updates everyday with many shows!!! Can't believe that not that many ppl have reviewed... Go CNET!!!
Wonderful collection
Wonderful collection of CNET HD Video. I love it
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