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How to Make Your CBD Taste Delicious
4 minutes Posted Nov 6, 2021 at 11:30 pm.
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If you’re wondering where to start with CBD gummies, we have the answer. Read on to discover the best brands and their staple products.

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While very few describe the taste of CBD oils as delicious and most would say it is tolerable at best, there are still many who say that the strong, earthy weed flavor is so unpleasant that it is almost unbearable.

The reason taste is of great concern to many is because CBD oils are most commonly administered sublingually. This requires it to be held under the tongue for up to two minutes before swallowing to allow for full absorption into the bloodstream. This is why some will decide to use CBD Oil with added flavor to make it more enjoyable, and others will opt for the tasteless and odorless CBD oils.

But there are a few tricks to not only enhance the experience, but turn it into such a deliciously delicious treat that you will be eagerly anticipating your next dose. Let Canna Union give you some tips below on how to make your CBD oil taste delicious.

Correct and careful application

Most of the taste receptors in your mouth are located on the top of your tongue, so careful application of the drops under your tongue will mean that you should barely be able to taste anything at all. Waiting two minutes before swallowing will help ensure that most of the CBD oil will have been absorbed, reducing the taste even more.

Have a tasty flavor hunter

One of the most popular methods of neutralizing the taste of CBD oil is with a tasty chaser. Much like using a lemon wedge after a tequila shot, you can chase down the bad taste by reissuing it for something delicious.

Food is a common choice, whether it's a 3-course meal, a burger with fries, sugary treats, or some of your favorite fresh fruit dishes. Chocolate is another decadent treat that you can have immediately after swallowing, or alternatively put a piece under your tongue, either melting before or while using the oil. It is up to you which food or snack you decide to use, as long as you have something delicious ready for you to eat.

Quickly dispel the bad taste of CBD oil with a soda drink, lemon water, fruit juice, or any other refreshing drink. For example, coffee is an excellent idea because of the strong flavor, as long as it is not too hot. Even water works well if you prefer to keep it simple, eventually ensuring complete dissipation of bad tastes after a couple of bites.

If you have a busy and always-on-the-go lifestyle, you can keep things simple but effective by using products like breath mints, Tic Tacs, or gum after swallowing. Also, this is another option that you can keep under your tongue during the dose. Whichever path you decide to go, the earthy herb palette will immediately be surpassed by a powerful minty sensation, literally like a breath of fresh air.

Brush your teeth beforehand

If you have your CBD oil in the early morning or evening, minimizing the taste can easily be achieved by brushing your teeth immediately before your dose. By doing that, your tongue will have enough lingering mint flavors to counteract the taste of the earthy oil.

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