All About Spanish Verbs
All About Spanish Verbs
Helping You Learn Spanish
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A Must Have for Learning Spanish.
This podcast takes the mystery out of those hard to learn usages for Spanish Verbs. It cut through the confusion and gives a complete understanding of each verb and its various usages. The instructor is straight forward and gives to-the-point examples. This is a great way to study the Spanish Language and it will take you beyond the basics and on the road to real Spanish conversations.
Must Have Podcast
All about Spanish Verbs is awesome! I have been studying Spanish over 12 years now and began studying from books, like most. This podcast shows how flexible Spanish really is. All about Spanish Verbs is a MUST have Podcast for anyone wanting to learn Spanish, beyond what the books teach!! :-)
El Grande 72
Great way to learn Spanish verbs
This is a great way to learn how verbs are really used in Spanish including Latin American Spanish. So often textbooks don't include the varied uses of Spanish verbs outside of Spain--but All About Spanish Verbs helps you feel comfortable with the verbs wherever you go in your travels in the Spanish speaking world. I am studying Spanish on an intermediate level, and I have added this podcast to my study routine.
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