Alice Cooper's Vintage Vault Podcast
Alice Cooper's Vintage Vault Podcast
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A little late
Music is everything too me . Surprised I JUST found this podcast. A wonderful look inside the artist take on their music . Bravo ✌️
Alice does it all.
Love listening to your stories and the interviews. My only criticism is that once a week is not enough lol.
Amazing as always
Is there anything this man doesn’t do well? Hardest working guy in the biz and doesn’t come in second in any of them! Love getting my Alice fix via this and NWAC while I eagerly await the day we can once again see the live show. (I never miss a show of his anywhere near my area) Interviews always interesting, love the stories!!! Keep em comin’ boss!
Nobody does it better...
Kudos for the Bonus interview at the end of the season with Suzi Q !! Thoroughly enjoyed them all. Looking forward to Season Two. Highly recommend. Thank you for all the live shows (I see you whenever you are in Vegas-whether at the start of your tours, or as the last stop before you go home-and have for 30 years...) and also for all the years of ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’. Maestro, you are the best.
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Love it
Thanks Alice for this podcast, you do an excellent job ! Just wish each podcast was longer !
Waited a Lifetime for interviews like this!
Alice does an excellent job combining his experiences in the music business along with past interviews from the best rock n roll icons of our time! Extremely happy I subscribed!
Alice Cooper’s Vault
This is a must listen to Slash/Alice Cooper so clean and fun. Both real Rock icons.Can’t wait to hear the next Alice podcast. Cheers,
True Rockstar!!🎸🎹🎤🎼🥁
In 1972 when Love It To Death was in the stores, I was attracted to the wild picture of the band on the cover. So I purchased it and played that record over and over again and I still do! I became a huge fan of Alice’s music and I still am! I just got to see them in upstate NY last August. They were so entertaining! I’m so glad that they all take such great care of each other so that we still get to enjoy seeing them live! I also love the Hollywood Vampires as well and can’t wait to see them live someday soon, God-willing. Please keep taking care of yourselves!!😍😘☮️💟✝️
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music- lover
Love the podcast
Thank you Alice! Looking forward to more episodes
Great podcast !
Alice is a great host ! Nobody and I mean NOBODY, has better stories than Alice . And they’re all true ! If you like classic rock, this is for you .
Logan Sheppard's dad
The Godfather
You can’t go wrong with Alice Cooper. He’s always at the top of his game, even in his 70s. I’m excited for more! It’s a Billion Dollar Podcast!
We’re not worthy!
Great to hear Alice’s interviews formatted in a great bite size way! We love you Alice!
Alice Cooper Rocks
Alice Cooper is The Hardest Working Man in Show Biz. I love every thing this man says. He is the best at what he does, and he does it all!
It’s Roastmaster Jeff Ross
And I’m excited for your podcast AC!
Roastmaster General Jeff Ross