Alba Salix, Royal Physician
Alba Salix, Royal Physician
Fable and Folly Productions
The award-winning fantasy-comedy! In Alba Salix, overworked, cynical witch Alba tends to the health of the King, Queen and citizens of the kingdom of Farloria, with the help of her obnoxious apprentice Magnus and an absent-minded fairy named Holly. The spinoff The Axe & Crown follows the misadventures of Gubbin the troll tavernkeeper, his clueless landlord Stan and his shady niece Betula.Support us here!
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I really hope we get more episodes!!
Such a delightful change of pace! It’s funny and well paced with really good world building. It makes me smile with every episode. :)
It is good
Good idea, well done. I like Alba’s voice (she is smart).
Perfect Pick-Me-Up
Love this podcast! Sometimes, you need a break from all the dark, sci-fi podcasts that tend to dominate the fiction genre and this was the perfect mix of silly and sweet, lighthearted humor. The characters really grow on you throughout the two seasons. I wish there was more episodes!
Great show!
I LOVE this show! Well written & quite funny.
Just started but am super impressed
Love it!
Super entertaining story, great for dull workdays and boring commute to the dull workplace! Is the king the guy from “3rd Rock From The Sun”??
Great characters, great story! Can't wait for more!!
How is this the First Fantasy Medical Drama?
The idea behind this show is so obvious that I’m baffled that nobody else has thought of it. That’s not what makes this a good show: it’s the execution that does that. The writing is on point, the performances are compelling and honest. This show is Audio fiction at it’s best. Some might complain that the Alba Salix storyline has featured a few delays in the past, but all of the other visits into this universe that the spin offs have given us prove that the creators know exactly what they are doing. We were introduced to the world of Alba Salix through Alba Salix, but the world itself can stand on its own without the titular witch doctor ( Narratively, I mean. Plenty of the plotlines prove how necessary Salix’s medical expertise proves.)
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Genuine fun
A great mix of characters, and consistently engaging and funny stories. It’s a fantasy version of Mission to Zyxx.
Fun, funny, and great fantasy
It's hard to find good fantasy in the audio fiction realm, where most stories tend to be horror or sci-fi. Harder still to find comedy - and Alba Salix does both, and extremely well. Alba is an unconventional main character and it's SO GREAT to see an older, female character get top billing. The ragtag group of misfits that begin to cluster around her is a delight, and especially Magnus's character development over the two seasons has been a real treat to listen to. I can't wait for more.
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Delightful & snarky fantasy!
A delightful fantasy romp with a snarky witch, ditzy fairy and an unwilling mess of an apprentice. The first season’s shenanigans are what first got me into audio drama, and the second season brings more sass and delightful queer slice of life moments as the cast expands.
No plot
What is the point of season 2. What is the plot? I really can’t find a plot this season.
Pappy goochy
Entertainment at its best
The creator of this show has made this one of the most enjoyed podcast I’ve listened to. Your voice actors are great and the sound and fx is on point. Nice job and thank you
Just Good Fun
There’s SO many options in the Audio Fiction world, but only one show just dares to be good, fun and its own show. That’s Alba Salix. It’s just the madcap misadventures of a witch-turned-Royal Physican, a fairy, and a lackluster apprentice. And shenanigans and goings on. It’s a perfectly joyful, fun show that’s consistently great. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this show.
Doing this To Get Function
Not that impressed
I listened to the first episode, and honestly had trouble getting into it. I am a Monty Python fan, and I enjoy interesting humor. But I just couldn’t get into these characters or the way the story was told. It seemed like way too much effort was being expended trying to be funny when it really wasn’t funny at all. I’m not continuing with this one.
Great characters, acting, sound design. A fun story!
Carlotta Beautox
Awesome podcast
This is such an awesome podcast! I love listening to it. It is really well done and charming!
This is a great podcast. Funny. Great production values. Well acted. And an inventive plot. Very highly recommended.
Gay Canuck in the Capital
Love love love
Just listen to it. Trust me... you will have a blast binge listening.
Two thumbs up!
Funny! Different! Excited for new episodes!
❤️❤️❤️ this podcast!
Can’t wait for the new season!
Axe and crown 👬❤️
I love the axe and crown! It was recced to me specially (I haven’t listened to alba Salix royal physician), and I’m so glad I listened to it! I really hope there’s a season 3, and that gubbin finds love (I haven’t listened to the finale yet so maybe he already does) I love that gubbin and his niece are a gay troll family, it’s very cute, and sweet! Rock on
Wonderful, funny, lighthearted, and sarcastic. Puts you in a good mood and makes chores go by so fast! Can’t wait for season 2!
Entertaining, funny, worth your time!
Very entertaining. I love the whole series! I want more!!!
Loving It, Glad To Find It
I've only listened to 5 episodes but was hooked after the 2nd!! I'm glad it's clean enough I can share with whomever (including my mom), there're so few family-friendly podcasts. =P This isn't the purest "family friendly" due to a few swear words, but it's far better than most! This one is witty, well-performed, & the script is amazing. They have to have started podcasting elsewhere, plus Alba's voice reminds me of a professor in the podcast "Our Fair City"... Hmm... =j
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Awesome podcasts
I loved Alba Salix & I started the Axe & Crown and all the characters have grown on me so much. Excited for Season 2 of Alba!
A wonderful comedy series with perfect dry humor. Love it!
Love it!!!
I finished the entire series in two days. :)
Love this podcast!
This podcast was recommended to me by a coworker and I love it! I binged all the episodes and can’t wait for more!
High quality fantasy podcasting on all points
The best praise I can give this podcast is that it is so cleverly written and portrayed that even when the main characters are up to evil or mischief you laugh and root for them all the more.
For those who knew and Loved Granny Weatherwax or at least had a healthy fear of her.
Maybe I should have use that as a review instead of a title. Also this Magnus is more like Taako
Can’t wait for new episodes
Only discovered the world of audio drama podcast a few short months ago to listen to during my commute. My only complaint of the show is went through the episode to fast. Many times I’ve had to throw on head phone when I got to work to squeeze in another episode. Really loved the axe and crown mini series as well. It added a great deal of depth into a already immersive world. Great writing, sound quality and all around amazing productions. Keep it up
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My Favorite Podcast
I cannot wait for more from Alba and crew and more Axe and Crown
Savanna Dollins
Love Alba Salix
What a fun show! So well written and funny. Voice acting is top notch!
Humorous, excellently acted, directed and written
I really enjoy this little ancient fantasy land of faeries and hilarious maladies and silly scenarios. It’s really wholesome and uplifting. Puts me in a great mood. I would love to hear about season 2. It certainly deserves more attention.
Witty and well done
Very funny with good stories. Great characters, voice acting , and sound design. Keep up the good work. A good funny bone tickling.
5 Star Podcast
Alba is too much fun.
Mighty Orphan
Dude, so fun.
Whip smart and fast paced. I dig it. Especially good if you're jogging.
I love Alba Salix and Axe & Crowl! Two remarkable shows on one remarkable feed! Bust out your GPS (Gnoming Positioning System) and discover great adventures in Farloria today!
I love it
Fairy tales with snarky characters always make me chuckle, and this is no exception.
Love this show!!
This show is so awesome. Love it. Would recommend to anyone!
I'm so glad I happened uplon this. I am done with season one and I am so excited for more!
Great show/s!
Really love listening to Physician Alba and the miniseries Axe and Crown. Good story telling, lighthearted tones. Themes are pretty deep, from romance to court intrigue. Cant wait for more ❤️
Fantastic--literally and figuratively
I would like to personally thank you for the "de-verse-ify" pun.
Great podcast!
This podcast is amazing. I really hope they make another round of podcasts.
Peplin pete
Witty and hilarious. Incredible voice work and sound design! Hooked on the first episode. Alba Salix is a hilarious character--dry wit and relatable.
Lighthearted and funny
I loved this story it was funny and exciting. I was hooked after episode one. I was surprised at how quickly I became invested in the characters they are easy to love.
My favorite podcast ever. So much fun, does very well with peaking and keeping the interest of listeners. Well produced. Phenomenal cast. Thank You!!
Very fun!
A bit cheesy but I love the casual, compelling stories. Great uplifting podcast!
By Grabthar's Hammer!
Alba Salix: Fantastic content best consumed weekly. Side effects include happiness, uncontrolled laughter, and a compulsion to leave a five star review. By Grabthar's Hammer, what a show!
Happy Belsnickel
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