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AJ knits is weekly fiber crafting podcast. The host AJ has been knitting for about 10 year and crocheting almost as long. Join in to hear what's on the needles and all about AJ's learning curve as a new spinner.
Baby Suprise or "Winging It"
In this episode AJ comes clean as to where on earth she's been, what's going on, what's cooking and what's on her needles.b
Nov 18, 2012
37 min
Swaps Rock or "Do Zomies have Names?"
Production Scheduling Events                                                               i.      Great Trail Festival August 25-26 & September 1,2, and 3 in Malvern Ohio                                                             ii.      Yankee Peddler September September 8-9, 15-16, 22-23                                                           iii.      Old Mill Festival October 12,13, 14                                                           iv.      Possibility of Ann Arbor Fiber….  or maybe Rhinebeck…. Production What’s In my Tea Pot Material Sourcing Shipping After 5 Production Juno Regina by Miriam Felton                                                               i.      Still on chart three and it seems to be 2 steps forward and three back.  After correcting the last error I got the first lace row of chart three complete only to make another error in lace row #2 that I didn’t find until  I was at the end of lace row 3.  I need to tink the two row but I decided taking a deep breath and walking away was the best think I could do.                                                             ii.      I’m back in the in between limbo again.  I need to finish Nichol’s B-day socks but I’m procrastinating because she hasn’t tried on Sock 1 yet.  I’m concerned the leg might be a bit tight and I’d rather only fix one sock.  I have a bag pattern I want to know but it calls for bulky and I have no bulky in my stash!  EEEEEEEK!  Sometimes I cheat when Bulky is called for and hold a worsted double but I don’t even have the yardage in worsted to do that….  I’ve also committed to a pink baby sweater and I have no pink in my stash…  So I’m still figuring out what’s next.  What’s in My Tea Pot Celestial Seasonings Madagascar Vanilla Rooibus                                                               i.      "Harvested from the mountainous Cederberg region of South Africa , Rooibos is a mellow and relaxing herb whose slightly nutty flavor offers hints of cherry and toffee. In our Madagascar Vanilla red tea, Rooibos is perfectly complemented by the rich flavor of another African favorite, vanilla – resulting in a sublime and satisfying tea experience."                                                             ii.      This is was a go to tea before I found my Cardamom Black Assam and was introduced to Jasmine anything.  With artificial sweetener the vanilla can make it almost too sweet and so a bit chemically.  I like sweet tea but I use less than a packet in this.  I find the vanilla comforting.  So when I caught B’s cold last week I picked this up at Giant Eagle.                                                            iii.      I also got an incredibly awesome care package from a listener that I’ve been corresponding back and forth with that will fill the tea pot with new Teas for the next several weeks!   When I saw all the teas I squealed and did a dance in the kitchen .  B thought I was insane.  J  I’ve been previewing them at home but will start using them in the tea pot over the next few weeks.  Many Many thanks to LittleRedHen!  I’m blown away by how awesome this is! Material Sourcing Tour De Fleece has come and gone. My goal was 2 lbs and I didn’t make it.  I have 1 lb of spun and plied and another 9 oz of singles spun.  I did manage to spin everyday.  Though it was slow an unproductive at the end.                                                                i.      I’m all GRACE and DEXTERITY and managed to fall down some steps at a friends camper.  I did a good job of it too…  Hit my head, Bruises over my entire lower body,  Still dealing with a bruised tailbone and it’s been a few weeks…  Sitting has been uncomfortable. Still no word on my fleece from the processor hopefully soon! Shipping The Hitch Hiker                                                               i.      MissMandiGirl beat me.  She finished the KAL before I did.  I know this wasn’t a race but really deep down I think everyone wants to “win” right?  Please don’t let it be just me!                                                             ii.      The pattern was a breeze to knit once I had the pattern memorized.  Great social knitting.                                                           iii.      I think the Sweet Briar Yarn really made this though I love how the stitched look a bit like hundreds of beads because of the nylon content but the shawlette still has satisfying “squish”  in my hands.  The Starving Artist Beret by Laura Linneman                                                               i.      I signed up for my first ever swap on Ravelry.  It was a scavenger hunt swap and one of the requirements was a little something to keep my partner warm.  I saw some scarves and shawls coming out of packages but no hats.  So I went the hat route.                                                             ii.      I knit this from the two extra skeins of Purl Bee Acrylic / Alpaca (my partner was OK with Acrylic yarn) in Damson that was left over from the 2nd Ruffled and Ruched Scarf I made.  The pattern calls for Bulky and this is one of those instances where I cheated ad held the worsted weight double.  The resulting hat is THICK and WARM and FUZZY!  I hop she likes it.  I’m jealous I don’t have one of my own. Afer 5                                                               i.      The rumors of my fading are grossly exaggerated…   1.      Work is status quo.  I had a major melt down in my bosses office and now I share an assistant with the production scheduler.  As she becomes more and more able to take things off my plate things are getting better and better.  My being able to podcast tonight is largely in part to her.  HURRAH! 2.      B starts Kindergarten in 3 weeks.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I know with Nate I took the day off and expected to have a tough time dropping him off.  I expected him to be scared and to cry.  What happened though was totally the opposite.  Nate grabbed his backpack and marched right into school and was fine.  I on the other hand sat in the parking lot in my car and cried for ½ an hour.  This time I have no vacation time so Daddy is taking the 1st day of school duties.  I wonder if he’ll admit to crying in the parking lot.  I did read that the first day is an abbreviated schedule and the attending parent is meant to stay all day and see the routine.  Maybe easing us into the schedule will make it better. 3.      Nate is off vacationing for the next few weeks with his dad. 4.      Question of the commute this morning:  Mom?  Do Zombies have names?b
Aug 5, 2012
30 min
Portage Lakes or "Happy Birthday Nate"
Episode 43 Productions scheduling Events Production What's in my Tea Pot Materials sourcing After 5 Events 1.Wool fest June 23 & 24, 2012 at Lake farm Park Production The Juno Regina Miriam Felton back from the dead! I sat down with my charts and a stitch marker this week and tinked back the row 3 times before I found the spot where the titch was missing. I picked it up and the lace hole ma be a touch bigger than the rest but I’m back on course and in the beginning of chart # 3. This is slow going because it's not to the point of being social knitting yet. The long easy part in the middle is coming! The Hitchhiker by Martina Behm I'm doing a KAL with a friend I met at Camp Kip. We decided back on Towel Day (May 25th for all you non Douglas Adams fans out there.) I chose to knit mine from the Briar Rose yarn I bought from the Great Lakes Wool festival. I love this yarn it has a bit of nylon in it and all the garter stitches shine a bit like beads. The color way I’m using is called Sea Pearl but I had about 6 in m hands and had to pare way down. I could have spent my entire budget in that stall. The Basic Sock by Patons One sock down and one to go. I finished the first of Nichol's bday socks. Hopefully I'll get this sock to her ASAP so she can try it on. I'm a bit worried about the length. She does wear a bigger size than I do but I'm nervous I've over shot. What's In My Tea Pot Materials Sourcing A few weeks ago I caught a LOOP update on ETSY. These updates are much like trying to snag Woolmeisse or getting a Phat Fiber box. I was amazing luck because I got stuck at work on managed to get a bat while sitting in the car at Day Care. B was pretty annoyed that mom was looking at the phone and not driving but I got that bat. The bat I got is called Hint of Mint it has lavender purple, hunter green, acid green celery green, hot pink, and mint all in a 5.6 oz of Merino, corriedale, nylon, and angelina. SPARKLE! There's sparkle all through this bat. I'm down to the last of the color progressions I have the last of the hot pin and the mint green and just the plying left to go. I'm pretty sure this will be a n-ply to keep the color progression intact. I started washing my fleece this week as well. I sectioned two pieces out that would fit into one of the many dish tubs I have and pre soaked them for about 20 minutes in luke warm water. BLECH that was some dirty water. I then put the sections in old pillow cases and tried to do the washing machine method. I don't think my hot water heater gets hot enough to get the lanolin out because after 2 rinses in hot water when the fleece dried it was still very sticky. So I took a smaller piece the next day and soaked it in hotter water from my teapot and some dawn dish liquid. This seems to have gotten it but the fleece is still drying . In my impatience I did grab some of the grease fleece and test spun some locks. I had never spun in the grease before. I can see why some people think it's gross. But once my hands were already greasy what the heck. I flicked the locks open with a handy dog brush and the spun well. On my high speed bobbin I got a fingering weight single. I need much thicker for my sweater so I'm going to make some adjustments to my counter weight brake and see what I come up with. After 5 The craziness continues. The work situation is still the same for Joe and I. He got of work this weekend I got to spend Saturday desperatly calling truck drivers. Woohoo! Last week was Nate’s big 18th birthday party bash. This whole party started out because I couldn't think of something to do that was to immature for him and his friends. So I had two ideas. A city wide Geo cache scavenger hunt or Zombie tag. He picked the Geo Cache so the planning began. I drove around town and picked out 8 spots to hide the clues and that had a great picture spot nearby. I got the GPS coordinates for all of these places and encoded all of the driving directions and set up the decoding system. I ran around Saturday morning hiding the boxes. In the beginning Nate had invited his entire face book friends list and passes out fliers at school. This was about 150 invites. I was pretty worried about that but was relieved to have only gotten 20 RSV P’s. So I got a sheet cake and 2 sheet pizzas a cooler full of pop and enough “car Goodies” for 5 cars full of teens. What shows up? Nate's 5 best friends. A bit of a let down but Nate had a good time running through the city with his friends and I have some awesome pics and a TON of extra pizza and cake. I took some time out to read a book this week as well. Every may for the last couple of years brings the newest Sookie Stackhouse book. The latest is called Dead Locked. I'm pretty invested in this series but if I were a new reader I don't think I would have continued the series. I felt that Charlaine was wrapping up the series and perhaps ma have given away the answer to the big question. “Who will sookie end up with?”
Jun 24, 2012
31 min
A day with Alpaca and Ewe or Podcasting by Candlelight
Episode 42: Alpaca and Ewe or “ “ Production Scheduling Suddenly out of the blue my calendar has filled up with fibery events! Yay! During the winter there really wasn’t much to do but knit and surf yarn on the internet. Spring is here and even though it’s hotter than a 2.00 pistol it’s time to get back on the road! Events Production What’s in the Tea Pot Materials Sourcing Shipping After 5 Events A day with Alpaca and Ewe A while back Gloria from Alpaca and Ewe invited me to a podcaster gathering she was having while her Alpaca’s were being shorn (sheared?). I drove down to Palestine and spent Sunday morning with Gloria and family, the Wool Junkies, CA Shearing, and Karen (who I never got a last name for but has a serious eye for fleece grading!) I got there about 9:30 and the shearing was already in progress. This was a really organized process. When I got to the barn all the boys were in the barn and in the pen. The C A Crew ( April, Pat, Willie and Connie) Had their shearing Table up and Various laundry baskets labeled for various sections of the fleece. The blanket went in one for sure, I’m hazey on the exact labeling on the others. I know the legs were separate as they were more coarse. As the baskets were filled they were sent over to Karen for grading. While the Alpaca was on the table the shearers trimmed toe nails, filed teeth, and checked for health issues. Gail also took the opportunity to treat for Meningeal Worm infections. The animals are sheared in color order from Lightest to Darkest so as not to contaminate the fiber. Fiber Sorting – I found Karen working on her sorting table fascinating. So I asked her a bit about how to become a certified fiber sorter. She had to take a 4 hr class and pass a test (later research tells me she had to pass with 80% or higher), then she has to sort 200 Huacaya and 50 Suri fleece over the next 2 years. I’m not sure who she’s taking her course or test from but the certification program I found online also requires NC state textile modules and webinars followed by a final written exam and a final assessment. WOW! She made it look easy! While all this was going on around me I was trying to soak it all in and still appear halfwise intelligent and not give into the urge to hug an alpaca while yelling “ooooooh FLUFFY” My favorite Q and A of the day Q: April, Do you shear sheep? A: NO Cover yourself in Vaseline, veg matter, wool and biting flies on a 90 degree day and see what you think. Plus sheep are shorn on the ground so your standing in poop. I’d rather shear a steer. If I’m ever blessed enough to be in a barn with April again I’ll ask about how exactly you shear a steer. She said something about it being for a show…. But still boggles the mind. Those cowmoons better look out! Many Many Many thanks to Gloria and her family for the hospitality and the invite. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed it. I hope to be able to return the favor someday! Coming up this weekend… The Great Lakes Fiber Show in Wooster! I’ll be there, the Wool Junkies will be there, some of my knitters from Knit group will be there, and I think some of the Algonquin Spinners and Weavers will be there! Fun should be had by all. Production Juno Regina By Miriam Felton I was casting about for something new to knit on when I saw this languishing in my project pile. Unfortunately I had to scrap my previous progress. I’m not sure what happened but it looks like a stole the needles leaving it on the cord of my interchangeables and from there I have no Idea but it looked as if the dog had chewed on it. Which of course could have happened but in reality I think it was just jumbles about, may have had a run in with B and came of the cord. It was a snarly mess. So I started over again. I’m through the 1st repeat of chart 2. I’ll throw in a life line and work through the second repeat. So far so good and I think it look much better than the attempt I scrapped. It’s a wonder what another year of experience will do…  Vanilla socks – Nichol’s B-day or AJ can’t part with them. Nichol is my best friend from high school. She is usually running with me when I head up to Ann Arbor to visit Melissa. She saw melissa’s socks and has put in an order for a pair of her own; I went stash diving for this pair since she and I have similar color tastes. I pulled out a Conjoined Twins Flat in Purple Aqua grey and olive green. Sounds crazy but it’s really cool. I really love how this flat it knitting up. The socks are predominatly Aqua with purple stipes but have a green /grey spiral through the cuff that has worked it’s way into a thicker stripe on the leg. She doesn’t know I’ve cast these on yet. I may have to keep them for myself and but something for her B-day socks… Decisions Decisions. What’s in My Tea Pot It’s beastly hot here. I’m a die hard tea drinker but even I won’t drink tea in 90 degree weather unless of course it’s iced. So instead of reviewing a tea this week I decided to talk about that staple of summer iced tea. When it get's this hot I remember my grandmother putting out a jar on the porch for sun tea. Now a days we know that sun tea can be hazardous to your health. The water in the jar never gets hot enough to kill bacteria but can stay at a temperature that is warm enough for bacteria to breed. There are many people out there that say the suns UV rays kill the bacteria...yadda yadda. I personally don't take the chance. If you gotta have it. Make sure to clean and sanitze your jar. Remember that spigots can harbor bacteria, and only brew 3-5 hrs. Sweet tea... Sometimes I wish I was southern. Mostly for the sassy comebacks, the real butter in the food, and of course sweet tea. A good sweet tea is always made with simple syrup. I use 2 parts sugar to one part water. Boil the water and siolve the sugar in it. If I want peach syup I'll cheat and add canned peaches to syrup whilbe it cooks and sub out someof the water for someof the peach “Juice”. This is one of Nate's favorite things. I store my syrup in a seperate container in the fridge and use it to sweeten to taste. Materials Sourcing The cormo is off the wheel. Once again I had to learn to surrender to the fiber. The cormo wanted to be stripped down and spun woolen. The sweater pattern that I want to knit calls for a gauge of 4 stiches by 6 rows to the inch. I came out 4.5 stiches with a three ply before blocking. I washed the swatch and the yarn bloomed nicely. I really love the finished yarn. It would take finding something fantastic to make me not have a sweater from this. Though this fiber is a bit on the pricey side. I also fin ished about 4 ozs of mystery fiber from my christmas stash. What ever this wool was it was very longstapled and spun up really fine. I had the idea to hold singles double and n-ply for a monster 6 ply yarn but I coulb't fit it through the orafice and it kept catching on the hooks. The yarn swatched up well As a 6-ply, a 2 ply, and a N-ply. In the end I picked the 2 ply,. Ended up at 356 yds. Shipping Drop stitch Scarf by Lisa Buccellato found in the spring and summer 2012 issue of vogue knitting. Knitting this our of Cascade Ultra Pima. After 5 b
May 29, 2012
39 min
Not the Camp KIP recap or Happy Podaversary
Episode:41 Production scheduling I’m semi freshly back from camp KIP. I have so much to talk about regarding camp that I think it’s going to be an entire podcast. SO instead of launching into that now I’ll use this week to get caught up on what I’ve been doing and will recap Camp in depth next episode. I will say this. Camp Kip was absolutely awesome. I had an amazing time and I will be stalking Jackie so that I can do it again. If she woub Production What’s in My Teapotbb Materials Sourcing Shipping After 5 Production Drop stitch Scarf by Lisa Buccellato found in the spring and summer 2012 issue of vogue knitting. Knitting this our of Cascade Ultra Pima. I think Last week I called this Pima Silk. I shocked my self when I wound the second skein and saw that it’s 100% Pima cotton. No silk… I finally have this chart for the most part memorized. Which maded me feel brave enough to pack this as my knitting for CAMP Kip. That lasted about ½ a chart repeat. No sooner did I settler into a chair to knit the conversation started and it was really good conversation so I lost my spot in the pattern. Then we decided it was too cold where we were and moved off in search of sun… again I lost my place in the pattern. At that point I put the scarf down. This wasn’t going to work. Now that I’m home I’ve picked it back up again I have about 3 feet of the six foot length done. I just wound the second ball of yarn. I’m getting antsy I _Really_ want to drop those stitches! What’s In My TeaPot Metropolitan Teas Ice Wine Tea I got this at Warm Glow Candles off of I 70 in Indiana. Not only did they have tons of yummy candkles, they had the best beef brisket I've had in a while and I found tea! A sweet offering from the originator of Icewine Tea In recent years Canadian made Icewine has begun winning awards at prestigious wine shows the world over. To make the sweet flavorful treat, Vidal or Riesling grapes are plucked from frozen vines in temperatures below 17°F or -8°C. Brrr! Our fabulous Icewine tea blends real I cewine with premium high grown Ceylon black tea and100% natural flavors. Just like the real thing, our tea has started winning accolades from customers the world over! A touch alcholic but more floral than anything. Not as boozy as the rum tea. Sweet on its own and very yummy. I drank a pot on my own before bed. (And then paced the floor all night the black tea base packs a caffeine punch.) Shipping The Cotton Candy Merino is off the bobbins and came in at 342 yds of a fingering-ish yarn. I was immediately in love with this yarn so I finished and balled it to head to camp with me. The intent was to cast on the Wingspan by Maylin Tri’Coterie Designs after I realized how distracted I was going to be at camp this was just the ticket. Short rows with stitch marker telling me where to turn and all in garter! Just what the doctor ordered! I loved this pattern and I love the way my handspun looks knit up. But as with my last project knit with handspun I didn’t have quite the yardage I would have preferred to have had. My wingspan has 7 triangles and I had to unravel my swatched to finish and bind off. It does fit me but I think I would have preferred to add on a few more sections. I toyed with gifting it to my one of my more petite friends but the handspun is just too yummy.  I will make another one. I keep looking at the ravelry page for this pattern and those projects done in swing knitting are calling my name… and I have some new stash to burn up. Material Sourcing I think I got more spinning done at camp than knitting. I brought the last chunk of the Nantucket to finish. I would call it about an ounce (It’s the fiber B found under the couch.) I this wasbv sweater I ordered 4 oz of Cormo from Herman Hills Farm in southern Ohio. The Cormo is lovely stuff but the pin drfting doesn’t seem to agree with me. This may just be something I need to get used to. I meant to spin this at camp but I ignored it. What got the most action was the PotLuck fiber from paradise fibers in the Party Colorway. I bought 16 oz of this to get a discount not knowing how much 16 oz really was in terms of spinning. I did 4 ozs a long ways back. I took the remaining 4 oz of the 1st ball as loaner fiber for anyone that wanted to use my wheel. The bright colors caught some eyes and I spent most of my time spinning this. I finished that ball the day after I got home. Now I’m looking the second ball thinking that I may just start on that. bbbb The last time I spun this fiber I stripped out all the color repeats and Navajo plied. That gave me a worsted-ish weigh yar with long color repeats. This time I left the roving intact, Pre darafted, and spun back and forth across the top of all the colors. With the difference I think I’d going to do some ply tests before I break into that second ball. After 5 The house is standing. I didn’t get any panicked phone calls. I even came home to a clean house! Maybe I should leave more often. Joe took B to the Kindergarten Fair. This little event sounded pretty cool the was supposed to be a petting zoo, a clown, games an prizes. Joe unlike me is on time for everything. In fact he’s so on time that it sometimes border on rude. (45 minutes early for a job interview..) Joe and B got there before the clown and while the animals were still getting set up. Which brought B face to face with a tarantula. Who the heck brings a tarantula to a Kindergarten petting zoo? Needless to say he freaked and wouldn’t stay for the balloon guy and wouldn’t look at any more animals. As if the Kindergarten Fair weren’t emotionally scarring enough B also had a dentist apt. which is now required for entrance to kindergarten. From what I hear everything was going fine until joe got his big ol’ size 15 shoe on the pedal that starts the drill. The drill went off and scared everyone in the room and once again B was done. Though to tell the tale now B believes he is an expert at the dentist and proudly tells me about the watermelon paste the dentist put on his teeth. Last episode I recoded a bit on the new issue of vogue knitting the episode would have been an hour long so I kept it for this week… Vogue Knitting – spring and summer. Think Pink! I bought this issue for the drop stitch scarf. But I feel it’s worth picking up. Articles of note that caught my eye… A write up on Ysolda Teague she talks about how she became a knitwear designer. I love that her parents thought she was “depressed”. There’s also a series on finishing that started this month with “Finish before you start” which contains some good reminders that a poorly written pattern may be the first challenge in finishing. I like articles like this because it brings the tips I know but have managed to forget back to the fore. Like reading through a pattern to take a look at the sizing or to make sure everything makes sense. I hate when I look at the pattern and look at my stitches and I have no idea how to get from point A to point B in the pattern. This month also has cute spring knits. I could see my self swaning around pool side in the Summer Poncho by Sheri more. The pattern as written is tunic length in the front and knee length in the back. If I decided to cast this one I would look into making it ankle length and the same length in the front and back. Which would be a TON of knitting. But I’m pretty short at 5 ft 1 so it may be doable. Lace, panels, cabling, and drop stitch detail. I really like The Shaped Hemline sleeveless pullover by Vicki Square. This is in the running for Camp KIP Knitting. I’ve been looking at the summer tops in here and even though I prefer sleeves the A line body and collar are styles that I find appearing in my wardrobe over and over. The second runner up in my “summer top to Knit” race is Joan McGowan’s V neck Top with the leaf – lace band. Looking at the finished sweater it doesn’t look bad but the side close zipper spooks me… hmmmmmm. Think Pink… There isn’t one project in the Think Pink Section I wouldn’t consider. But I need another shawl like I need a whole in the head. Maybe the lace beret?
May 13, 2012
38 min
Finally Finished or "Puzzle Blocking"
Episode: 40 Production scheduling Production What’s in My Teapot Materials Sourcing Shipping After 5 Production Gnome Socks By Spilly Jane Drop stitch Scarf by Lisa Buccellato found in the spring and summer 2012 issue of vogue knitting. I’m not usually one for pink and girly but I really like this! I’m knitting this from Cascade Pima Cotton in a lovely pinky lavender color # 3710 I cast this on last night and tore through the chart the first time. Started a second round on the chart and noticed that that little chicken foot symbol that I had been reading as an Sk2P (a centered decrease) was in the 1st part of the pattern a K3TOG ( right leaning decrease). . It’s a good thing I was only 1 ½ chart repeats in, frogging won’t be as painful as it could have been. Knitted Knockers of a Good Yarn Shop Knitted Knockers is part of Debbie Macomber’s Knit 1 Bless 2 initiative for 2012. I found out about them through a suggestion on my knit groups face book page. The pattern is free and can be linked to through Debbie Macomber’s web site or through www.agoodyarnshop.com I cast on the second of the pair I hoped to get from my little ball of Rowan Hand Knit Cotton. It’s my night stand knitting. I don’t usually knit in bed but now that we have net flix in the bed room it’s become tempting. Hexipuff Count for the week. Zero :P What’s In My Tea Pot Lipton’s Green Tea Super Fruit white Mangosteen and Peach There is no information about the tea on the back of the box! Ingredients include Soy Lecithin and Sunflower Lecithin. I thought this was a preservative. I found a blog from 2007 with a ton more information on Lecithin and its health properties. Not for the squeamish though as they talk about how Lecithin is made which almost made me spit out the tea. The words “foul smelling Sludge” were involved. I found this tea unremarkable. I can taste the peach. I have no idea what a mangosteen tasted like so I’m not sure if that’s in there at all. I’ll finish the box but I won’t rush out to replenish it. Shipping Ruffled and Ruched Scarf by Pam Powers Finished on the day of the party. I was even a bit late… I think it went over pretty well. Lot’s of oohs and ahhhs over how soft the Alpaca / Acrylic was. I wonder if something like Ultra alpaca or and alpaca silk blend would have received better or worse reviews… would a non fiberphile know to be suitably impressed? I finally got to knit the flower! Last time I ran out of yarn. My flower ended up being about muffin sized but turned out quite well. The thought was that the flower could be used as an accessory to other pieces when it’s too warm for the scarf. The flower is great but to attach it to a hat would be a pretty big statement. I still love this pattern and I wouldn’t hesitate to pull it out again for another semi quick gift knit. Uber Secret Christmas socks I’m ashamed to say that after Christmas I didn’t jump right on resizing the Uber Secret Christmas socks. They instead languished on the project pile. I tore back the 1st one a few weeks ago and got it the point that I was ready to graft the toe. Then I over thought it and decided I’d better have my mom try them on before I graft it just to be sure on size. Back to the pile it went. I finally saw my mom this week and had her try it on. Nate just happened to walk past as this was happening and said …. “Geez mom… How many months has it been?” He’s great for a guilt trip. I’m happy to say that both socks have been adjusted, the toes have been grafted, and mom can wear them to Camp Kip. Materials Sourcing On the wheel 4 ozs of Merino from Copperpot Woolies in Cotton Candy. Still on the wheel Minimal progress so far. I started the second bobbin and I got to the point where I want to move to the second hook. In the market for a fleece. It’s one of my goals this year to knit a sweater that fits me. I’ve picked the Rivulet by Shanon Okey The Knitmores are doing their Spakal but I’m not fond of their KAL sweater so I figured I’d spin along and then do my own Knit thing. I’ll be on the lookout for a fleece. To get some education on what to look for I’ll be visiting with Liz from Ewenique Fiber’s in a few week. I will NOT be processing this fleece my self. I’ll be sending this one out. Besides it’ll be much more fun when several lbs of roving show up at the door and Joe flips over “is that MORE WOOL!” Bobbin winder Since I still have problems spinning a consistent single I’ve decided to spin all the singles 1st and then ply all at the end hoping to even everything out. Which led me to wonder does Babe make a bobbin winder? Sadly they do not. But I’ve had some good advice from ravelry. After 5 Strep Throat B and Joe have been under foot all this week. B has been home sick since last Thursday. We thought it was just a cold and didn’t think much of it as we had a doctor apt for him on Tuesday (Kindergarten registration is this week and I wanted him to get his shots up to date.) When we took him in they diagnosed strep. He never even complained about a sore throat. Knook – Knitting But Not A few weeks ago I was wandering in the knitting needle aisle in Hobby Lobby. I went in for fiber fill for Hexipuffs ended up looking at sock yarn and needles. I loose dpns all the time. So when ever I see a good price or a new color I pick up a set. They have sz 2s in purple…. They also have knitting oddities like adjustable sock looms, heart shaped pom pom makers, and The Knook How are they not getting sued by Barnes and Noble? When I first saw this I thought I was buying a Tunisian crochet kit. This is NOT Tunisian Crochet. What’s in the kit Three lovely little wooden crochet hooks with pointed tail ends that have holes in them. (Wha….?) 3 different colored silk cords that I thought were yarn samples to make the 1st project with. Instruction book. Method to the madness Thread the silk cord though the hole on the crochet hook. Crochet a starter chain. Pull up loops along the chain and instead of finishing a crochet stitch the loops get left on the hook. If your cast on edge is longer that the hook the stitches will slide onto the silk cord. (ahhhhh so that’s what the cord is for….) At the end of the row slide the stitches onto the cord and turn the work. From here on out it’s basically knitting with a hook and no needle in the left hand. I found the Knook incredibly wonky and counter intuitive. Perhaps if I hadn’t had so much experience with having a needle in my left hand and having the work be a bit more rigid I would have taken to the nook. But I couldn’t get over how “wrong “it felt. The knook is an interesting novelty that I’m sorry to say some well meaning non knitter will probably buy as a gift for an unsuspecting knitter. Fun if it’s free not worth the 10 bucks I paid. bbbbb
Apr 15, 2012
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Episode 39:  Truffles of the Serengeti or "The vacation that wasn't"b
Episode: 39 Production scheduling Production Knitting Mojo exhausted What’s in My Teapot Materials Sourcing After 5 Production Gnome Socks By Spilly Jane Another week of little progress. Last time we talked I wasn’t liking my tension which was skewing my gauge. The big debate was to Frog, perfect and frog, or Plunge on. I’m taking the path of least resistance and plunging forward with an eye to perfect and frog. I also manage to botch the pattern this week. Which has made me lay these down in disgust. (With myself… and my lack of skills…) So Despite having a few more rows done I’m pretty much in the same conundrum … “To frog, or not to frog, that is the question: Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to sufferThe Slings and Arrows of outrageous color work, Or to take up needles against a Sea of troubles…” Back onto the project pile they go. Ruffled and Ruched Scarf by Pam Powers Ruffed and Ruched Redux The party is next weekend! ARGH! Where have I frittered my time away to?! I finished the 1st half. Unraveled the provisional cast on and will be starting the final ribbing on the scarf. With any luck my knitting mojo will hold up and I’ll be able to finish this before I have to wrap it on the 31st. As mentioned last week this is a gift for someone who I’m not totally convinced will not A) turn it into a cat bed or B) toss it in the wash so I’m using and acrylic / alpaca blend. I believe this is a Hobby Lobby house brand. I like the color, the feel is nice and soft… about as far away from crunch as acrylic get but I’m _really_ not happy about the knots. I had one knot that was a complete break and 2 that one ply had a break and was knotted and plied to a non – broken single. REALLY?! Knitted Knockers of a Good Yarn Shop Knitted Knockers is part of Debbie Macomber’s Knit 1 Bless 2 initiative for 2012. I found out about them through a suggestion on my knit groups face book page. I try to be fairly open to trying any thing once so why not try to knit a prosthetic breast. The pattern is free and can be linked to through Debbie Macomber’s web site or through www.agoodyarnshop.com The pattern calls for cotton or any soft and washable yarn. I picked up some Rowan Hand Knitting Cotton at the yarn shop this week for mine in a mauve that Joe calls “Bright Red”. All in all the pattern is easy. The hardest part was starting out with the i-cord and then increasing in each stitch to work in the round. Doesn’t sound hard but the needles were a bit “fiddly” in my opinion with only 2 stitches a piece. Nothing insurmountable and since the back side is decreased in the same way at the front increases knitting the back before the front doesn’t help. I knit a B cup the pattern can be sized to a DD. I went with the smallish size so as to maybe be able to complete a pair from my tiny ball of yarn. I finished it in one night so this is a quick and easy piece of charity knitting that can be done socially. Note for the squeamish… it looks like a baby hat. No one need know what it truly is… unless of course you’re like me and my knit group co hort who though maybe a piercing would jazz it up… Hexipuff Count for the week. ½ I took it along to knit group and I ran out of yarn ½ ways into my puff. What’s In My Tea Pot Oriental Treasure Green Tea (The Boston Tea Company) I was bumming around Tuesday Morning looking for yarn and I found tea! Almost as good. Back of tin: Even though the canister says Connoisseur’s Favorite. I beg to differ. For a Green this tea goes bitter quick. This may be a case of “I bought tea at Tuesday Morning….” But BLECH. Even the packaging is clunky the top of the canister has come off several times and dumped the canister into my desk drawer. (Why I have some sort of crushed herb in my desk drawer is not something I want to discuss with HR! “It’s tea! Honest!”) I also don’t believe that what’s in this canister could be considered “Loose Leaf” It’s crushed beyond belief and could at best be considered Fannings. Lesson learned… if it’s marked down from 6.99 to 2.99, probably not worth drinking. Materials Sourcing Whatever it was that sapped my knitting Mojo didn’t extend to my spinning, Finished! The Jacob Fleece from the Anne Arbor Fiber expo. A lot of burrs and that wonkiness with the staple length. But with all that kvetching and complaining what I think was 4 oz of fiber turned into gorgeous and squishy DK worsted – ish (some heavier some lighter…) yarn. When I first started swatching for plying. I thought I’d want a nice rustic, chunky, three ply. But when I knit up the two ply the gray and black made gorgeous stripes that faded into each other. While the heavier three ply just muddled the colors. In the end I could part with the stripes. SO another thinner yarn into the stash. Squeezing this yarn makes me happy this week. So I have it hanging in the dining room so I can squish it every time I walk by. Black Cherry Mystery Wool Roving Finally this ball of roving is done. In my world just about everything has its place. I do tend to get grumpy though when I buy something expecting it to behave a certain way and find out that I’ve been sold a bill of goods. When I bought this fiber the section I “tested” was too small and I was too inexperienced to see what I was getting. The small piece I drafted out looked smooth and lovely. What I got was a textured roving that was never meant to be the smooth yarn I had in my head. It’s spun now in to a pretty cool “arty” yarn full of lumps and bumps. Not the softest thing in the world but will make an awesome hat or Pair of mittens. 4 oz came in at 297 yds. On the wheel I took a look through my stash and I wanted something with bright colors and something easy. I need a break from the veg matter and issues the Jacob and to a lesser extent my homemade camel batt had. So I pulled out a 4 oz ball of Merino from Copperpot Woolies in Cotton Candy. This was the ball I had to go “Hockey Mom” (A well place elbow / hip combo…. Just Kidding. But I did grab it and ran away when she turned her head to talk to her friend…) the colors in this are lime green, Aqua Blue, and an Electric purple. I’ve about half a bobbin so far and it’s spinning like “buttah”. The colors make me smile. I can’t wait to see how this plies up. After 5 What a Week. Joe had a Brush with unemployment. The stress is what probably killed my knitting Mojo. St Patty’s Day Truffles So Rich…. Sooo Good…. Soooo Simple. 1 Package of Cool Mint Oreos 22 with Filling 8-10 Without 1 Brick of Cream Cheese Smash the Oreos and combine with cream cheese.  Roll mixture into balls for centers and cool in fridge or Freezer on Wax paper to firm up. Melt Chocolate for Coating.  I got mine at party city green was on sale.  Zap in Microwave for 30 second intervals until smooth.  Coat centers.  (use a fork to coat and then tap off the excess chocolate.)   Melt white chocolate in a Ziploc.  Snip off corner and drizzle whit over green or Pipe on shamrocks.  (Use a tooth pick to smooth out the shamrock) It’s that easy. B’s Birthday party at the Science Center Dry Ice + Bubble Solution = Awsome! People who RSVP and don’t show… GRRRRR The Vacation that wasn’t We had planned to see the Shed Aquarium and the Field Museum in Chicago this week. Long story short… there were some “Elder Health” issues and my Ollie sitter had to cancel so we stayed home. Oh well…. There’s always next year. bbb
Mar 28, 2012
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Hard Boiled Eggs or "Riffing on a Theme"
Episode 38: Production scheduling Production What’s in My Teapot Materials Sourcing After 5 Production Gnome Socks By Spilly Jane I had a little progress on these this week. I’m in to the three color rows which include the tip of the gnomes beard, his shirt, and the main color. I have a feeling that my gauge is too loose. There aren’t any blatant holes but… I think in my quest to make sure my floats aren’t too tight I’ve over compensated and the stitches are too loose. For a bit of inspiration I took a look at Mary Scott Huff’s video for the Rockin’ Sock Club Where she discusses stranded color work. Can I just say that I love Mary? Her Sense of humor kills me! Do check out her blog on the exploding over head lighting. This is sooo something that would happen to me and I would be blogging / hiding under the dining room table as well. Don’t even get me started on the Laundry – cano. Right now my gnome socks are resting in my project pile. I have to decide whether or not the gauge issue is an issue and they should be frogged or to press on and get a better handle on the technique and then possible frog and do it right or press on boldly and cross my ankles to show only sock #2. (which will surely turn out better… right?) Ruffled and Ruched Scarf by Pam Powers I have a friend whose mom is Turning 65 at the end of the month. I gave her a choice of what she’d like hoping she’d take an FO and she requested a rosette. Which I was baffled by. I offered socks, hats, shawls, mitts, and she asked for a rosette. So I sent her daughter the picture of the Ruffled and Ruched scarf and that’s what we’re doing. I’m knitting this from _______________ which is an Acrylic Alpaca blend with Grey, Teal, Bronze, Purple, and Magenta in it mixed with Alpaca. Which may be a bit sacrilegious to mix lama and acrylic but the fabric looks nice and the yarn feels not so crunchy.  Acrylic has 2 redeeming qualities in my book. How well it takes color / colors available and ease of care. Of course Hobby Lobby didn’t have more than 3 skeins of the same dye lot so I’m switching skeins every row to avoid the patchy dye lot problem. Hexipuffs! Still Hexipuffing away. Another 2 down 352 to go. :P I’m thinking I may get a quilt faster if I start making my puff out of worsted weight on Sz 8 or 9 needles… The Bangle yarn Experiment While I was n hobby lobby I checked the sale rack and found 2 Skein of white “Bangle Yarn” This stuff look like White fuzzy packing peanuts strung on a cord. At first I tried to Q hook crochet it. And found it was too hard to find the little cord in the packing peanuts. Then I did some research on You tube for how to knit wit this stuff and found a video on the red heart version. The video tutorial showed casting on 2 stitches between each peanut puff. The ht worked out pretty well but I was knitting in Garter stitch and the peanut puffs were stacking up so that 10 rows gave me three inches of fabric. I pilled it off the needles. When I’m feeling adventurous again I’ll see if stockinette distributes the peanut puffs any better. Until then just another oddity in my stash. What’s In my Tea Pot Blueberry Tea From Adagio Teas A delightful blend of bright Ceylon black tea, fresh blueberry flavor and playfully accented with dried blueberries. An aromatic cup, definitely more like the 'highbush' variety of blueberry (highly fragrant and delicately tart). Fresh flavor, slightly sweet and rounded texture - not too juicy. Great hot or iced and easy to blend with other teas, too. Try it with Vanilla Black or Cream for added creamy texture. The ceylon is nice and my first thought was mmmmm.... black tea. It reminds me of the Oh SO yumy black tea my favorite Vietnamese restaurant #1 pho uses in their bubble tea. The blueberry is really more of an after thought that's more of a scent in the back of the sinuses than a flavor. Very warm and comforting. I collapsed on the couch with this at the end of a rough day and it perked me up quite a bit. Speaking of perking up I found a few fact about tea and caffeine this week via Choice Organic teas http://www.choiceorganicteas.com/caffeineintea.phpb The more oxidized the tea the greater it's caffeine content. Beverage Caffeine Per 8 oz Cup White Tea 30-55 mg Green Tea 35-70 mg Oolong Tea 50-75 mg Black Tea 60-90 mg Coffee 150-200 mg Consider this: If an 8 oz cup of brewed coffee contains 150 mg of caffeine, a 16 oz cup of coffee will have 300 mg. Similarly, when you drink an 8 oz cup of tea served from a brewed pot of tea, doubling the serving size to 16 oz results in double the caffeine. But steeping tea in a mug is different. If you were to brew a mug of tea using 8 oz of water and one tea bag, the total caffeine could be around 40 mg. If you were to brew a larger mug of tea using 16 oz water and one tea bag, the total caffeine would not double. It would still be only around 40 mg Material Sourcing I had a bout of Start – itis for the wheel but when I looked around all my bobbins were full of half started things. So grudgingly I decided that I had better get on with something that was in progress. Back on the wheel is the Jacob fleece from the Anne Arbor Fiber expo This was giving me fits last week and I think I figured out why. The roving is half black and half grey and for some reason the staple length of the black is totally different in spots to that of the grey. So I’ll be spinning along moving from grey to black back and forth across the top of the fiber and hit a short spot in the black and get a break in the single. Now that I know what I’m looking out for things have been going along a bit better. I finished that 1st ball and I’m a bout a ¼ of the way into the second ball. I’m also running out of bobbin so I may need to Andean ply the 1st bobbin to free it up… Or perhaps just send out the search party for another Bobbin. I think there is one somewhere unaccounted for! Speaking of things unaccounted for. B found about and 18 inch long chunk of roving under the couch. He was rooting around under their looking for his Firey – Flynn the Fire truck and said “Here mommy, here’s some of your fluffy stuff.” It’s some of the Nantucket from Copper pot Woolies that I made my awesome dragon rider hat from. I have a bit of that yarn left over and now it looks like I’ll get a smidge more! But this doesn’t say much for the house keeping around here. Hey there’s knitting and spinning to be done! After 5 Spaghetti Sauce Despite my polish last name my MIL is Italian. My genealogy geek did some digging much to my in-laws dismay and found that the Italian side is also Sicilian by way of Palermo. Palermo has PALM TREES and Mummies! It must have been _really_ bad for the family to leave that for SNOWY non Palm Treed CLEVELAND. My mil’s Spaghetti Sauce contains meat balls, sausage, ground meat, mushrooms, and hard boiled Eggs. It’s a meal unto itself. I’ve never understood the hard boiled eggs but my husband assures me they are absolutely necessary. Much like the Pupa Cu L’ova http://www.food.com/recipe/Italian-Easter-Egg-Basket-Pupa-Cu-Lova-218686 (Italian Easter basket cookies). Which also have hardboiled eggs in them and can not ever be absent at Easter. Joe spend all of Saturday crafting a pot of sauce and we’ve been eating it ever since. Of course when we have a ton of warm hearty food in the house the weather perks up a bit and I feel like grilling out… Pinterest I finally bit the bullet and joined Pinterest this week. WHY ON EARTH DID I WAIT SO LONG! I usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming into new things. Like facebook… I waited forever to get a facebook acct and now I live on FB. Pinterest is like browsing Etsy with recipes! I found a couple of blogs with Jar cakes and even better Jar Pies! Mmmmmmmm! Can’t wait to try that. I’ve been adding a few FO’s up to pinterest as well. It’s really easy to get that little “Pin it” button on your blog page. Rifftrax Joe and I rewatched the Twilight movies with rifftrax this weekend. If you’re a fan of Mystery Science Theater you’ll love Riff Trax. Riff Trax is an MP3 that is downloaded from the Riff Trax website. When you start your DVD the mp3 gives you prompts to line up the riff Trax with the movie. What you get is a bunch of guys cracking jokes about the movie as you watch it. Yes, I know that can be the most annoying part of going to the theatre. But I own the DVD’s I’ve seen them a million times so the jokes enhance the experience plus they make my husband more inclined to watch chick flix. bb
Mar 13, 2012
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What is a Cowmoon? or "Monstermeat!"
Episode 37: Production scheduling Production What’s in My Teapot Materials Sourcing After 5 Production Gnome Socks by Spilly Jane Camp KIP Theme Using the recommended Brown Sheep Nature spun. Tried to use Knitpicks “palette” but couldn't find colors I liked. Tension is a bit wonky. I think it's mostly because I'm concerned about the floats getting to tight across the back. Through the hats and faces of the first row of gnomes. Getting ready to cast on the white for beards and then the next row is the start of the oh so scary three color rows! The Bee Keeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl knits Hexipuffs! I tried to avoid it I even found the vlog post mildly annoying and yet I bought the pattern and am happily hexipuffing away. My puffs are a bit smaller than what the pattern is calling for as I'm knitting mine on two sz one circular needles. I found the method in the pattern of knitting them on DPNs a bit hard on my hands . I have 7 out of the 345 some odd puffs that I'll need. Woohoo! Gonna be a long ride! The Brea Bag My Brea Bag came back out of the prjectbag thid week. I tore out the previously made gussett anf reknit it stranding with a new hank of Alpaca Ultra. (I had previously rant out. I'. not happy with the tension at the very end of the gussett. The beginning is knit much more tightly than the end. I'll be tearing this back AGAIN this week and hopefull be able to put it together and have it finished and ready for use! What's In my Tea Pot Republic of Tea Hot Apple Cider Tea A naturally-caffeine free blend of apples, cinnamon cloves and ginger. Reminiscent of apple cider, with the luscious aroma of cinnamon and cloves, make this cup the perfect accompaniment to the colors of the harvest season. This is no replacement for the mulled cider recipe I shared in Episode 26 “Double Bubble or Mulling it over” but in a pinch if there is no way to get the real deal... it's better than nothing. Has a tendency to go bitter when over steeped. I think it's the ginger and clove that get a bit to aggressive if you forget the bag in the bottom of the mug. Materials Sourcing The Merino Camel is done! Plied and washed. I've never seen so much dirt come out of yarn! Humphrey must have been filthy. The dirt was coming off in clouds! The end result is really soft with a bit o a tweed look. All in all I'm happy with the finished product. I’m still looking for that elusive consistent single but that will come with time. I came up with abut 250 yds of yarn so I'll be looking for a small project to use it on Back on the wheel currently is the 4 oz of Jacob. I had one bobbin done previously and I'm still working through the 1st 2oz ball. After 5 Happy Birthday B Cowmoons I have no Idea what these are.  They may be some strain relate to Highland Cattle at least that’s what they most resemble from an image search. B has always argued that what ever they are they are not cows. They have previously been Moose. He loves to tell me stories about them.  One is how the “cowmoons” eat apples.  I got a whole in depth story about ho the cowmoons use their “Antlers “ to knock down the apples. This morning on the way to school I asked him if he thought the Cowmoons would be 9ut and he said “No,  they won’t be out because there’s snow and they’ll get cold toes.”   Monster meat Sasquatch Jerky. bb
Mar 5, 2012
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Interesting Times or "Low and Be-Holden"
Episode 36: Production scheduling – It feels so good to be back infront of the microphone! Not to be to Excusey but... there's a chineese curse. Or a saying that's been attributed as a chineese curse... That says May you live in interesting times. Life over here ahas taken a turn to the interesting to say the least. Production What’s in My Teapot Shipping Materials Sourcing After 5 Production Soft Serve by fervid Design I found this while surfing Ravelry for interesting hats to make for my knit groups year of the baby contest. It looks like a swirl ofhbh DQ soft serve. I’m using the left overs from the Top Down raglan sweater. 10 stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown. My knittign grup is having a blanket drive for Project linus. I have a large amount of recycled afghan yarn ans thought this blanket mayhe a good use as It doesn't include my main turn off when it comes to blamkets. Long never ending rows. I have this cast on and I'm to the point of adding in the contrast color. I've ripped it out twice as I'm not happy with how the joing look. The prescribed SL1 K1 PSSO isn't workign for me. I may tear this out again and tinker with it some more. Find out more about project linus at www.projectlinus.org it is our mission to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.” What’s In my Tea Pot casablanca twist An interesting twist on classic Moroccan Mint tea, which traditionally combines Gunpowder green tea from China with fresh mint. We kept the latter, and replaced the smoky notes of Gunpowder with the muscatel highlights of a First Flush Darjeeling from India. The result is very a refreshing cup, with bold, cool minty notes, smooth and relaxing texture and flavor. Very intriguing cup. Shipping The Cupcake Hat The Cupcake Hat is done! In the end I gave up on the Heart Shaped Pompom as the cherry. I can’t believe that I do not have a pair of scissors in the house that can cut well in the channel of the pompom makers. That’s one for the Christmas List! What I ended up going with was a cut Amigurumi cherry that I crocheted and stuffed with one of my misshapen heart pompoms. Instead of multi colored “sprinkles” I did a series of French Knots in red for “Cherry Chips” It’s Flat out adorable and since it’s red and White Vaentinesy I’ve been wearing it around town today. Top and side views are on my project page. (Yes, this may be a sign of the Apocalypse.) Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes Knit from my Nazar Boncugu Wollemeisse. ("nah-zahr bon-joo-ooh") I’ll butcher this name no more! I Looked it up and was surprised to find my blue yarn was named for the Turkish Evil Eye talismans. http://www.turkishclass.com/picture_11212 “Nazar Boncuğu is traditional Turkish talisman, usually made of glass, in many stiles, from simple to ornate. There is belief between Turkish people that it absorbs bad energy coming from evil eyes.” Learn something new everyday! I have 4 more rows and the bind off to go! I had to tink back the last garter stitch rib 2X. I was too involved with Mathew and Mary on Downton Abbey and the 1st time purled the wrong side row as normal. The second time I knit the wrong side row but for got the YO increases. Then my screw together interchangeable needle fell apart and luckily nothing fot away. It was at that point that I put the project down and went off to cook dinner and take a breather. I sat down to pick it up again while watching yet more Downton and found that some grubby little fingers had moved Mommy’s sticky note and I knit the wrong row on the chart. Every thing in back in place for another go at it tonight. Hopefully I’ll have a better time of it. Material Sourcing Merino Camel Blend I’m still working on the Merino Camel blend. I have all the camel blended into the merino. I have all the rolags sitting on the entertainment center so that they yell “Spin ME!” every time I walk by. My goal was to get them done for the winter Spin along but seeing as that ends today…. I don’t think I’ll be making it. I am still less than thrilled with these merino locks. In addition to having all sorts of second cuts in this bag I found that the other half the bag was poorly washed and is sticky. From the smell I don’t think it’s lanolin I think it’s excess detergent. A LOT of excess detergent. My thought was to try and spin some of this merino from the lock… But I think I’ll be re washing some of this. From the looks of things I’m estimating that I’ll fill my second bobbin and maybe a bit of a third. Cant’s wait to see this plied! After 5 Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Snow Storm Winter Fest in February Brakes Crock Pot Yogurt OMG Soooo Good! http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/10/you-can-make-yogurt-in-your-crockpot.html Use whole milk for thicker yogurt. I used 2% and mine was a bit on the runny side. It was thick just not as thick as commercial yogurt. That first swipe with the spoon through the crock pot was soooo worth the wait!
Feb 21, 2012
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