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Air Combat Simulation Podcast, by BVR Productions, brings content creators, missions builders, experts and enthusiasts to explore the world of combat aircraft simulation.Advertising Inquiries:
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #13: Interview with Matt Wagner
In this episode Goat and Baltic Dragon talk to Matt Wagner, Eagle Dynamics Executive Producer, about current and upcoming modules, dynamic campaign, supercarrier additions and plans for the more distant future” Advertising Inquiries:
Oct 14
47 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #12: Raven One Campaign with Keven "Hozer" Miller and Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello
In this episode, the team discusses the development of the Raven One Campaign with Kevin "Hozer" Miller and Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello. Advertising Inquiries:
Aug 10
56 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #11:  Heatblur
In this episode we catch up with Heatblur to discuss the current status for the F-14 and the Viggen, what's coming in future updates and what we can expect for the future! Video reference David "Bio" Baranek ( ) Advertising Inquiries:
Jul 22
1 hr 5 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #10: Sergio Costa MICROPROSE
In this episode we talk to Sergeo who is a Product Development Manager at Microprose. We discuss Microprose's past present and future along with newly announced published titles from Microprose and their very own title The Mighty Eight. Learn more about Microprose ( ) Advertising Inquiries:
Jun 8
52 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #9  Razbam Interview
In this episode Goat, Red Kite and Baltic Dragon talk with Ron Zambrano, head of the RAZBAM SIMULATIONS, about their current modules, future plans - including F-15E and Falklands - as well as DCS in general Razbam on Facebook ( ) Advertising Inquiries:
May 25
1 hr 28 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #8 Community Takeover A-10C Warthog
This episode was the first of hopefully many where we invite some of you the listeners to participate in a topical conversation with each other. In this episode we explore the A-10C Warthog and are honored to have with us Snoopy who is a real life crew chief as our resident expert. Advertising Inquiries:
May 6
53 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #7 DCS Missions and Campaigns - Part 2
In this episode the team continues discussion about mission building in DCS. This time Goat and Baltic Dragon welcome Sabre-TLA, Apache600 and Reflected Sims to talk about dynamic campaign, things they would like to see most in DCS and answer questions posted by the community after episode 4. Show notes: How to get started as campaign developer: DLC campaigns section on ED Forums: Stay in touch - you can find us on Discord (link), Facebook. Also check out: (Jabbers YouTube channel) Fighter Pilot Podcast (website) Advertising Inquiries:
Apr 20
1 hr 12 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #6a BMS Bonus Content
After the Deep Dive, the team continued to chat about a number of other topics. Advertising Inquiries:
Apr 6
13 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #6 BMS Deep Dive
In this episode the team has an in-depth discussion with I-Hawk and MaxWaldorf about the history of BMS. Advertising Inquiries:
Apr 6
1 hr 35 min
Air Combat Sim Podcast - Episode #5: Ready Room - March 28th 2020
Some of the ACS team got together for an ad-hoc discussion which we call 'Ready Room'. Tricker, Sport, Moltar, Baltic Dragon and GOAT discussed topics including the latest on Baltic Dragon's Raven One campaign development, the drama on Hoggit, ideas for new aircraft modules as well as hardware and peripherals Advertising Inquiries:
Apr 3
1 hr 6 min
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