Ain't Slayed Nobody | Call of Cthulhu Podcast
Ain't Slayed Nobody | Call of Cthulhu Podcast
Call of Cthulhu RPG Podcast
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Eldritch horrors with a laugh
A fantastic Lovecraftian nightmare journey expertly helmed by...Cuppy Cup?? Not sure I spelled that right. Anyway, aside from his inability to say “wolf” properly, the dude’s keeper skills are sublimely twisted and perfect for the setting. Just binged the entire main arc so far and bummed I have to wait another few days to find out what happened next. F’htagn! Listen with eldritch non-Euclidean glee- and throw these guys some coin on Patreon if you can.
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So much fun!
It’s a wild ride, full of twists and fun characters! The storyline is paced pretty well, although it’s been a little over a year to get a week in the story, it keeps me waiting for the next episode.
Love it!
Love the podcast! Serious when it needs to be and funny most other times. Binged it when I first found it and can’t wait for more.
Seth A993
Truly amazing show
Found out about y’all from the Stream Of Blood and I’m obsessed. I love the setting and characters and the players and GM are fantastic. Y’all are also hilarious and have gotten some legitimate belly laughter out of me. This is one of the best TTRPG shows out there. Can’t recommend this podcast enough. 5 out of 5 “Yea-Haws!” -Jess
You Guys are so great!
I actually got into Call of Cthulhu because of a true crime podcast I also enjoy. I’ve been itching to try my hand as a keeper and really wanted to learn the ins and outs. Finding you guys was a true crit roll! Not only did you provide great oversight on how to manage and express the functions of the game, but you’ve done it in a way that was truly excellent and entertaining.
Fun and funny
I had not heard of call of Cthulhu but I knew some of these people from Twitter so I tried it knowing it would probably be funny. Now I look forward to new episodes. If you are new like I was, I would suggest starting the main arc as it gives a needed intro to gameplay. I especially liked the Unland arc with Scott as the keeper and cup as a player. Good stuff.
Simply amazing!!!
This is amazing. I came around to this on episode 8 and I listened all the way through. My favorite podcast! Can’t wait until next episode!!
henryetta robotchomps
The Ain’t Slayed crew is not your conventional live-play podcast. Cupp and his crew of rabble-rousers stay true to the dark mysteries inherent in Lovecraft’s work, but also inject tons of humor into the proceedings. Whether it’s a shirtless priest or a gigantic camel wandering the American Southwest, you never know what these erstwhile adventurers will encounter. Well-acted and with fantastic audio engineering to support it, this is the Cthulhu-themed podcast for you. They had me at “femur mist.” And have I mentioned Jeremiah ... 😀
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Big Buck Robely
This is an amazing show. Jeremiah is by far my favorite character in the show
Matt Mason 0817
Ain’t Slayed Nobody Slayed Me With Laughter
This podcast is wonderful and such a great listen. I binged it in a week and now anxiously await updates in my Apple podcasts app. The cast is hilarious and their shenanigans are always delightful. The horror elements are fantastical and mix well with the story that is being created. I haven’t settled on a favorite character because I love them all so much. More cowboy Lovecraft please!
Great Actual Play!!
Just started but off to a great start. Started listening to this after the “Dungeons and Daddies” Call of Cthulhu mini arc they did on their podcast. love the CoC system and I like the Old West spin that “Y’all” does. Really funny!!
Mr. Corbitt’s flowers
I can’t recommend these guys enough. The main arc is COMEDY GOLD!!!! And the side campaigns are just as good!!!! The perfect mix of horror, comedy, action, and adventure!!!! This Podcast is a must listen!!!!
Non-Cajun Louisianian
Hilarious. If you are an RPG fan
or just a fan of interesting, funny and well voiced content, this is for you.
Helluva Podcast
Simply put: this is a role-playing podcast done right. The players have fun with the material without being complete trolls, the GM manages to move the plot forward without being pushy or having the NPC’s behave nonsensically, and the material is presented in an engaging manner. It gets weird to the degree you’d want CoC to get, but without taking itself too seriously. If you’re in the market for a role-playing podcast, this should be on your shortlist.
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Norway Angels
Great podcast
This is a great show, with an excellent cast, amazing sounds, and cool guests.
Helping to break the dry spell of reviews
This is an amazing podcast, the cast is great, the setting is great. I’m not really sure what else to say.
Terrific in both ways!
Lots of fun to listen to, with a lot of intensity in between the jokes. Plus the music is amazing. This podcast got me in to call of Cthulhu in general and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in a spooky adventure. Start with Fairyland or Unland if you’re unsure.
Inspirational and Entertaining!
I started listening to this podcast in April of 2020 and man has it been a wild ride. No matter if it’s the “main” cast or the guest cast, everyone is so creative and they are really good at role playing. The guest voice talent and theme songs are also very fantastic. I want to really highlight Cuppy Cup. He really shines as both a DM and as a player. The 2 campaigns he’s been a player in so far have ended in a very interesting way and he is great at just rolling with it. Thanks to this podcast, I finally got motivated enough to write a DnD 5e module of my own. I know it’s not Call of Cthulhu, but this still sparked that inspiration. A big thank you to the cast for getting me inspired and entertaining me along the way!
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The Best Call of Cthulhu Podcast
I feel in love with CoC two years ago, and happened upon this podcast last year. From the Wild West setting, to the characters various hijinks, and everything spooky in between, this has easily become my favorite gaming podcast! The cast is fantastic, especially with such memorable characters as Johnny Rhodes and Jeremiah “Femur Mist” Fensworth, and Keeper Cuppycup does a fantastic job of, not only selling the story, but keeping it entertaining with wonderful wit and humor. I look forward to every episode, and will gladly ride with this posse for as long as the journey lasts!
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Don't miss this podcast
This is a super entertaining live play podcast. The cast and special guests are really good, they're interesting, do a good job with their characters, and keep you coming back for more. You won't be disappointed.
Good Game Yos
Purty good game y’all have going and my crew are D and D (our podcast is Denton and Dragons). Your sound work and production is excellent! I just might have to get us a CoC campaign going since we haven't played it yet. The trial episode was awesome! I AM ALL HOPPED UP ON FEMUR MIST!!
Uncle Fudge's Blackbird
One of the Best
I’ve been listening to Ain’t Slayed since about March, and it keeps getting better! Cuppy Cup does a fantastic job with the sound engineering and is a very entertaining keeper and player. It’s amazing how good their networking is and the amount of content they release is truly impressive! As an amateur podcaster this program is an exemplary role model. Wildly entertaining with a wonderful ensemble, if you haven’t started listening yet, what are you waiting for? Great job y’all, keep up the good work!
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Great Call of Cthulhu Pod
Funny cast, literally the best guest keepers, I look forward to this every time it drops! As a CoC keeper it has been a great resource for learning how to do a great job running the game too without getting bogged down in the rule book.
peepums nasty gum
Laughs, Fun, and Frights
ASN is a Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast that is worth your attention. Actual plays don’t always land with me, but ASN hooked me from the start. The production quality is top-notch, the cast is great and they really bring their characters to life. The Down Darker Trails setting provides for both fun and frights in the weird west. On top of all that, the many shorter arcs introduce other excellent aspects of Cthulhu gaming. (If you really want to be creeped out, check out the Fairyland and Unland arcs). TL;DR - Ain’t Slayed Nobody is great and you should give it a listen.
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The Horror Aisle
Great Quality, Spooky, & Funny
Highly recommend for anyone looking for a Call of Cthulhu podcast
Great podcast!! Love all the different scenarios including the main one!!
Unique story
I have really enjoyed this so far, I love the setting and the players are very enjoyable to listen to.
Ain’t Slayed Nobody is KILLING IT!
Good sound design, good story, good role playing; can you ask for more? This is an excellent Call of Cthulhu podcast I would recommend to anyone.
From Doubtful To Highly Entertained
I was skeptical at first as I had absolutley no idea what an RPG was but was quickly won over from the start. The cast is highly entertaining, witty and hilarious! I use Ain't Slayed Nobody to get through the monotony of cardio at the gym. At times this causes a problem though as I end up laughing when I am already out of breath on a stairclimber/treadmill/rowing machine. Cuppy, Jay, Wes and the whole gang are worth the listen. You will be glad you did.
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Kind of rude if you ask me
This bunch just wandered in, started demanding all sorts of exotic drinks like a mojito and a blueberry daquiri. Does it look like we get mint, limes, or blueberries out here in Mesilla? 0 stars. The lady, Ellie, was nice, though. Actually paid for those two other bums. She gets 4 stars. Plus I heard they had a giant camel, so that's another star. Say, have you ever heard the story of how Billy the Kid made off...?
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Dutch - Owner, Blue Owl Saloon
It feels like I’m in the room with the players and like I’m really a part of the game!
kerr griffin
Push the roll
A must listen to for people who like Live Plays. The cast has great energy, the keeper keeps the pace of the story and out of the weeds, and the production values are really well done!
Y’all need to hear this…
A great presentation of Down Darker Trails (DDT). Cuppy has a great radio voice and presents the adventure very well. Looking forward to more DDT from you’enz. The players do a good job and mostly represent their characters in a good fashion and provide a lot of high-larious responses to the horror of the Mythos in the Old West. Please continue and I look forward to hearing more from Ain’t Slayed Nobody’s version of Y’all of Cthulhu. Cheers.
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Great show
I love this show! 5 stars all the way! The cast is great and I really dig the setting. Always excited to see a new episode in my feed.
Turned my femur into mist!
Great podcast. Really funny and well written. The keeper is great at scripting and managing and the cast, especially Jeremiah, are good characters. I’ll keen listening for sure!
Ya’ll done good
I’m really enjoying this podcast and have been binge listening it to catch up. The mix of old west, horror, and hilarity is a great break from the real world. And it’s very freakin’ creepy at times, but always hilarious. Thank you.
Worth every second!
I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun listening to a podcast! Can’t wait for each next episode to post! Cuppy absolutely crushes it and love this rag-tag band of characters he put together.
This is awesome
An awesome blend of scary and funny. There’s great chemistry amongst the cast.
Now I’m a Believer
I’m usually not big on podcasts that are a group playing a ttrpg, but I decided to give this one a shot on a whim and I’m so glad I did. The group has great chemistry, all the characters are unique and like able, it has a range of tones without feeling jarring, and possibly most importantly the story is interesting (oh also the production value is great). I would recommend this even if you aren’t a fan of ttrpgs.
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Adventure keeps on rollin'
Keep those spurs ready to go and get ready for a fantastic ride! Moogs -Brenham, Texas
That wandering Texan
Really fun
Don’t even know what to compare it to or how to describe it but I love it and my wife loves it and it’s the best.
Lots of fun to listen to!
The show keeps getting better! The production is top notch and the cast are hilarious! My only regret is that I can’t post multiple reviews!
Great show
For sure going to start saying I’ll turn your femur into mist. lol
Let's not go crazy here!
Having been a hardcore TTRPG player for over a decade now, this podcast is the epotomy of what a geat run group should be. I have encouraged all my friends to listen to the podcast even if they aren't gamers. The sheer quality of the story telling and role playing is so in depth and fun. The characthers blend so chaotically well together, I can't wait for more episodes!
Enjoyable and macabre with memorable characters
I normally find it difficult to sit and listen to podcasts for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time, and Ain’t Slayed has me devouring episodes and waiting for more. It’s fun, the characters are brilliant and the actors and Keeper are engaging and witty. As a lifelong fan of TTRPGs, a Cthulhu player and a fan of cosmic horror, this fills all the niches while being fresh and unique. If you’re looking for a fun walk down a dark trail, you’ve come to the right place.
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Great way to forget I’m running!
Started listening to this one while attempting a fifty miler. Engaging and FUN. The players have a good sense of humor and cuppycup brilliantly sets the stage for them as keeper. Makes me want to play this setting of the Cthulhu mythos!
My coworkers are worried...
I listen to Ain’t Slayed Nobody at work, and often burst into laughter. My older coworkers just don’t understand. My only wish is for more episodes! Definitely worth the wait though.
Amazing podcast that just keeps going.
This is one of my favorite up and coming podcasts. Great story, amazing players, and good notes on how to actually play the game without distracting from the story. I am VERY excited to see where this goes. As soon as a new episode comes out, I listen as soon as I can. And then I listen to it again. Keep up the good work, everyone!
E Doc006
Cthulhu? Old West? I'm in!
I caught wind of this podcast on Instagram and Facebook before the episodes began to drop. I held off listening until they had a handful of episodes released so I could binge them. WOW! I love Call of Cthulhu and was really excited when Chaosium released Down Darker Trails. To finally have a show that takes place in that era is great, but to have it actually be a good show is even better! And, remember kids, don't say your character stiffens in the saddle if you are riding with the Sheriff on their horse.
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Quality, immersion, and authenticity
I can’t say this enough, but the quality from the first episode to the most recent is absolutely amazing. Sound is crisp and comes through really punctually. Everything is clear and thought out. It feels like a scripted interaction which takes me out of the role play thought process and into a sense of immersion. The group synergy works very well, so much so that it wouldn’t be fair to not keep this campaign going as long as possible. I really enjoy how true to the roots of RPG D&D/CoC you guys keep it. I look forward to the adventures this group has to offer.
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