Ain't Slayed Nobody | Call of Cthulhu Podcast
Ain't Slayed Nobody | Call of Cthulhu Podcast
Call of Cthulhu RPG Podcast
Ep. 2: Fairyland - Into the Town
1 hour 14 minutes Posted Jul 7, 2020 at 6:37 am.
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On this special episode of Ain't Slayed Nobody, Bill McDonald and his family try to settle into their new jobs after a traumatizing first night at Linty Farm. Cryptic comments from the townsfolk build the tension for our party, and it soon becomes clear that fear and terror are the order of the day in Cullingstone. What is wrong with the children in this town? Is Maggie safe? What unimaginable horrors lurk in the woods? And will Ol' McDonald live to have his farm?