AI in Business
AI in Business
Daniel Faggella
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Incredibly informative from a data strategy perspective!
This podcast it so well done! And, as a data strategist myself, I’m a bit obsessed with how well Daniel (and guests) manage to balance clear business objectives with extremely effective data product / project management. The discussion aren’t too techie, nor are they too glossy / salesy. Excellent podcast!
AI in Business podcast is superb
The AI in Business podcast is a great combination of outside corporate AI leadership expertise and fast growing AI startup input the provides a market perspective on the space unmatched by any other AI research firm. Dan Faggella does an incredibly artful job of balancing the business use case and ROI proof points with the relevant tech that supports them. Well done on all fronts, Dan!
Scot Alex
Insightful Podcast!
I’ve been listening to the show for several years. The AI in Business focus is great since so many companies are still in the discovery phase of AI or just stuck in Excel. The show always delivers solid content. ~ Matt
Dan Barry
Very informative for anyone interested in the 411 in the #AI, #ML or Data Science space. Unique guests with different insights every episode. Highly recommend subscribing to this and other @emerj podcasts. Available on all leading platforms.
Awesome podcast!
Such a hard working and great host!! Subscribed
Adam (Muzikm4n)
Unique podcast for Biz Professionals
This is Paul Sathis, my wife has the Apple account. I use another pdcst platform. So I listen to a few AI oriented podcasts and many are fine. But they often interview researchers or devs only which gives you a very high level or overly technical take. Dan specifically takes a shot at educating business and industry people who maybe need a fast injection of AI for their career or company. I saw one review here where the reviewer thought Dan does this only to promote his services. I don't think so. I feel he's truly interested in this topic and enjoys sharing knowledge. Takes one to know one! He does three versions currently basically every week - AI ROI, AI Implementation and AI Futures. All good!
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It’s all about selling their services
It’s story telling podcast where interviewer is trying to sell his services instead of helping people.
Arif Zaidi
Podcast to make you Smarter !
Treat your brain 💙 and take a break from filling up your thoughts with none essential information
Excellent podcast to learn about AI
The breadth of the content allowed me to learn the basics of AI quickly within a few months. I work in genetic services, and I was new to the AI space but thought it would be important to assess how it will affect my field. I particularly like this current series for non-technical professionals interested in AI as a career opportunity.
Liz Kearney Genetics
Fantastic listen every week!
I can’t say enough great things about this podcast! The guests are always top notch, and the dialogue that you and your guests have on each podcast helps to anticipate interaction with thought leaders and C suite executives. I can’t be selfish, I share your podcasts and the emerj website to anyone I can. Please keep doing what your are doing. What you provide to your audience transcends multiple levels of thought provocation. I pick up new knowledge each time I re-listen to an episode.
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Elton Swan
Applied AI in practical terms
As someone outside of the AI space, it is refreshing to hear how it is actually being used in practice, not just vacuously referencing "big data," "advanced analytics," etc. I am hoping for more guests speaking to AI in relation to production and goods in addition to the service and tech industries.
A great show that adds value
Love the format and brevity of each topic explored on Daniel’s show.
Succinct, informative, and actionable
The hours I spend commuting is more productive by listening to audio books, podcasts, and news. As A few days ago while commuting in the Northern Virginia/DC area, I came across AI in Industry. I was immediately impressed by the clarity of the topics, expertise, and the ideas for getting started in AI. The idea of an AI Playbook is practical and actionable. Any organization considering technology transformation should tune in to this rich resource of advise, guidance, expertise, and lessons learned/best practices from a variety of companies and other organizations. Thanks to Dan and his team at Emerj for this rich resource.
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Please talk less, host!
The topics are good and guests are great. The annoying part is the host talked too much in every episode. If you fast forward randomly you most likely can hear the host's talking. Please let guests who are the real experts speak.
Terrible Interviewer
Faggella asks most questions signaling his own answers then doesn’t listen to his guests’ answers when they’re different. The result? He doesn’t have follow up questions relating to what his guests say. He moves on. How does he learn anything new from experts much less expect us to?
VERY insightful AI Podcast
This podcast is amazing if you are about AI in business today. They have had Facebook, and Google technologists and they always make for great interviews. I feel like I have a degree in AI strategy after every episode. I can not recommend this cast enough!
Pragmatic view of AI
What I appreciate most about Dan's discussion with his guests is his pragmatic view of AI. He separates the futurist stuff from the issues you need to face right now in terms of the emergence of AI. He covers all aspects of AI, but gives context to his discussions that is often missing when talking about machine learning. Not to mention this guy is the nexus of all the brightest minds working on and thinking about AI!
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Outstanding show
Absolutely great show about the latest and greatest in machine learning and AI!
Host talks too much
I dont doubt the hosts knowledge and he isnt annoying or anything, id Love to hear him speak, but you cant be long winded in a 20 minute podcast. Its rude to the guest and we want to hear the guest answer the question, not listen to a 5 minute question. I suggest the host take 15minutes (pre or post recorded) to talk on the subject first and have the last 20 just be the interview so the two arent fighting over air time. Or just make it a 1 hr podcast. Will update the rating if efforts are made.
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Derezzed David
Host talks too much
The topics are good, and there is a good variety. I listened to a few episodes and they were okay. The only thing that annoys me a bit is that the host does about 60% of the talking rather than asking interesting questions and letting the invited expert take the stage.
Great podcast for AI enthusiasts
I love to listen to this podcast. Really useful.
Mithun Manohar
Could use some improvement
I heard one episode, the one on Zillow. The podcast host seems to repeat what he author says in a very confusing way. Perhaps he needs to prepare better with questions instead of regurgitating every few minutes. Love the topics and experts.
Subscribed right away
Really fascinating content, intelligent interviews, definitely worth listening to if you want to stay up to date on the fast growing AI field.
Superb resource & equally entertaining
Dan is an amazing host. He gets who's who of AI on this podcast. A must listen for a Tech VC, Lay people, Geeks , Healthcare practitioners, Sales or whoever is interested in understanding how AI can help them get ahead. Thank you Dan !
Fascinating but hard to hear
A frustrating mix of brilliant guests, important material, good questions and terrible audio will have you grinding your teeth as you reach for the skip backward button yet again. A qualified sound tech might not be able to cure all the ailments of phoned in responses, or worse, skyped in ones, but any improvement would be a big help. Coaching the guests on simple enunciation would help, too. After all, they're brains not performers...
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another Bob
Actually Really Appreciated
As a psychology student, I'm quite interested in the way technology is innovating the field. So far, this podcast has been really appreciated for bringing specialists to my attention that I was unaware of previously. I really like how the interviewer (Dan) likes to ask about the future, because even if it's mostly speculation, it's actually really exciting to hear what specialists have to say about future advances. Also, I think it's pretty cool how Dan seems like he knows what he's talking about--makes for a more dynamic, less scripted conversation. So far, this is great stuff!
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Love the topics and love Dan's interview style – his questions really dig deep but he knows how to keep an interview on track, and I like how he'll sometimes recap what an interviewee just said before moving on
Gluten Free Federer
Great podcast, bad audio
First, I want to make it clear that I enjoy this podcast very much; I can’t get enough principled, insightful conversation about coming technology, especially as it relates to artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience. To that capacity, this podcast is fantastic and I hope it continues for as long as possible. That being said, the audio quality is not very good at all. In particular, it appears that the guests’ audio is recorded straight from a laptop speaker, which makes it very hard to understand what they’re saying without turning the volume way up - which of course makes the host’s voice too loud. In my opinion, it would help tremendously if guests’ audio could be recorded internally, rather than through an external speaker. Please consider using an application such as Soundflower or Audio Hijack for this purpose. I don’t mean to denigrate your podcast; rather, I want to improve my experience of it because I wish greatly to continue listening. Thank you
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BrainGate interviews fascinate me
Some science podcasts can be pretty boring, from being straight on dull to so technical anyone outside the given field can’t follow along. The conversations in this podcast series are fairly easy to follow, and offer amazing insights, especially into BCI technology. The BrainGate group from Brown University has some of the best interviews with Mr. Faggella, bringing up details and developments I haven’t heard discussed anywhere else. The ethics in technology and business/venture capitalism podcasts are just a bonus.
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D.M. & N.T.
TechEmergence Podcasts
Very eye-opening, thought-provoking material from leading (yet often out of the public eye) philosophers and scientists. The interview with Dr. Guger about brain-machine interface technology is especially intriguing, considering the implications for psychological study of humans and robots, as well as physical enhancements that border on what would have been deemed science fiction “miracles" in the not-too-distant past.
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Great for Start Ups
So here's the thing. I'm not generally into the whole "podcast" thing, but a friend of mine referenced a few of these during a very late night conversation and so I figured I’d give them a try. Long story short, I’ve found myself listening to them in the car on my way back to work now a days. I think my current favorite is the one on “space hacking”. Although I keep tuned in, podcast after podcast because of the info on startups and getting funded. I work for a start up in Cambridge now so it’s always good to hear some tips on running, funding or selling small tech-based businesses because we do/plan on doing all three of those verbs to our start-up soon.
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