AI in Business
AI in Business
Daniel Faggella
The AI in Business Podcast is for functional business leaders who need to find AI opportunities, align AI capabilities with strategy, and deliver ROI. Each week, Emerj founder Daniel Faggella interviews top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups - and uncovers trends, use-cases, and best practices for practical AI adoption. Subscribe to Emerj's weekly AI newsletter by downloading our "Beginning with AI" PDF guide:
Best-Practices for Discovering Valuable AI Opportunities - with Adam Oliner of Slack
Today's guest is Adam Oliner, former Head of Machine Learning at Slack and current Founder and CEO of Stealth Mode Startup. Adam speaks to us today about how to find AI opportunities. What is a lens of thinking, the set of steps and phases to uncover the AI fit, and where can we unlock AI value in our business? How can we look through a pair of goggles that will show us where the business needs AI and the data assets can come together and deliver value in the business? Suppose you are interested in best practices for finding AI opportunities, building a strategy, building a roadmap, and conveying the ROI of AI when it comes to making the business case to leadership. In that case, you can learn more and access our entire AI use-case library in Emerj Plus at
May 3
34 min
AI's Potential in Logistics - with Gaurav Srivastava of FarEye
Today's guest is Gaurav Srivastava, CTO and co-founder of FarEye, a low-code, Intelligent Delivery Management Platform for all types of businesses across many industries to facilitate deliveries at reduced cost and improved performance. In today's episode, Gaurav explores the potential for AI in logistics, what it looks like to move towards predictive, and what it looks like to unlock AI in a space known for not being at the screaming edge of technology. The evolution of this sector will mirror the evolution of many other legacy sectors and hopefully will help open up some ideas. If you are thinking about finding AI opportunities and building your strategies, download our FREE PDF Brief on "3 Ways to Discover AI Trends in Any Sector" at
Apr 26
23 min
Thinking Strategically to Unlock the Value of NLP in Financial Services - with Pamela Negosanti of Expert AI
Today's guest is Pamela Negosanti, Head of Sector Strategy for Financial Services for, a vendor company based in Italy that works worldwide with their various NLP products. Pamela speaks to us today about financial services use cases and delivers lessons on where to find those pockets of value for NLP, and you can apply those lessons almost anywhere. She explains how to think about NLP on a conceptual level as a non-technical business person and talks about finding those pockets of value. If you want to examine your business and think about where search, conversational, or other kinds of NLP applications and use cases might find a home, this is undoubtedly an episode for you. Do you want to stay ahead of the AI and NLP curve? We've created the "Unlocking the Business Value of NLP - Critical Use-Cases and Applications" to give you the edge. Get it now from:
Apr 19
23 min
Creating a Culture of Innovation for AI - with Christophe Makni of Basler Kantonalbank
Today's guest is Christophe Makni, a managing consultant of Lean, AI, and Automation at Basler Kantonalbank. Christophe brings a wealth of knowledge today on the culture required for AI in the enterprise and how we can conjure that culture. How can we encourage an iterative and experimental mindset from our leadership and see the benefit thereof? Are you interested in being part of a community of AI catalysts for business? Check out Emerj Plus at
Apr 12
25 min
Predictive, Forecasting, and the Future of AI in the Enterprise - with Cognizant's Head of AI Bret Greenstein
Today's guest is Bret Greenstein, SVP and Global Head of AI at Cognizant, one of the top 5 largest tech consulting companies globally, with 2019 revenue at nearly $17B. Bret speaks to us today about forecasting and predictive for critical business metrics and decisions. A big meta trend around AI adoption that he sees takes place across many industries since the Coronavirus. When it comes to businesses going from historical dashboards to more predictive decision-making, there is a general trend and opportunity that is beginning to arise, and Brett does a great job of putting the finger on it. Interested in more of his thoughts? Be sure to check out his other show and subscribe to our new AI Consulting Podcast at:
Apr 11
22 min
Avoiding Technical Debt and Adopting AI the Right Way - with Brian L. Keith of Microsoft
Today's guest is Brian L. Keith, a research advisor for Emerj AI Research and Federal Azure Data & AI Leader for Microsoft, based in Washington, DC. Brian has spent nearly 21 years as senior director partner for IBM Data and AI, North America, focusing on the federal space. Brian speaks with us today about some of the core challenges to overcome when large companies adopt AI. He brings a perspective through the lens of technical debt and how AI projects build more technical debt than a foundation for AI to blossom and bloom into the future. Brian brings his perspective on how enterprise AI maturity develops how we can build as little technical debt as possible and invest in projects that can deliver ROI and set us up for the future. Suppose you need to frame the ROI case for the enterprise and go to market successfully. In that case, you might want to learn more about our Catalyst program, where we coach AI services and consulting company founders one-to-one and help them start and grow their business and enter the market with success. To learn more, visit:
Apr 5
27 min
Matching Supply and Demand to Improve Healthcare in 2021 - with Sanjeev Agrawal of LeanTaaS
Today's guest is Sanjeev Agrawal, President & CEO of LeanTaaS. LeanTaaS raised over a quarter billion dollars to take on AI in healthcare and is working with over 300 hospitals in the US. Sanjeev is an alumnus of MIT and was head of global product marketing for Google back in the earlier 2000s. Sanjeev walks us through the state of technology adoption in the healthcare space in an exciting way and talks about how hospitals can start small by leveraging smaller datasets to improve some of their existing processes. We talk a lot about the back-office operations critical to ensure that healthcare facilities are financially salient and patients treated well. Subscribers can reach out to Sanjeev on LinkedIn to get a PDF copy of his book "Better Healthcare Through Math" for free. Interested in more use cases, best practices for AI adoption, strategy, and ROI? Check out Emerj Plus:
Mar 30
26 min
The Powerful Potential of AI in Agriculture - with Poornima Parameswaran of Trace Genomics
Today's guest is Dr. Poornima Parameswaran, Co-founder & Senior Executive at Trace Genomics, a firm that has raised nearly $25M to attack the space of soil science and the value of soil. Today, Dr. Parameswaran explains how AI is being used to extract data from the soil, why that matters for farmers and anyone who cares for the environment, what that might be leading to predicting crop yields, and more effective use of fertilizers and pesticides. Interested in more interesting AI use cases? Subscribe to our newsletter at:
Mar 23
32 min
How Retailers can Get Started with Personalization - Debjani Deb of ZineOne
Today's guest is Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, an AI-based personalization firm in the Bay Area, who has raised over $15M and has worked with well-known retail brands such as Men's Warehouse. Debjani speaks to us this week about two topics. One, how she sees the retail world reeling and responding, the changes that are happening, and the perspective, boots on the ground, in the retail world post-Covid-19. Second, what is the scale of maturity of personalization, where can companies start, and how should they think about first projects for building recommendations and personalization into their experience. She lays out several potential use cases that companies should apply and rules of thumb for shifting and sorting through them. Are you interested in more use cases for AI in Retail? Download our AI in Retail cheat-sheet PDF guide at:
Mar 15
21 min
The Development of AI Competence in the Enterprise - with Monte Zweben of Splice Machine
Today's guest is Monte Zweben. Monte started doing AI with NASA in the late 80s, took a company public for nearly $3B at the height of the internet boom of the late 90s, and is now CEO at Splice Machine. This company offers a scalable SQL data platform for modernizing applications. In this episode, Monte speaks to us about some of the mirrored elements of tech's past transitions into AI and what they mean for how AI will start to become the norm in enterprises. He also applies lessons learned from his previous business transitions into what leaders can do to better prepare for this next wave of AI. Do you want to support this show? Be sure to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, and let us know what you like about the program!
Mar 8
28 min
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