The Rude Pundit Podcast
The Rude Pundit Podcast
Lee Papa
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Rude pundant
I first heard him on Stephanie miller’s radio show. He’s funny and rude. If you don’t mind a bit of cursing, we’ll it’s here. I don’t mind to much. Like I said before he is funny. I found it on the sexy liberal site or just type rude pundant in your search when you open your podcaster app.
Bill maling
Love it and look forward to the new episodes. Vote Blue
Sharp, original, and funny
Love love love his rudeness! The opening pieces are full of wit and are a great stress relief for all the horrible stuff happening in the world. He knows how harness outrage as a means for humor and inspiration to keep up the good fight! His off color remarks are a great release for all the absurdity of Drumf. Interviews are also engaging and well paced! Find myself learning something new with each one! Keep up the excellent podcasting!
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Pinku Bento Box
Smart and profane podcast
All the intelligent conversation, plus swearing! Gotta love it!
All I can say is that this a brilliant wordsmith of the facts regarding the tRump tragedy!
The Rudest
A smart and rude voice that we need to make it through the quagmire. Listen.
Great Listen!
I was so happy to hear about this podcast and that it'd be part of the Sexy Liberal Network. Well worth the listen!
Rude, yes, but funny and true!
My fellow prof is extraordinarily rude, but wildly creative, entertaining, and enlightening. Give me hope in these dark times.
Ken the Enchanter
Omg, my new favorite thing!!!
In all the time I have heard Rude Pundit on the SM show it has been my dream to have a Rude Pundit podcast. In a Trumpian unnecessary use of caps... THANK YOU RUDE, GIVE IS MORE!!! 😝😝😝
Detective Chief Inspector
The Long Awaited
The Rude Pundit finally doing the kind of podcast he can sustain. THANK GOD! [FYI: There is no god.] Delightful from bumper to bumper. The insights & innuendos of insiders in comedy & elsewhere. Funny ha-ha, & funny hmm but rarely funny sheesh (altho the Dean can bring the funny sheesh at will). Still, for the faint of heart who might not stomach his rougher fare, this particular concoction goes down smooth like a Hurricane after étouffée.
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