Against Them All - The Stick To Your Guns Podcast
Against Them All - The Stick To Your Guns Podcast
Stick To Your Guns
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Please read?
If you read this thank you. I love this podcast and STYG. I’m tired of feeling like an idiot when I listen though. Can you make an episode with recommended reading material or podcasts? I want to learn more so I can actually try to make a bigger difference in my own life. I’m tired of being a reflection of an apathetic world.
I’ll never forget when I first heard STYG. I was 13 years old and I was in the car with my brother and he played Such Pain. After that day I downloaded everything that they’ve done and now they are my favorite band. I actually met George and talked to him after they played and he was such a good guy. I’m a drummer too and he just said “just keep practicing kid” and it was awesome. It’s sick that they made this podcast and every single one I learn a little more how crazy Josh is😂
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Mtrum 15
Let’s put it this way
I’ll put styg on my top 3 bands for bands listened to for my life. I’ve loved their stuff from a young age and as they describe in this show, It’s their passion and purpose behind the lyrics and melodies that make it so raw and rewarding. However, I have never seen eye to eye with their stances on socio-economics. At some points we agree, on most we don’t. This podcast is an amazing place for me to hear their apologies (reasons/arguments) for their stance which I know many are butt hurt by. So my recommendation is listen in. It’s a chance for you to understand why and also learn they aren’t so in your face (even if they are). They want you to understand their approach even if you refuse to acknowledge or even listen to it’s merit. For me, I have a theory I want to be convinced. So I’m going to continue listening as a subscriber. I’m a Christian. Jesus was a socialist. I’m excited to hear more and listen to the music/lyrics with a little more intention. K I’m done.
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The Nostalgia is over 9000!!!!
Really enjoyed the first episode of this podcast and I’m looking forward to the others. I was at Capo Valley High School around the time STYG was starting and remembered getting a burnt copy of For What It’s Worth on the way to Showcase Theater to see Through the Eyes of the Dead. Just hearing you guys talk about some of the old venues and bands I completely forgot about took me back to watching my friends play at Hogue Barmichaels and church basements. Seems like a lifetime ago but my wife and I still support and listen all the time. Thanks for doing this, please keep it going!
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Great chemistry
Great chemistry as a band, and in turn, as podcasters. These guys crack me up and inspire me routinely.
Love It
I’ve been a fan of STYG for years, so it’s great to hear stories to get to know the band better that I can listen to while commuting, which is good for people like me who don’t necessarily keep up with all band social media nowadays. Not only is this hilarious and authentic, but I especially love that you guys are actually getting into political discussions, which as you’ve said politics are are a main theme of the band so I’m glad you’re not shying away from that aspect on this podcast. STYG has been one of my favorite bands far longer than I’ve been politically active, because I just enjoyed the sound and style of the band’s music. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve becoming increasingly politically active and I definitely think your music has influenced my political ideology unbeknownst to me early on, and more obviously now because it definitely aligns with my current beliefs. I think it’s important to have bands that can relate to their fans in that way, in an informed and thoughtful way as well. So thank you for being a positive influence in opening my mind to the world, and BERNIE 2020!
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I’ve been following this band since This Is More and I will continue to follow. They’ve been my favorite band ever since. Great people and a great Podcast.
So good.
Candid conversations like this from bands is part of what has made me love music in the first place!!
Can’t wait for more!
The episode that is currently out was so much fun to listen to. After listening to the band for so long, it’s really interesting to hear so much background information about how the band came to be. Can’t wait for more!
Great work ! Looking forward to more 🤘🏽
following this band for a long time since I was a kid and now being an adult this really brings a new world and side to them. This is something I always wanted and I’m pretty sure many fans wanted this for a while to so thank you for all this and keep them coming !!! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥
This is a
Yummy podcast
K fresh ya dig