Against Them All - The Stick To Your Guns Podcast
Against Them All - The Stick To Your Guns Podcast
Stick To Your Guns
015 Coffee Time (Moffee Time)
1 hour Posted May 20, 2020 at 10:43 am.
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Show notes

This one goes out to all the coffee heads out there, an episode strictly dedicated to talking about the good stuff. STYG has got some coffee geeks in the band so we thought it would be fun to sit down and talk about our quest for the perfect cup. We are in a unique position to check out shops from all over the world while we are on tour, and it’s been a fun way for us to get to know different cities, countries, even cultures. What started as just a stimulant to keep us up on night drives has quickly turned into an obsession, so we really do a deep dive on all things coffee. If drinking coffee is a part of your everyday, but you don’t really pay any mind to what goes into your cup, maybe this episode will inspire you to explore some shops in your neck of the woods. 


The War on Coffee: