Again With This: Beverly Hills, 90210 & Melrose Place
Again With This: Beverly Hills, 90210 & Melrose Place
Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting
Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place rewatches? The Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting are here for you!
MP S03.E03: In-Laws And Outlaws
While doing her best, by day, to convince officials at the mental hospital that she isn't insane and that her claims about Kimberly's guilt in Michael's attempted murder should be taken seriously, Sydney uses a brief moment of unattended time at night to call Matt and beg him to look into Kimberly. And he does! While Jane is at the beach house having Michael sign papers for Chris's deal -- and causing him to remember some of their good times, in the process, to Kimberly's chagrin -- Matt's inside looking for evidence that something's up with Kimberly, which he finds in the form of her backup wig in the bathroom. Will it be enough?! Alison gets back from Wisconsin to find out that...the dude she left at the altar is now working one cubicle away from her. Amanda's forcing them to work together seems calculated to ensure that they will be reminded of what kept them from eloping in the first place. And as the contours of Brittany and Palmer's scheme against Jake reveal themselves, Jo gets an unwelcome visit from two people she never expected to meet: Reed's parents. Saddle up for our podcast on "In-Laws And Outlaws"! 
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Nov 30
45 min
MP S03.E02: It's A Bad World After All
With a new detective working on Michael's case, it would probably behoove Sydney to have legal representation other than a public defender, which is why it's a good thing Mr. Andrews (Ken Howard!) has come to town to help the cause. It's less good -- for Sydney, anyway -- that he doesn't really believe her protestations of innocence and is urging her to work with the DA to get her charges reduced. Then he lands on a whole different plan to keep her out of jail that she might like even less. Kimberly seems to have convinced Chambers, the new detective, that she's a completely credible doctor and Sydney is an unstable wacko who tried to use her for an alibi; she's also feeding Michael confusing stories about his past and letting Matt know she would prefer it if he didn't try to stop by and see Michael when she's not there. Alison apparently did convince Meredith -- in another one of those fraught emotional conversations that inconveniently happened offscreen -- to join her in pursuing legal action, which both are doing in Wisconsin despite Meredith's extreme nerves and Mrs. Parker's attempts to interfere. Back in Los Angeles, Amanda convinces Billy to help her with a pitch to get Escapade -- still, somehow, his employer -- to hire D&D as its new ad agency. Does Billy understand the unethical breaches Amanda has led him to commit? Unclear! Brittany is still on Jake's boat, and still horny as hell. But there actually is a reason for both those things. There's so much that we share that it's time you're aware we have a new podcast all about "It's A Bad World After All"! 
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Nov 23
37 min
MP S03.E01: I Am Curious, Melrose
When Meredith goes out to pick up dinner and also take a break from Alison haranguing her to process her abusive childhood the way Alison (who only became fully conscious of her own about three days ago) thinks she should, Mr. Parker sneaks into the house, accosts Alison, and starts trying to talk her into returning to Billy so that she can keep up appearances for the sake of the family, as she's always done in the past. Little does he know that Meredith has a gun! And Billy is also there, suddenly, to help, kind of! In the aftermath, Alison wants to talk about pressing charges against Mr. Parker, but Meredith just wants to cut ties, again, and put this unpleasantness behind them. Once they're back in L.A., Billy eventually tells Alison he thinks Meredith is right. But does Alison? Kimberly rushes to Michael's bedside straight from having spent several hours all alone at the USC library, just in time for him to go in for emergency surgery on his cerebral swelling! Sydney gets home to find the complex swarming with cops and realizes Kimberly has followed through on one of her many murder plots -- and that this one implicated Jane! But when she goes to talk to Jane in jail, she finds out Jane suspects Sydney did it! ...Which she might have, if Kimberly hadn't realized Sydney was too skittish and proceeded without her. Anyway, Sydney doesn't have an alibi, Michael doesn't have any memory of his life before waking up after surgery, and Jane doesn't have any reason NOT to throw suspicion on Sydney. Jake pulls an "I choose me" on Amanda and Jo, swearing off relationships, only to get entangled IMMEDIATELY with Brittany (Kathy Ireland!) (?), a woman fleeing a rich, powerful, abusive husband with lots of sketchy connections. We hope we anticipate all possible questions you may have about "I Am Curious (Melrose)" in our latest podcast! 
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Nov 16
45 min
MP S02.E31: Till Death Do Us Part
After Sydney gets roughed up by some sex workers for horning in on their turf and ends up in the ER, Kimberly decides that she should also get the chance to take revenge on Michael and enlists her in her planning to, you know, end his life. Sydney may not have quite the stomach for it, but no matter: Kimberly's got enough focus for both of them, even braiding in Jane when the original Mrs. Mancini gets an appealing business offer she needs Michael's sign-off to pursue. It's also Billy and Alison's wedding weekend! Billy's college friend Rob comes to town to serve as Best Man, and when Billy palms him off on Matt for an afternoon, Matt learns just how accurate that title is -- only Billy didn't realize Rob was into guys until before happening to see Matt and Rob kissing in the courtyard. Also coming to town for the nuptials are Alison's parents, but not Meredith, Alison's sister whom we've never heard her mention before, possibly because she left home as soon as she could and basically never came back. HMMMMM. Amanda is all ready to resume kicking ass at D&D now that she's done with Chas, but Chas isn't done with her: he's filed a $10 million sexual harassment suit against her. Hillary's choice to take her fiancé's side over her daughter's leaves Amanda feeling vulnerable -- just like Jo was not so long ago, meaning Jake finds Amanda suddenly irresistible again. We promise not to smash any cake in your face if you join us for our podcast on the Season 2 finale, "Till Death Do Us Part"! 
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Nov 9
1 hr 24 min
A Very Special 90210 Book Deleted Entry S07.E19: My Funny Valentine
In our final "lost episode" from A Very Special 90210 Book, David and Donna might be headed for their 500th breakup; Steve, a college senior, finally hears tell of weed; and as Tracy careens toward a gigantic Valentine's Day disappointment courtesy of Brandon, Valerie's mother comes to town to give Val PTSD. 
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Nov 5
5 min
MP S02.E30: Devil With The G-String On
Kimberly is basically the perfect fiancée to Michael -- not just reviewing the paperwork from Jane's company and determining that it's sketchy as hell, but also volunteering to go over there and yell at Jane about it; screening an appendectomy patient and getting all the necessary information into his chart before surgery. So then...why in the world would Kimberly conceal that very patient's drug allergy such that it would lead Michael to make a potentially dangerous error in his treatment? Well, probably the same reason that Dr. Levin, who suspects that she did, pretends not to know and proceed with an investigation into Michael's actions that doesn't implicate Kimberly at all: they each have an axe to grind against him. Jo and her pregnancy turn out to be fine after Sarah's boyfriend caused her to fall down the stairs, but other kinds of trouble arise: Amanda is jealous of all the time Jake is spending with Jo (and doesn't care that, as he reminds her, Jo doesn't have anyone else to do it), and Jake is confused by the feelings of tenderness Jo's vulnerable state has revived in him. At the same time, after Amanda firmly informs Chas that the kissing they did in the last episode is not going to escalate, he goes around her to Alison to spin a tale of aggravated sexual harassment. She swears Billy to secrecy before telling him all the gossip, and he manages not to spill -- not while he's sober, anyway! Sydney makes her début at The Body Stocking, performing under the name Jungle Jane, but she may regret having moved so quickly from the lunch shift to prime time when hers happens to be the strip club Michael chooses for Billy's bachelor party. Feel free to dress casual for our podcast on "Devil With The G-String On"! 
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Nov 2
49 min
A Very Special 90210 Book Deleted Entry S07.E12: Judgment Day
After Steve gets caught turning in one of Brandon's old papers, Cory Randall -- of "getting cucked by Brandon and Lucinda" fame -- comes back to take them both to a disciplinary hearing over it. Steve readily accepts the punishment the Chancellor offers, but Brandon insists on fighting his charge, so strap in for Two Angry Men. 
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Oct 29
6 min
MP S02.E29: Imperfect Strangers
Now that Models Inc. has been un-blackballed at D&D, Jo can work with her all the time! And Sarah really seems to want to befriend Jo, too -- so much so that she makes up a reason to pop by Jo's latest photo shoot just to introduce her boyfriend Hank, newly arrived from Sioux City to protect Sarah from the Gomorrah that is the L.A. fashion world. Jo picks up on a couple more hints that Sarah isn't having a lot of fun with Hank in town before Sarah herself comes pounding on her door, very upset after a fight with him. Jo opens her home for Sarah to stay with her, but her guess that Hank is already on his way back to Iowa proves a little too optimistic. While Kimberly continues running hot and cold in her relationship with Michael, Sydney quickly moves on from trying to reassert her marital claim on him to setting up her escort business at her Melrose Place studio apartment, just in time for Lauren's lawyer finally to spring her from jail! Lauren is ready to settle up, per their arrangement, but she remembers it differently than Sydney does, and now Sydney has a week to come up with the $5000 she suddenly owes her "partner." With no one left to lend it to her and no chance to earn it back in Lauren's stable, Sydney looks for another line of work where an attractive woman can make a lot of cash quickly (no typing test required). After Hillary hoodwinks Amanda into hiring Chas for the new junior account executive vacancy at D&D, Alison is annoyed to find out not only that Chas got the job through nepotism, and that he apparently has no intention of doing any of the tasks in his job description lest they interfere with glad-handing Bruce, but also that he gets paid more than Alison herself does for what is supposed to be the same job. Let a couple of imperfect commentators take you through a discussion of "Imperfect Strangers"! 
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Oct 26
46 min
A Very Special 90210 Book Deleted Entry S07.E11: If I Had A Hammer
Mark and Kelly take a Doing It getaway that ends in food poisoning; Nat hosts Gangsgiving with a (free, but still) raw-looking turkey that, uh, probably also ends in food poisoning; Steve takes yet another academic shortcut, and gets busted yet again; and Dr. Candyman treats David's bi-faux-lar disorder in the most unprofessional and continuity-hostile way possible. 
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Oct 22
6 min
MP S02.E28: The Bitch Is Back
After a minimal amount of lurking about just far enough away to make Michael doubt what he's actually seeing, Kimberly enters the beach house and gets close enough to let Michael touch her and know that, yes, she's really there, and really alive; her mother just lied to him to try to get him out of Kimberly's life, but now Kimberly's all better and ready to pick back up like the past five months never happened! When Michael sheepishly confesses that, during that time, he married Sydney (though not specifically why), she orders him to get out of it, and since Kimberly's return means Sydney's blackmail material is worthless, it's pretty easy! Michael gloats about how great it is to put one over on their enemies, and maybe Kimberly would join him if she wasn't still having so many terrible headaches.... Jo's happy to be working with an adorable young model named Sarah, until Amanda shows up at the shoot and fires her on the spot. D&D NEVER works with ANYone from Sarah's agency! Only after the head of the agency calls Bruce to chew him out and demand an apology from Amanda to we find out what her problem is with Models Inc.: said agency head is Hillary Michaels, the mother who left Amanda and her father when Amanda was a child. Now that they've reconnected, Hillary desperately wants to try to have a relationship with Amanda again; Amanda's not so sure. Since Alison's parents won't be around until right before the wedding, they want to help by paying for a local wedding planner. Too bad Sheila is bossy and abrasive -- and not in the way where we'd enjoy seeing Billy (or "William," as she insists on calling him) and Alison victimized by her. Put on your headphones: twobitches are back with a podcast on "The Bitch Is Back"! 
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Oct 19
52 min
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