After Deck with Kate Chastain
After Deck with Kate Chastain
Bravo TV
Below Deck's own Kate Chastain recaps new episodes of the hit Bravo show. Along with a new guest in each episode, Kate breaks down the latest hookups and blowups from Below Deck, discusses yachtie culture and serves up the juiciest gossip from the high seas. Tweet us your questions @AfterDeckTweets with #BravoAfterDeck.
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More! More! More!
Miss this pod
Miss you! Come back with new episodes!
Please come back with new episodes!
I Love Kate!
I wish I had known about this podcast sooner. Kate is a great interviewer and I live knowing te secrets and details of Below Deck.
This was great...
Please come back Kate!!
Sugar's Mama in NC
Really miss
I really enjoyed this podcast last season. I’ll listen if Kate wants to do more!!! Trust me, I listened to her book, too!
Bring back more podcasts
Kate would love u to do podcasts on ur episodes as well!!! Would love to hear more from u!
Lady Bulldog00
Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!
Love listening to Kate’s podcasts!!! But where are the podcasts for season 6???
Angela from Oregon
Can’t wait for Tahiti
Love Kate’s afterdeck! We need one for the trailer to this season’s show!!!
I love hearing Kate’s view and she always has me laughing!!
Karen 1959
Kate is a great host!
After Deck dishes inside scoop on a fav Bravo show of mine, Below Desk. Kate is a great host because she is intelligent, witty, and incendibly well spoken.
Kate and Cap’n Lee
Kate and Lee should have their own spinoff show. Boat flipping with some cocktails! LOVE LOVE LOVE you two!!
Herb Smoker420
Really wanted to like this podcast
Love the show and Kate but I find the podcast no more interesting than any other podcast about the show which is a real shame because she has the inside scoop. Take the reunion for example thought we would get behind the scenes look and info, there could have been so many interesting things discussed but nope just audio of the reunion.
Love this
Kate does a great job of letting us know the other side of the as a Treasure Coast resident, I love to hear about things happening in my neck of the woods :)
Helton mommy
Loved this
Kate is so wonderful with all she does and this was no exception. Fun guests and a good perspective on the behind the scenes of the show. Kate was a class act interviewer and very observant. Can't wait for the next season!
So Good!
Kate is so smart and funny, great guests and I can't wait for another episode each week!!!
She’s always funny
Kate’s getting into the swing of this but she is always entertaining and hilarious!
Great insight
It’s a fascinating job and I love Below Deck. Love this podcast, it’s insightful and revealing about yachtie life.
I a HUGE Bravo fan, especially of Below Deck and most importantly, the witty Kate Chastain. I've been loving the podcast content, but compared to the other podcasts I subscribe to, the sound quality and transitions need work. I also feel like Kate is holding back and it sounds like she's reading from a transcript when she speaks. I loved the interview with Kristen C. where the conversation seemed to flow easily between the two. I look forward to hearing more episodes and I'm confident that over time, KC will hit her stride and the postcast will sound fantastic.
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Love Ms. Kate Chastain! She’s great. My favorite thing to do is watch the show then listen to After Deck, so glad it drops following the show. Can’t miss any Below Deck, gotta know what Kate is doing with her pebbles! #Crappens
Always a good time!
I love Kate on Below Deck so naturally I checked out her podcast. She is a natural at interviewing! She tactfully keeps guests from straying too far off topic and her questions are out of the ordinary. I am going to be bummed when this season is over and I won't have her weekly podcasts to look forward to.
Two thumbs up
Great insight behind the scenes. Also love hearing about Kate’s personal life. She does a great job interviewing and I hope the podcast stays weekly even after the show ends.
Love it!
Love it bc of the show and because it’s hosted by Kate! She’s the funniest and her witty observations always have me rolling!
Absolutely love Kate & her sense of humor! Such a fun listen 😊
Kate - you are awesome! Thanks for the great podcast.
Awesome Podcast
I love listening to Kate’s thoughts on each episode! Very entertaining and informative.
More stew/crew life!
I’m a yacht stew in Lauderdale and it would be great to hear more about crew life/the yachting industry!
Love Kate!
Love After Deck with Kate!
I’ve always loved Kate and having her give us extra insight into the episodes is awesome! She’s witty, intelligent, original and all with the right amount of sass.
I love Kate! She's just as great as a podcast host as she is as head stew! Keep it up!!!
Great complement to Below Deck
Kate either podcast is outstanding and provides a great insight into things we don’t get to see as well as information on things we do get to see keep up the great work.
Kate is GREAT!
I really look forward to this recap the day after Below Deck airs. She has great yahtie guests and digs deep into the drama!
Finally!!!! A podcast about this show that has some knowledge behind it. I love watching below deck and secretly want be a chief stew/work on a yacht; would love to charter one too! Kate is awesome!!!! I loved her book (finished it in 2 days) and couldn't get enough of this stuff. I wish she would do more episodes about her past adventures and talk about yachting 101. This podcast, unlike the other one, focuses on more than just crew drama and hook ups (which this show is so much more than that). Love it kate! Keep it going!!!
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My friends and I are wondering WHEN you will have your own reality show?!! You would be fantastic!
After Deck
I love listen to After Deck after watching the show. It gives you another view of the shows events. 😎
Love her
She’s so fun to listen to
Jane audas
Perfect for fans of the show
Kate provides great insight into the cast and the show. I look forward to this podcast after every show. I hope she does it for future seasons.
Great Podcast
Love the show and podcast!
Love this
You can’t deny, this season is an all new Kate. It’s like she can finally say what she really thinks freely, to everyone’s face (not just in confessional). She has been on point every moment so far. Now she has a podcast to chit chat about the episodes with guests? YES PLEASE
Love Kate!
So glad Kate finally has a podcast!!
One too many seagulls
Fun listening to Kate's recap, but way too many seagull fade out sounds
Trouble with app 3/4
I am so happy to come across this! For me, Kate makes the show! Love her sense of humor and her sense of style!
JoJo From D Town
Yessssss!! Love it!
Wow Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!
Amazingly entertaining, funny, and awesome to listen to. She needs her own Sirius Channel. I love the Podcasts as much as I love the show! Great job Kate, very very well done!
Great 1st podcast
Loved it!! Can’t wait for more!
AK Debi
No one makes me laugh harder.
This podcast with 30 minutes of Kate-quips is.... priceless. No more need said. Love, love, love it.
Love all things Kate and this does not disappoint
It is so great to hear behind the episode info. Such fun!
So excited Kate has a podcast!
Kate is the best thing about the incredible Below Deck series. I love her witty sarcasm that she backs up with hard-earned knowledge about being a yachtie. I wish I'd known that being a "yachtie" was a thing back when I lived in Fort Lauderdale during college. I would have loved to have had these kind of experiences. Can't get enough of Kate and Below Deck! :-)
More Kate Por Favor!
Thank god for this podcast I just can’t get enough of this woman
Mitch ATL
Kate kate Kate
Love love love the show- I too have a resting B face🆘🌜PHT✨
harper t
Love Afterdeck!!
I love going deeper into the show, especially with Kate! She's a wonderful host!!
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