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Why is cancer a worry for Kenya?
16 minutes Posted Feb 27, 2023 at 6:00 pm.
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All over the world, as life expectancy increases and people grow older, more people will have to deal with cancer. The good news is that treatment has improved and over the last 40 years global survival rates have improved dramatically.
But what about when people don’t have access to medical care or preventative screening because of shortages of experts or facilities?
Last year Kenya’s National Cancer Taskforce compiled a report which called for the training of more oncologists and other experts, free screening programmes and a reduction in the cost of medicine and treatment.
But how have those challenges been felt by those most affected?
For Africa Daily, @mpholakaje speaks to Lilian, who’s recovered from breast cancer, and Dr James Mbogo – who trained to become an oncologist after the death of his father from cancer.